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Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 783:19 Hours
Total interactions: 1,562,582
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Money: 440,210
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


by RoseKiss - 0 seconds ago
SwampFall has made an amazing map so far. It is for everyone to connect to one another and the thread he created is Pokeheroes Community Map If you want to join you can go to the thread above and fill out the small form and Swamp will handle the rest

the map looks like this Current map

Share it

Yesterday, 12:170 comments

Current PH Community Map

Last time I share the hashtag, I have now a thread where you can post a message to be on the map ^^

Share the map/thread (it's on my about me) so it can grow really big ^^

I'm thinking about making it an interactive map in the (maybe not so) near future

Yesterday, 02:330 comments
Herochat is alive (for now), come join the party if you want, even more people would be nice ^^

Also need more people on my #PHCommunityMap (example)

Yesterday, 01:161 comment
Taking the party to herochat at reset ^^
Be sure to be there :3

1 Day ago2 comments

Current Map

Want to move this to a Forum Post instead of a hashtag, any ideas where it should go?

1 Day ago0 comments
Herochat Sound Notification Guide
Written for Google Chrome but is probably pretty similar for other browsers
Only works on computer

3 Days ago0 comments
made a lil script so my herochat makes a sound when someone messages when I'm inactive ^^ Tbh the only thing herochat needs to get active again is this lil thing (I think) :3
testing it out atm so if you wanna chat you can always come ^^
If normal herochat doesn't work,
use this

3 Days ago1 comment
1000 Free Male Pokemon
1000 Free Female Pokemon
You can choose as many as you want ^^
If you choose many, please make a list and send the list in one go instead of spamming pkmn ^^

3 Days ago14 comments
This 777 coincidence ^^
I just like numbers too much xD

7 Days ago1 comment

Ok I feel like I should clarify something
The message should be like this:

The user you copied the hashtag from
Max 4 other users you'd like to be connected to (so 5 total, other users are optionally)

8 Days ago8 comments

Current Map (Just a quick example)

8 Days ago3 comments

Share the hashtag together with who you copied the post from (By SwampFall - 5 minutes ago) and any other friend you want to add :3

I'd like to try and make a visualisation of the connection between users, something like this, just to kill time ^^

I'm a bit busy right now but I figured I could already start to collect data, so don't expect any results soon, but the more you share he prettier it'll be <3

8 Days ago3 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

It’s been so long since I shared this, I am sorry for those that are waiting so long for the answer, but I don’t think it’ll be that soon :x

So you just have to read a riddle, answer on it and you can win a bunch of stuff :3

Riddles are here
Riddle 11
Riddle 12 (Probably Final riddle)

Prizes are here
Prizes and info (I think it’s up to date)

Good luck and enjoy the riddles :3

Share :3

8 Days ago0 comments
Current Shiny Event Chance: less than 0.1 %
I'm more than happy with this ^^
Hope you guys have a nice Valentine (and a nice day in general :3)

8 Days ago4 comments
#InteractionChallenge Who gets Zapdos?
Your chances:
If you have no Zapdos yet: interactions x 2
If you have 1 Zapdos: interactions
If you have more Zapdos: no Zapdos for you, sorry :o
I'm using Random.org to get the winning number
Your tickets will be in the comments

8 Days ago10 comments
I still have to check who wins the Zapdos but all the Gems are sent already
(I must say I forgot about the gem limit of 150 xD)
Ranking in comments :3

8 Days ago6 comments
All 5 of my birdies are Level PI <3

9 Days ago1 comment

Interact as much as you can (or want) on Februari 13th ^^

1x Zapdos (The more interactions the more chance to win)
(#participants / 5)x Dragon Gem (Top XX interactors)
1 Random Gem per 250 interactions (Everyone who joins, max Gems per user: 150)

Share the hashtag or this post to join :3
You can join tomorrow as well

9 Days ago8 comments

Interact as much as you can (or want) on Februari 13th

1x Zapdos (The more interactions the more chance to win)
(#participants / 5)x Dragon Gem (Top XX interactors)
1 Random Gem per 250 interactions (Everyone who joins, max Gems per user: 150)

Share the hashtag or this post to join :3
You can join tomorrow as well

10 Days ago14 comments
Need a good Tall Grass Strategy? Or you think you got a good one yourself?
Use this lil program to use the strategy of others or to make a strategy yourself :3

P.S.: To make a strategy you need to click once to select a patch and a second time to confirm it (Too lazy to explain this in the program itself at the moment)

10 Days ago0 comments



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