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The Week in Review

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Posted: Fri, 16/03/2018 00:02 (4 Months ago)

So although the week is nowhere near complete at this point I figured it was better to start now rather than forget about it later on like I always do. I don't expect anyone to read these, but everyone will be given a new identity and I will be doing my best to keep my location secret. Hopefully I can keep this up unlike previous attempts at diaries/journals/vent posting.
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Posted: Thu, 05/04/2018 20:15 (3 Months ago)
Okay so I got waylaid by school and work and life... But I’m back and hopefully this will be a more regular thing.

I got the flu over break and I’m still incredibly sick but I have to choir performances back to back this weekend with choreography. I’m a terrible dancer and it’s a jazz thing so I look like a fish out of water trying to keep up and on beat with everyone else while singing. Hopefully it goes well and I don’t literally break a leg... or arm... or anything else...
Anything is possible when you believe

Posted: Thu, 12/04/2018 05:02 (3 Months ago)
I managed to survive the dancing without hurting anyone, maybe next year I'll be brave enough to audition. I also managed to 'break up' with 626... that's something else entirely though... But yeah it's been a week... and it's only Monday.:/
Anything is possible when you believe

Posted: Thu, 19/04/2018 06:11 (3 Months ago)
Sometimes I manage to be on time... it’s rare though. 626 and I made up, but now I’m realizing that I might like someone else, but I can’t tell if it’s because of my emotional situation from the week or if I really am interested in them... it’s hard to tell but I’m not going to act on these things because I’m not the person to be selfish. I don’t think they even are interested in me as anything more than a friend... but I do meet all their attractive criteria except that I’m pretty sure they don’t date overweight girls. But I digress, it’s Beethoven weekend and my work is not being flexible, guess it’s time to say good bye to that job and find something new.
Anything is possible when you believe

Posted: Sat, 23/06/2018 03:14 (30 Days ago)

Title: RANT

I freaking hate summer and being in college. It was over 100 degrees here today, and I can't wait to move out of the literal hellhole for the coast. I just want to swim all day not write essays on social classes in the US. And this professor thinks that books from the late 80's are still reliable and relevant to the world today. Oh, the guy I liked started to date this girl who has the personality of a stale marshmallow. Literally, 99.9% of her personality is her chest, the rest is regurgitated memes from FaceBook. She says the 'owo' face out loud after her jokes, she yelled at me because of where I work (and she can't even find a job). These last few months have done me in. I just want to scream, but I know I can't.
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Posted: Thu, 05/07/2018 02:42 (18 Days ago)
So I’m glad that I’m almost done with my summer class. I will only have two weeks after Thursday, so I’m stressed out like crazy but I’m at the point of clam stress. 626 and party leader of Constant Flux flipped his lid last night because I wasn’t able to log in regularly for a game and therefore was a bad example for the other party members. And I’m no longer the second in command for his party. If anyone plays KHUx I’m in the guild Unicornus and my new party is called Heroes of Time. But it’s Fourth of July here today, and hot af still... I really just want to be in Washington already, but I have to finish this degree
Anything is possible when you believe

Posted: Thu, 12/07/2018 03:35 (11 Days ago)
Wow, I've never felt a week go by so slowly. So uh, hello again if you read this...I really hope not a lot of people read this... Summer class is coming to an end and it's like the floodgates of essay hell have opened. If you're in my friends you saw my snap earlier,(Sorry guys! I'm actually fine, promise!) if not I have two essay drafts due tomorrow and I'm at my end mentally. I actually called out of work today to do these papers, speaking of work I might have found a new job (HALLELUJAH). But I need to talk with the woman in charge of the business this weekend, I cannot wait to tell my jerk of a manager that I'm leaving PetSmart though. See ya later JF!

But this has been a fairly good week... Like I'd give this week an 8.5/10 because woman issues happened on the hottest day and I really wanted to swim
Anything is possible when you believe

Posted: Fri, 20/07/2018 23:53 (2 Days ago)

Title: Semi Vent

Y'all this week has been insane. It's been over 100 degrees here every day, and I swear my summer course teacher is the literal devil. He had us come in to have our research papers reviewed and when my scheduled time came I went in. He was a freaking hour behind schedule, AN HOUR. I was sitting outside for him to finish with 5 other students who hadn't seen him yet and been sitting out there since their scheduled time. And he never even got to me before his next class started. I don't have words to describe my anger... literally, it's the first thing to make me actually angry about his class. But next week is the final week and I can't wait to be done, but two weeks after that fall semester starts... And now I'm wondering why I even go to college... Well, I go to sing, I mean it's honestly my favorite thing to do other than bake... And on the subject of singing, I need to practice my sight reading... If I can't do it I won't make it into chamber singers, and I've already made plans with the other chamber singers for the semester trip. @me why do you procrastinate everything?
Anything is possible when you believe