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I finally can show the awesome artwork that Abby made for my wedding gift (the wedding was yesterday so now can be shown without spoiling nothing in case that any of the invited peoplewere a PH user )
And for those who folows my feeds, the thing that was a madness, was to find somewhere were I could print a book as a "book for babies" (those with really thick pages).

Note: Drawings from abby (with lower quality + watermarks) plus the final result of the gift in comments.

Yesterday, 19:1116 comments
I don't like being negative, but I just hate 2017.
As bad as it sounds. And I've been saying myself the same since January 10th.
Better don't ask

2 Days ago3 comments
OMG! Random shiny Unown K! One less to complete the shiny unowndex!!!

*laughing stupidly*

6 Days ago17 comments
#DragonGems_x_WhitePowder by loketoke

I'm trying to hoard 500 White Powders to make a try for a shiny legendary from berry garden.
I'm offering 3x Dragon Gems for 1x White Powder as long as I have dragon gem in stock (trying to refill my pockets daily). Palpad/Message me if interested.

Please, share this feed

6 Days ago2 comments
Sometimes I think I should hire someone to search in the trade threads for me.
I find it so boring and I'm soooooo bad when looking for good prices =__=
It amaze me how some people enjoy so much the trading part of games and how they can stretch their funds in such a productive way

6 Days ago0 comments
Pfffft, I totally forgot that I had activated one Griseous Orb. I thought I had a virus when the giratina screen showed *headdesk*

Regarding my previous feed, I've got a new set of 6 dragon gems

7 Days ago1 comment

I'm trying to hoard 500 white powders to make a try for a shiny legendary from berry garden
I'm offering 3x Dragon Gems for 1x White Powder as long as I have dragon gem in stock (trying to refill my pockets daily). Just ask if interested.

Please, share this feed

8 Days ago4 comments
An user's comment has remind me something:
How many of you can remember when it was possible to make shiny LAB hunts?
I think that my sewaddle shiny hunt was done: 20% with daycare, 30% tall grass and 50% with lab eggs

8 Days ago6 comments
Me: Dear Unown, are you gonna breed a lot this time?
Unown E: yeep?
Me: that question mark is really suspicious õ_o

10 Days ago1 comment
Added a new Personal Goal in my "about me"
Although it's a complete chimera, I'll try to hoard white powders and make a try with shiny virizion probably in 2095

11 Days ago9 comments
New Shiny Beauty for my unowdex
Congratulations! A shiny Unown B hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #57)!

Btw, is there anybody with one Unown E for sale? I need one for breeding

11 Days ago4 comments
Psyduck: Overwhelmed by enigmatic abilities, it suffers a constant headache. It sometimes uses mysterious powers.

Falling asleep as soon as I put a step at work can be considered a mysterious power or an enigmatic ability?
Btw, I currently have a "lovely" headache

12 Days ago1 comment
Temy's got 3 new eggs that want to be a shiny "bacon slice"
Give her a few clicks and...cross your fingers to let the miracle happen!

Loke's random thoughts: if the shiny bacon is invisible (no sprite yet)... how are we gonna know if it's cooked enough to be eaten?

16 Days ago4 comments
I'm so, so, SO angry right now
- I made a comission to Abby for a wedding gift, and She made 8 awesome drawings that She gave me at the end of March.
- On April 6th, I sent them to a printing to be edited as a book for babies (those with very thick paper sheets)
- After almost one month receiving always the same answer, "now I'm a bit busy, in 2 days you'll have it, I'll call you tomorrow", but not receiving a single phone call (or mail) nor receiving the edited book, today I received by the person who recomended me that @#%@%# printing a call saying that they are not gonna do what I requested.
- Now I don't have the book done and the wedding is in aa couple weeks ¬¬

18 Days ago9 comments
And hunt done ^w^
Congratulations! A shiny Unown O hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #59)!

22 Days ago1 comment
People on my Friend List want to kill my old, lonely, tired and, most of the times, useless neuron by changing their usernames.
Why guys, why!?

23 Days ago4 comments
Here I go again! Let's see how Unown O goes

24 Days ago6 comments
orz, new event with mega evolution =____=
I won't complete the whole shiny dex not even with 3 lifes

24 Days ago5 comments
Defintely today is my day:
- Shiny shinx hunt finally finished
- Found Zapdos from lab
- Obtained Ho-oh from SWT
- Found Ditto from lab

25 Days ago11 comments



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