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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 7,420/21,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Hoopa (Unbound))
8981,216,604 / 3,027,384
Duncan [19th]
8612,263,179 / 2,783,184
Huitzilopochtli [10th]
(Tornadus (Therian Forme))
815825,261 / 2,493,901
Raijin [7th]
737238,135 / 2,039,649
Quetzalcoatl [8th]
(Thundurus (Therian Forme))
609830,715 / 1,393,089
Dedication [98th]
301108,797 / 318,303

About | Uni

hey bro! surprised ya found me, names Uni, #1 prankster and troublemaker B3 but seriously, nice to see a new face! what're you in for? you don't exactly look like someone that'd call this place? not like the doctors here know what theyre doing, lmao B3 If ya need anythin just let me know, okay dude? Always ready to help a bro in need B3
oh! and if you see my man barry around, tell him i said he's my reason to live, no homo >B3

-Vic/Greggory (Aliases; Dorky, Delphox, Phox, Victor)
-22 (1st August)
-Male (he/him/his)
-PolyGay - 4 Boyfriends, two relationships
-Foxkin (Red/Arctic/Fennec Foxes and sonas)
-Fictionkin (Gregg [NitW] (ID.) Barry & Uni (SCH [not for minors])

Current Goals (Hunts)

Focusing on nearly/easier to complete/single things

Groudon - 92/150 Rubies (2 Shinies)

Cosmog - 87/200 Nebula Stones (4 Shinies)

Landorus - 1 In safari (2 Shinies, more than enough rocks)

Zygarde Core - 131/1000 Dragon Gems
(1 Shiny, extra dragon gems go to next one)

Hoard Plushies!

Buying Shinies + Lake Trio

Looking to buy these >


Game Records

Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Jul/2019
Game Time: 6754:19 Hours
Total interactions: 4,469,860
Money: 3,186,133
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


The purple mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Ultra Saddle found!

damn finally, but its only #5 so this is Celesteela
still need another 6 though, then i can start collecting them for shiny hunts :'y

Yesterday, 23:450 comments
another normal missingno. god damn it just give me a fuschia mess already damn

Yesterday, 01:342 comments
37 mins left to send out your daily 5 'free' christmas gifts
make sure they dont go to waste :b

1 Day ago0 comments
i did literally nothing and got todays prize lmao

2 Days ago4 comments
Christmas Gift Feed bc someone said theyd like to see this -shot-

2 Days ago8 comments
thank u to everyone who gave me 19 gifts already :'y
and my first retro from a cute friend hatched into the right species but didnt sparkle rip

3 Days ago5 comments
20 nuggets for the first nugget gift?? yikes that got steep
sure it was 5 last year

3 Days ago5 comments
drown me in christmas gifts pls and thank -shot-
want them shiny retros if i can possibly get that lucky lmao
otherwise i'll be tryna buy them :'y
but i think i only need stantler idr

3 Days ago3 comments
1x Dark Stone found!

from one of Oak's gold boxes from the Eevee quest, nice

3 Days ago0 comments
'x2 days generally have bad egg production'
>wakes up to 13 daycare eggs

3 Days ago3 comments
oh hey my retro egg is a legendary, neat
i can make more use of the x2 with this than a bat, rat or koffing

4 Days ago0 comments

4 Days ago9 comments
2 event eggs today, nice

7 Days ago2 comments
i had 1 egg yesterday and nothing so far today
daycare please make hawaiian cubs

9 Days ago1 comment
SR #893 ;w; only 100 past its number!

10 Days ago2 comments
dont spend more than 10k on a prism scale tbh
i know the prospect of evolving your feebas asap is enticing but the Prism Scale is a basic evo item that you buy from the item shop for 10k. You can also get it from a Beach trade for 3 fished Feebas.

11 Days ago2 comments
excuse me??? okay then??

11 Days ago6 comments
i should rly try to get more dragon gems somehow lmao
i need 867 more to feel ready to even begin the zygarde quest/chain hah

11 Days ago1 comment

Shiny Hunt

Greggory_Lee is currently hunting Hawaiian Cubchoo.
Hunt started: 30/11/2018

Chain: 99
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)


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