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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 6,204/6,959

Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 858:23 Hours
Total interactions: 1,602,883
Money: 178,508
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


Hero chat is finally fixed ^^
Hatching in egg storage is also fixed :3
And Berry bag stuff is also fixed

Yesterday, 13:010 comments
Just noticed there are more Ditto than any of the legendary birds :o Guess this will change when ppl start shiny hunting them ^^

1 Day ago1 comment
100 Least Frequent Pkmn ^^
Enough graphs for today I think xd

5 Days ago1 comment
New 100 most frequent shinies ^^

Going to do this for normal frequency now, I wonder what's the most common pkmn ^^

5 Days ago4 comments
Birthday in 10 days :3

9 Days ago4 comments
I have 153,903 items in my bag :3
So ShadowLunarWolf is closest with a guess of 200k ^^
Also I have 8100 Moomoo Milk, for that Yui89 is closest with 9,000 ^^

12 Days ago3 comments
Before I reveal who wins the Dragon Gem for my last feed, guess how many items I have in total ^^
I have 268 different items, so at least guess more than that ^^
Closest by tomorrow when I wake up wins a bunch of gems including a Dragon Gem :3
P.S.: Think big :3

13 Days ago12 comments
Closest one to guess how much Moomoo Milk I have wins a Dragon Gem :3
A lil tip, its a pretty "round" number (as in it ends with a 0)
Have fun guessing ^^

13 Days ago30 comments
Chess Challenge? If you win you'll win a Dragon Gem If you lose, you lose nothing ^^

17 Days ago8 comments
When did this happen?
Royal Tunnel Explorations: Level 43,182

18 Days ago10 comments
Soooooooo I just found out that you can lose more gems than the Gem Cauldron actually wants from you... had no idea. Also didn't know that you don't lose the gems you didn't put in if you run out of time. Naughty gem cauldron

19 Days ago5 comments
Still have 2000+ doubles for free ^^ going to release some soon

28 Days ago5 comments
there was a pokeradar bug right? I saw people talking about it but shouldn't it be fixed already? what exactly was wrong cause mine has a lil bug atm ^^

1 Month ago3 comments
lol just noticed i have still trades (gifts) set up from 6 months ago xd

1 Month ago0 comments
Me playing a part of Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
Pretty much the fastest piece I've played so far ^^

1 Month ago1 comment
Just letting you guys know, if you want to find your long lost shiny, mega or shiny mega pokemon, you can just ask me and I'll find it for you in less than a day (probably) ^^
If you know anyone who is looking for their pokemon you can send them to me :3

1 Month ago12 comments
Playing piano for 3+ hours & still feel like playing hours more :3

1 Month ago2 comments
back in belgium, china was great <3

1 Month ago5 comments



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