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Ponyta racing

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Posted: Sun, 14/01/2018 04:58 (9 Days ago)
Okay, I was just mucking around and this idea came out of nowhere. I hope it doesn't sound like my old one, because now that I think about it that was just plain stupid. But enough of that.

How it works:

Every week, we can host a Ponyta race. Players make bets of up to 500 on one Ponyta out of six. If the Ponyta a player bets on wins, then they get double the amount of money they betted. If the Pokemon loses, then the player loses the money they bet.

If your bets win three times in a row, you get 1 nugget, and a Mystery Box of a random colour.

I'm going to accept suggestions for this, and I really do hope I can help Pokeheroes in some way.
Posted: Sun, 14/01/2018 05:40 (9 Days ago)
I like it! And it's pretty basic too!
Feel free to train~