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Trainerpoints: 5,421/5,589


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1. Do not ask for PD or nuggets.

2. Do not ask me to buy anything

3. Do not over price or I lose interest

4. Do not ask me for pokemon. Whatever is in sale boxes are the ONLY ones you may ask about.

5. Do not ask me to trade anything with you, Unless I feel like they have equal value.

6. I price my items the price they are valued for so DO NOT ask me to lower prices. Not giving anyone anymore free loads.

7. If you want a certain plushy then it will cost 50 pd for each. I am not giving free plushies no longer. (Unless it is a birthday gift... I will only give one.)

8. Do not steal the art/fan-art from me nor those who've made them for me. Ask for permission. If I find out that you took art off my account without permission then I will report you and so will those who've made that art.

There will be more rules added in due time. Please do not break these rules or there will be prices to pay! AKA will lead to warnings or blocking.

About Me

Name: Gabe
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Old usernames: GayGabe

Quote from WhimsicottAlways be a winner! LOL Or make faces like fake Trump

My Plushy collection
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I want my plushies! Either send me Whimsicotts or ones I don't have. Thank you my sweeties<3

What I look like irl
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Me and my Kiddy Hally<3

ElectroWhims Shop

Jointed shop Between Whimsicott and DJ_Electro (My trainer)

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10 MooMoo Milk: 100PD
10 Combee Honey: 100PD
1 Super Combee Honey: 1,000PD
1 Plush Gifting: 50PD each pokemon request
1 Plush gifting: Free Only on birthday (Must prove it is on your birthday)

Shiny Pokemon:
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Shiny Klefki: Pairs: 560K Singles: 280k
Shiny Whimsicott/cottonee: Pairs: 280k Single: 70k
Shiny Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur: Singles: 280k Two(PAIRS): 560K Third: 840K

Mega Stones:
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If you want to request a mega stone for certain pokemon, send me gems to help me obtain the mega stone.

Pokemon By Rarities(My Way)

General Pokemon
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Easy: 300PD
Medium: 550PD
hard: 750PD
Rare: 1,000PD
Special: 4,500PD
Events: Recent: 5,500PD Past: 20,800PD
Unkown: 8,000PD
Male Starters: 2,500PD
Female Starters: 4,000PD

Shiny Pokemon
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Easy - 100,000PD
Medium - 200,000PD
Hard - 280,500PD
Rare - 300,000
Special - 320,000PD
Unown - 1,500,000
Starters - 285,500PD

Shiny Event Pokemon
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Shiny Common Event - 550,000PD
Shiny Uncommon event - 750,000PD
Shiny Rare Event - 950,000PD
Shiny Special Event - 1,700,500PD


Game Records

Trainer ID: #715071501
Registration: 07/04/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/Dec/2018
Game Time: 798:03 Hours
Total interactions: 3,715,378
Money: 6,355,161
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Looking for normal Gems. If anyone gots a handfull I will send you some good ones back like Flying and other gems.

Today, 10:240 comments
Two more weeks I will be starting a new shiny hunt, so if no one voted on my poll, please do it before the two weeks are up!

Today, 07:530 comments
Ok I feel like doing this randomly. This is no game or anything.
But if you are good at shipping names, Ship my name with your name and comment on what you get.

I am just curious. If I like them then I may add the shipped name in my next wattpad story.

3 Days ago13 comments
man worked so hard to buy a ditto that was cheap and was rejected...

I will wait for the next cheap one to come around! No need to be sad over it... I waited 2(almost 3 years now) for one. I can wait longer. Patients is the answer to everything!

4 Days ago4 comments
I updated the shop on my profile, and add a poll if no one seen it yet. I would like to see more votes please? ^^

5 Days ago0 comments
I want to ask this one question that may freak people out sorta...

So you know how you get items from there? Would that count as taking from the dead? or is if given from the dead to anyone as a cursed item?

5 Days ago0 comments
So today I got my wisdom tooth pulled. Nothing but a needle to numb it just to have it pulled out. I walked up to the desk lady to check out and she was like "How'd it all go? You ok?" I was like "Got my wisdom ripped out and it felt amazing. Wish I could do it again" She gave me a shocked look then laughed super hard. I wasn't trying to be funny. X"D

My story of the day.

5 Days ago1 comment
Looking to get some breeding pairs from people, Will give breeding pairs of starters if I have them. Or if you have opposite genders of pokemon I have then send them and I will offer gems and trash pokemon.

7 Days ago1 comment
If anyone wants to make a shiny request of the breeding pair of pokemon I have in my boxes and decide they wanna do payment methods, then please PM me or follow my forum Here and see the easy choices we can work on.

I am currently doing a starter pokemon as a shiny hunt so if you want one then let me know and we can work something out as deals.

8 Days ago2 comments
Wish I had a Solgaleo now. X"D Feels sad am too poor for one... Trying to get a Ditto and Shiny Suicune and not even half as enough to get a Solgaleo afterwards...

8 Days ago4 comments
Good luck to those doing the SCE speed clicks with me. I hope we pass the goals<3

10 Days ago3 comments
Woohoo got my first shiny<3

11 Days ago5 comments
Sorry to those I out bidded... But on good terms. If you want their offspring to the Trevenant lemme know. I will give you free offsprings before I begin selling the rest.

Well... After my unsuccsessful shiny hunts. X"D

14 Days ago0 comments
So far 19 points in the mentoring. I seem to be doing ok?

17 Days ago2 comments
You know you are a good mentor when you are checking up on all the noobs after a whole month.

I just hope they come around and still keep playing. :C Some reached only level 3 and then stopped coming on... Wonder why?

19 Days ago1 comment
PM me if you want a shiny bulbasaur, ivysaur, or venusaur order.

gender, nature, or evolution form should be mentioned if there is something certain you are looking for. I will list you down.
Selling them for: Single:280,000(Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur) Pairs: 560,000 (Can be mix and match or same from the three), For all three: 840,000 for all the evolutions.

I will do discounts if you can correctly guess my 2nd and 3rd fave pokemon. If you want hints, PM me. But the hints will only contain type, detail, shapes, power move, and/or pieces of the pokedex entry. GL to those who win the discounts.

24 Days ago1 comment
I got two shiny cottonees. Anyone buying?

Single ones are 70k and pairs are 280k.

If you are looking to buy cottonees then set up trade for them now.

1 Month ago3 comments
If anyone is still looking to buy a shiny cottonee/whimsicott then place orders in now. Taking in orders for 2 more days.

Pokedollar Payment
Pairs: 280k Singles:70k
Nugget Payment
Pairs: 185 nuggets Single:50 nuggets.

1 Month ago6 comments
I just need 300 nuggets left

1 Month ago0 comments
Anyone selling nuggets?

1 Month ago1 comment



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