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heleablackwood7 Days ago
Sturmi<311 Days ago
LightyThank you for not collecting enough Ducklett Feathers for our party x'D14 Days ago
Soul-Heart15 Days ago
Kyotosora16 Days ago
hollpoll8hi20 Days ago
Lilyblood21 Days ago
~Original_Star~22 Days ago
KittenPaws404:3 I hope you've had a wonderful day/night so far! X323 Days ago
StormeKatI can haz one back please?23 Days ago
hollpoll8IM GRUMPY WITH YOU! just make up your mind and have one of the 5 pokemon24 Days ago
Lighty❤️24 Days ago
Lighty♥️ :324 Days ago
Kbro094Enjoy this vanilla ice cream!25 Days ago
LightyFancy beard like you uwu25 Days ago
LightyI hope you have a leuk time in China owo25 Days ago
LightyOkay this one works better :D25 Days ago
LightyA little (?) bunny for Easter spirit :325 Days ago
LightySmall tooth to bite :325 Days ago
LightyI saw one like this that was yellow xD25 Days ago
LightyThe little horn is so cute :o25 Days ago
LightyFat bird <325 Days ago
LightyHe ate the piece of sugar in the sushi restaurant >:325 Days ago
LightyLook new plushies Schatz ♥️25 Days ago
WenDipper29 Days ago
LightyIn case the bread isn’t enough and you’re hungry during traveling...take this xD1 Month ago
Gummipuffhave a grass snake :01 Month ago
LightySending a cute little dino because it has been way too long since I sent something :31 Month ago
Your_Old:)1 Month ago
CrysHOIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Month ago
LightyHave this cutie <31 Month ago
hollpoll8Im frustrate but that dose not mean I cant be nice1 Month ago
LightyListening to your piano playing right now, it’s so nice ♥️1 Month ago
Lighty*steals your shiny luck* uwu1 Month ago
Putotyrai wILL bE lEARNING tO cODE sOON! fOR nOW... i cANNOT cODE :(1 Month ago
Undertale_FallenSoulsA little pidgy Sent to a random person on my friend list You are the lucky one!1 Month ago
LightyYour shiny dust helped schatje ♡1 Month ago
LightyAn egg like thingy to make more eggs appear :31 Month ago
LightyI'd send you a water Pokémon as a refresher but you have them all xD Take this cute hopefully cold stone instead1 Month ago
LightySorry for warming you too much last night :3 ♥1 Month ago
Latch84em1 Month ago
stardropI can't believe u don't have this plushie... look how cute he is!!!!!11 Month ago
frogloversarecool1 Month ago
LightyI wish I had this in my aquarium but I guess Welsi wouldn't like that much :'D1 Month ago
LightyYour piano playing was so soothing I couldn't help but fall asleep ♫꒰๑・ ‿・ ๑꒱1 Month ago
Kbro094Missing for friends1 Month ago
LunaEternal1 Month ago
ShadowLunarWolf1 Month ago
Eclips98Allowed to hug both? :D1 Month ago
LightyIt's hard to choose from those tbh xD Can I hug him or would that be too easy?1 Month ago
LightyHug you or hug this creepy thing you sent Schatz? :'D1 Month ago
Krimes1 Month ago
LightyYes I found 3 (one was taken by someone else :c) thanks to your program <31 Month ago
LightyHis eyes say please don’t cook me for dinner Friday c:1 Month ago
LightyMhmm, looks like a Dobermann :3 And this is a little cute fox ♥️1 Month ago
LightyNo I won't c: And here's a candle but don't play too much with it again :D1 Month ago
Mafia1 Month ago
Mafia1 Month ago
Mafia1 Month ago
Mafia1 Month ago