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Final Bid

Forum-Index Suggestions Trading Final Bid
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Posted: Thu, 11/01/2018 19:21 (10 Months ago)
So I checked through the reject ideas, regular ideas and a bunch of packed for the trading ideas and didn't see this:

I'd like to know what the final bid on an auction was (when I loose the auction). Right now I get a message I was outbid but if the auction has expired (or it was sniped) I can't see by how much. In the notification that says you lost it could also say "Final bid was xxx" at the bottom.
This could help:

-New players know what a reasonable bid for that 'mon is, since there's no auction history.
-It could also make other people's bids more competitive, since they now know how high it can sell for
-It would be fun to see if someone realllyyy outbid you or if you juuussttt missed

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Posted: Fri, 12/01/2018 13:27 (10 Months ago)
Yeah! A Final Bid would help to see who got outbid
Hello there.
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Posted: Sat, 13/01/2018 04:00 (10 Months ago)
Ok...I do not support sadly... now I couldn't 100% understand the wording here, but i'm thinking you're saying that all users who bid on a Pokemon in the Auction House should be able to see what the final bid was even if they lost.

1. Why would you want to know how much the final bid was, anyway? It would not help new users, since the prices of many Pokemon (especially newer ones) change almost everyday! This is true with many legendary Pokemon, Alolan Pokemon, and depending on what dex many users are all after at once, those Pokemon as well. While there aren't many accurate ways to tell how much a Pokemon currently goes for, the Auction House is subject to extremely high listings that don't match up with how much the Pokemon is really worth.
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When Cosmog was introduced into the game as an Advent Calendar Prize in 2016, it's worth was easily over 1mil. There was no other way to obtain Cosmog at the time, other than buying/trading for it from another user. That was until Nebula Stones were introduced, making Cosmog not only obtainable by anybody with the Alola Rumble Map (that it was very commonly found in), but also huntable! The prices of Cosmog and Nebula Stones quickly dropped as more and more people hatched more and more normal Cosmog, now Cosmog are worth much much less than they once were. If a user bought a Cosmog in the Auction House for 1mil+ PD in 2016 but never looked at the price of one there since then, they may still think Cosmog is worth a lot- and that doesn't include those random times where for some reason a certain Auction goes so high that it goes higher than what the Pokemon is worth. What will people think when they see that?

2. It already takes a very long time for auctions to update and give players their money/Pokemon. (It's taken me up to 15 minutes at times!) Adding this would only slow down the Auction House even more by having to calculate how much the final bid was, especially if the user sniped the auction in less than a second, barely giving the system time to even register the price. (I would think that is how it would work, however I am not familiar with the system PH uses...or many systems/servers at all.)
3. (Taking about your point 'It could also make other people's bids more competitive, since they now know how high it can sell for'.) The Auction House is not accurate for predicting prices of a Pokemon- they change daily depending on the Pokemon, the value of PD, etc. It could make the Auction House less competitive, actually. If people see that a certain final bid was super high/low, they may not go to the Auction House to buy or sell their Pokemon judging by the prices. Often times auctioned Pokemon don't follow a set price, and depending on if the listing is seen by many or not, a normal/newly added Pokemon could go for 1mil and a shiny could go for 10k-leaving users not wanting to sell or buy those same Pokemon from the Auction House.
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Posted: Wed, 28/02/2018 05:12 (9 Months ago)
Agreeing with Lemon. Sure it would be "cool" to see how much you lost by, but it would create lots of lag. No support.
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Posted: Wed, 28/02/2018 20:00 (9 Months ago)
No support.

I don't really find much of a reason for this. First of all if this is gong to include the username of who you were outbid by then that is not good at all. That could easily cause a issue with other people or some might not just go to auction house anymore.

Also if you got a notification saying you were outbid and you lost an auction the time you got that is right on the notification. I get mine instantly when it happens. If it ended 15 minutes ago and you were on 2 hour ago then you know you missed it. While if you were online at the time it had ended and bid (but lost) then you know you were outbid. Or if you were online but not checking the action then you missed it and were outbid.

I've seen a Villilion pattern be 500 PD or lover while some as high as 5,000 PD or more (non shiny) so prices of Pokemon change and will always vary based on time of auction, how many people are bidding, and so on.

I can agree with what Lemon said for 2 and 3.