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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 2,871/4,839

Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 391:08 Hours
Total interactions: 834,268
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 62,136
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Round 2 ended ^^ The answer was Banette! More than double gave it a shot but fewer people got it right (35.29% win) compared to round 1 (93.75% win)

Congratulations to the winners of this round:D
1. 3abbie3
2. WingedGolem
3. Iceysnowflake

Three people got really close, they'll get a Shuppet plushie ^^

Riddle 3 is in my About Me now, good luck again, I love this one (=

share with your friends ^^

Today, 21:102 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

We actually got up to 33 users already There is still half an hour left before I’ll announce the winners of this round ^^

I’m actually quite happy with this riddle cause it seems a lot of people had troubles with it, but still a decent amount got it right ^^ Sorry, but it’s designed to have a small win percentage xD

Good luck (=

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Today, 20:250 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Last 4 hours to guess the answer of the riddle in my About Me ^^

18 People guessed so far, would be nice if that number could get up to 25 :3
You win even if you don't get it right, so don't hesitate to try ^^

Good luck (=

share with your friends ^^

Today, 17:340 comments
By LightningGoddy

Because i hatched my shiny heatran im giving away
30 heatrans
Also 100 nuggets to a lucky user
And a megastone to another user
1 heatran per user
Just post #freeheatran
And you may get a heatran
Share this for a better chance to win

Today, 15:200 comments

Mid week already and everyone appears knee deep in Hoenn Tonics. Keep up the great work guys!

Godzilla_Queen has the egg hatching quest for Rowan. Please give them a hand if you have a moment.

If you see or receive a Rowan quest, please let Princess_Politoad know so it can be added to the list for this week. (◕‿◕✿)

Rowan Quest Click List

Share It

Today, 13:370 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

The answer to the second riddle will be revealed tonight. 3 users who guessed correctly will win a 50k valued prize! You also get a plushie of your choice for trying ^^

After the 5th and 10th riddle you’ll get a chance of winning big prizes such as shinies, mega stones and dragon gems!
To enter, just give my riddles a shot and share the full hashtag!

I’m excited about the next riddle I’m going to post, one of my favourites ^^

Good luck!

Today, 09:580 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Where are all these Pokemon nerds? Riddle 2 needs a few more users who guess correctly, you may work together with a friend if you want, as long as you don't do it publicly!
To be honest, I don't think this is the hardest riddle xD

For those who don't know, the riddle is in my About Me section, everyone gets a free plushie and you can win many prizes! ^^

The riddle will end tonight ^^

Good luck!

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Today, 00:460 comments
#Micah-TheRowanQuest by Suvichan
Hey everyone!
My friend SwampFall has got a Rowan Quest. Oak is at a great lead and Swamp needs some help.

So to help him, I thought to make a small contest.

To gain tickets, either send him some rare candies (5 tickets each), or train or feed a berry to Micah (1 ticket for training and 2 for feeding). Training as a guest may also work. Sharing the whole post with the hashtag once will gain you a ticket.

So now lets get to the main things, the
1. Star Piece
2. Gracidea
3. Relic Copper

So get on to work!

Today, 00:430 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Make a chance to win gems/evo items with a value of 50k by solving my riddle in my About Me and get a free plushie of your choice for trying! ^^

First Big Giveaway in about 2 weeks

Prizes: (no PD, check info for info)
1. ~1 mil
2. ~700k
3. ~500k

You get tickets by guessing the answer of my riddle and sharing the full hashtag.

More info here.

Hope you enjoy the riddles and good luck! ^^

Yesterday, 12:440 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Have a go at my second riddle in my riddle series and get a free plushie ^^

There will be 3 random participants selected who guessed correctly. They'll win a prize of a value of 50k.
The winners can choose the prize themselves as long as it's below 50k (& if I have it)

This riddle is going to end at Wednesday (I'm bad with timing so I won't put a specific time on it ^^)

Sharing (once a day) and participating (once per riddle) will get you tickets for bigger giveaways later on.
Prizes range from rare items to mega-able and shiny Pokemon.
Guessing correctly will give you 3 extra tickets (=

Good luck!

2 Days ago0 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn By SwampFall

Guess it's about time to start my little riddle series ^^
Every week my About me will contain a riddle, where you have to guess the pkmn that is hidden within.

PM me your answer (and a plushie of your choice) and 3 people who guessed correctly make chance for a prize (value of ~30k)

Share & Join for tickets for a bigger giveaway later on

Link to the specifics/prizes in About me (=

4 Days ago0 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn By SwampFall

Guess it's about time to start my little riddle series ^^
Every week my About me will contain a riddle, where you have to guess the pkmn that is hidden within.

PM me your answer (and a plushie of your choice) and make chance for a prize ^^

Share & Join for tickets for a bigger giveaway later on

Link to the specifics/prizes in About me (=

5 Days ago0 comments
#HotSummerLotto by CassOfDelphi

Grand Prizes:
* 1st: Relic Crown
* 2nd: Shiny Winter Numel + Shiny Van Bagon
* 3rd: Mega Stone OR A Frozen Lava
* Weekly prizes! This week: A Full set of non-shiny Furfrou cuts

Week 5 is halfway over. Not many entries so far so ALL entries are worth double this week. Remember to share daily for entries to the weekly lotto as well!

For more info, check out the details in lottery thread link below.

Lottery Thread | Gift

14 Days ago0 comments


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