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Colored Premium Banners

Forum-Index Suggestions Rejected Colored Premium Banners
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Posted: Thu, 18/01/2018 02:32 (1 Year ago)
Ok...i'll jump right into my suggestion and hope nobody suggested this before. So I think that we should have the option to change the color of our premium banners! I'm thinking of maybe making something similar to how the PokeRadar colors change, with a few set colors to choose from. I'm guessing that every single Premium Banner isn't it's own sprite that has to be recolored and would have some sort of saved file that someone could change the hue on in photoshop, but if it would be hard to do then yeah forget this entirely.

Pros to implementing this:

-Would make premium banners a bit more fun! Since the only option we have to change our banners is changing the Pokemon and making them shiny...it can get boring! It can be really useful if you have a specific color/theme on your profile and then you could change the banner to match the theme.
-Pokemon that have a gold color (or a shiny color that is gold, which is common for shinies) aren't seen very well with the gold banner (I have shiny Retro Chikorita as an example), since they are almost the same color. Adding a few new colors might be nice and bring out the color of the Pokemon in it's entirety!
-If Riako chose to make it so you had to pay nuggets to get different colors it could make people want to buy more nuggets so they can get different colors, which means even just a bit more money for PH~

Now of course I don't think this should be a priority and take up a lot of time, but I think this little change would bring a little flare into user's profiles~ and of course feel free to suggest anything I should change, and keep in mind I don't know how premium banners work.
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Posted: Thu, 18/01/2018 02:34 (1 Year ago)
Support! I like colours
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Posted: Thu, 18/01/2018 02:35 (1 Year ago)
I support! More customization on profiles is always better.
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Posted: Thu, 18/01/2018 02:36 (1 Year ago)
Support ;D customization and individuality = a pro

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Posted: Sun, 21/01/2018 02:36 (1 Year ago)
if I remember correctly...I can bump every 2 days?

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Posted: Mon, 22/01/2018 00:51 (1 Year ago)
I like this idea! it's a nice feature and doesn't sound too difficult in the long run

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Posted: Mon, 22/01/2018 12:52 (1 Year ago)
Putting my personal input in this as I'm the one that actually makes/fixes Premium Banners. As much as I like this idea and think it's neat, I just can't support it.

Initially, Abby, a former Spriter & Artist for PokeHeroes, only made a few Premium Banners for Premium Members to choose from, though Riako put together a code by using the banner's base to automatically generate Premium Banners with all the Pokemon. That, however, made those Premium Banners with all of those errors listed out in the thread I've linked above.

After being on PH for a bit I noticed this and wanted to fix the banners to give Abby a break as she originally intended to start doing this [truthfully, I wanted a Shiny Virizion banner and Abby told me Riako more than likely wouldn't update just one banner] and thus began fixing those Premium Banners individually by downloading their sprite, uploading it to my Photoshop, positioning it properly, cutting the sprite to fit the dimensions one by one.

With all of this being said, there are very few Premium Banners that I haven't uploaded an individual banner for because they don't need to be repositioned or otherwise fixed so simply creating a different colored base wouldn't solve much of the issue. I would then have to go through making at least 2-3 different colored Premium Banners of all 803 Pokemon and 150+ Event & Retro Pokemon and match up the alignment to the already existing banner.

It also wouldn't solve the idea of the color-matchup complaint for some Pokemon regardless [Example: A user wants a purple banner but you can't see Drifloon on it.]

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Posted: Tue, 23/01/2018 00:42 (1 Year ago)
Thank you for that <3 I was wondering what you'd think since I have seen you doing the premium banners and such~

I guess if it would be a bunch of work then somebody can lock this~ I wouldn't support this suggestion either if it meant downloading and coloring like- every single Pokemon haha