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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 456/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spring Mareep
16895,630 / 97,257
Happiny23 / 15
Happiny23 / 15
Happiny36 / 30
(Mega Gengar)
9152,292,434 / 2,989,940

About Me

yo! the name's Gregg, im here to get away from the crushing boredom of the Snack Falcon and Possum Springs and entertain myself when Angus is away. feel free to drop by and say hi if youre ever in the area, i'll probably be there until i die. i like to think im a pretty friendly guy so hit me up duders!!

"Angus like, needs me. He needs a Gregg. Badly. He hasn't had the best life. His family is like, pure trash. Just like, garbage. Really stupid garbage. I just... don't ever want to lose him. Not ever. I don't know what i'd do. I... don't want to screw this up..."

-Vic/Greggory (Aliases; Dorky, Delphox, Phox, Victor, Del)
-21 (1st August)
-Male (he/him/his)
-PolyGay - 4 Boyfriends, two relationships
-Foxkin (Red/Arctic/Fennec Foxes and sonas)
-Fictionkin (Gregg [NitW] (ID.))

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fursuit ref

Shinies to buy; Sandshrew, Shroomish, Rufflet

Retro Hunts + Rufflet

Looking to buy this >

Friendlist Priority - Retro Radar Hunts
18th - Blastoise - Rapmon
19th - Moltres - nightmarewolf

20th - Moltres - AriaWolf (requested negative priority hah)
21st - Moltres - DerpyDorkDarkyWolf (price negotiation necessary)
22nd - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
23rd - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
24th - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
25th - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
26th - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
27th - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
28th - Venusaur/Articuno/Typhlosion - User
29th - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
30th - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
31st - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
1st - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
2nd - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
3rd - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
4th - Charizard/Zapdos/Feraligatr - User
5th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
6th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
7th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
8th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
9th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
10th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User
11th - Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium - User

Current Goals (Hunts)

Focusing on nearly/easier to complete/single things

Groudon - 92/150 Rubies (2 Shinies)

Cosmog - 79/200 Nebula Stones (4 Shinies)

Landorus - X In safari (2 Shinies, more than enough rocks)

Zygarde Core - 66/1000 Dragon Gems
(1 Shiny, extra dragon gems go to next one)

Hoard Plushies!

Lake Trio


Game Records

Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 14/Jul/2019
Game Time: 6200:03 Hours
Total interactions: 3,946,509
Money: 1,148,424
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


completed my first two retro orders now :b
still need to negotiate with a user abt theirs but with that i'd like to remind everyone that next week i have 6 slots for shiny retro offers (Venusaur/Typhlosion/Articuno)

Today, 13:310 comments
all these early event chains worrying me bc like
all of mine are multi-stage pokemon and i plan on breeding some for after the first shiny to continue it on max chance but i cant do that really if it hatches at 11 :'y

Yesterday, 15:372 comments
Tomorrow I go for my shiny Retro Blastoise, and then, thanks to a certain someone, I can start getting Shiny Retros for other people uwu~
in total i'll have 25 'slots' (1 per day, 4 for this week and 7 for the repeat weeks)
Friends will have priority heh, and the offers will be a sorta pay-what-you-want deal i think granted they're not poor offers heh
lemme know which you'd want and an offer if interested uwu; (and remember, Blastoise/Moltres/Meganium is 11 slots, the other trios are 7)

2 Days ago5 comments
Bought the offer as planned;
got another Blossomly, another Hawaiian Cubchoo and a Gloweon

You have 2x Event Pass (Blossomly).
You have 1x Event Pass (Disguised Exeggcute).
You have 1x Event Pass (Gloweon).
You have 2x Event Pass (Hawaiian Cubchoo).

sooo this is what im looking at rn hah
i was kinda planning on doing them as daycare/pass hunts, where i use the pass while breeding for the other form so maybe if that isnt too tedious I can use the secondary passes to trade for other event shinies >w>

3 Days ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 10 Minutes and 46 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Happiny hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #104)!

ayy nice 2/3

also, has anyone bought the Common Pass offer twice? If so does it just give you 3 more passes or does it mess something up or does it complain at you or something hah
bc i need another 20 nuggets to buy another one and I have 3 passes already but i dont want it to mess with anythin hah,, super cautious and unsure bc i dont just wanna waste them or waste the three passes i have

3 Days ago3 comments
ayyyyy shiny retro moltres at #199!
it showed up immediately after a retro on 198 so the only thing that changed was the image had to load bc it was new lmao
took a few ultra balls but i got em B3

4 Days ago2 comments
I need to get another 635 nuggets before the 20th hhh
i woulda been set but a bunch of trades i offered on ended up taking other offers i guess rip

5 Days ago0 comments
wow, tryna make a friendlist feed but every time i do i get a page saying im blocked from ph lmao???

5 Days ago2 comments
on a scale of 1-10 how 'intimidating' am I to you? 1 being absolutely terrifying and the idea of talking to me scares u and 10 being super comfortable like you'd bust down my door just to be like 'hey'

5 Days ago11 comments
By PokéRadar - 17 Minutes and 45 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Happiny hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #93)!

finally got one :'y 1/3

5 Days ago1 comment
happiny pls

6 Days ago0 comments
seems kinda wild that there's a sudden influx of DRV3:KH usernames on here lmao
like, an odd coincidence bc i recently learned it was translated and existed and watched a playthrough of it and kinda rly feel like having one of them as an FC just bc of how expressive they are lmao

8 Days ago0 comments
My daycare didn't make a single egg yesterday I think
And now it's a x2 so I can expect even lower chances

8 Days ago2 comments
about time
also had an instance of finding 4 retros in a row lmao

9 Days ago3 comments
oh hey random spare shiny zubat outta rumble, neat

9 Days ago0 comments

Shiny Hunt

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Chain: 136
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