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Trainerlevel: 100

Trainerpoints: 22,832/30,099

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Trainer ID: #448028229
Registration: 03/07/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 14/Oct/2018
Game Time: 5234:02 Hours
Total interactions: 12,208,052
Trainer Battle Stats: 30 won, 14 lost.
Money: 1,642,671
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


working partner: Are you gonna do something productive today at work?
Me: Let me think on it

3 Days ago0 comments
I wonder if I'll be able someday to get those unreachable "PH-Myths" such as shiny ho-oh, shiny celebi, shiny shaymin (x2) and shiny kyurem (x3).

Thanks to God, I could buy from Vic his extra shiny lugia voucher offering a ton of rocks for it
Btw, that's how I imagine Vic with his pile of safari rocks :3

4 Days ago3 comments
It's amazing how much people like to waste other's time =/
2 hours to search something that I DON'T HAVE TO search, I made the favour and I finally found it, and when going to deliver it...*nah, I don't really need it anymore*

5 Days ago1 comment
I finally finished with the ton of work I had today!
*a pile of papers appears from nowhere in Loke's desk*
pffft, c'mon!

(wink to Dr Who fans ^.^)

6 Days ago2 comments
YAY! Congratulations! A shiny Unown E hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #90)!

11/28 shiny unowns obtained o3o

7 Days ago3 comments
I know it is for the common good, but this kind of updates makes worthless the effort for those of us who collected items (dragon gems in the last update) in the "old way"

Well, past is past, so now it's time to reconfigure the prices of things

8 Days ago8 comments
Last night I decided to watch an old movie "The goonies" cos I wanted to see a film of a treasure hunting (I love those kind of films).... and I realized that the main child character....it's a Hobbit from the Lord of Ringd (Sam Gamyi)

8 Days ago8 comments
Your Egg Radar can't find any further Unown E-Eggs! D':

With my lazy pair and tall grass empty this is gonna take forever *headshot*

11 Days ago2 comments
Spain is definitely different:
Quote from the news: 47 students evacuated from their school because of a heat stroke.Five of them were traslated to the hospital because of anxiety crisis, and the rest of them to the city tanatory that is close to the school and has air conditioner.

Of course one of those kids was my nephew (headdesk)

How much school excursions have changed since I was a child

11 Days ago5 comments
I'm not falling asleep at work
I'm not falling asleep at work
I'mnot fallingasleep atwork
I'mot flingasleep aork
I'mot flislep ar....*snoring*

11 Days ago6 comments
For those who likes horror/thriller movies. I highly recommend "Split"
Finally a film that doesn't need useless super-high noises or sudden appearances of the characters/whatever to make the viewer be under tension.

Amazing acting work from James McAvoy by the way

14 Days ago1 comment
#DragonGems_x_WhitePowder by loketoke

I'm trying to hoard 500 White Powders to make a try for a shiny legendary from berry garden.
I'm offering 3x Dragon Gems for 1x White Powder as long as I have dragon gem in stock (trying to refill my pockets daily). Palpad/Message me if interested.

Please, share this feed

14 Days ago3 comments
Ok, this is quite the opposite to what I had planned, but I couldn't resist...
Loke has gone wild

Interaction exchange please? o3o

15 Days ago13 comments
Summer is barely starting and I'm already melting.
I should moving in to Siberia =.=

16 Days ago5 comments
I have to do an online "Basic Quality Course" for my work....and I've discovered while doing it, that is the best way to fall asleep I've ever seen.
Goodbye insomnia problems.

*kill me please* =____=

21 Days ago2 comments
Random shiny caterpie found in the Tall Grass and shiny wailmer caught in Emera Beach
Not bad

23 Days ago4 comments
If shiny hunts depends on: funds (PD, gems, summon hoards...), patience (and steel nerves), luck (if you are born under a lucky star or not), free time to play... What kind of hunter do you think you are?

Funds: 20%
Patience: 50%
Luck: 25%
Free time: 5%

26 Days ago3 comments



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