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DesertClan (Roleplay)

Forum-Index Roleplay DesertClan (Roleplay)
Posted: Fri, 18/08/2017 02:47 (10 Months ago)
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You walk through a dry, dry area. The sun's heat was unbearable on your fur, and the light was unbearable. The bushes, and trees in the area were all brown, and they looked like they were crying out for rain. All of a sudden you hear a crackle whirling around to see what made the noise. You are ambushed by a small group of cats. A brown spikey she cat tackled you, and pins you to the ground. She was about to deliver a blow when you hear a voice, "Sandfeather! Get off that cat" the voice said sharply. The cat, Sandfeather, jumps off you, and growls. You look around wildly for where the voice came from, and you spot a ginger tom with sapphire blue eyes. He walks over to you, and tilts his head. His fur was short, and looked decent for the desert like setting. He sits down next to you, and tilts his head to the side. "Hello there, I'm Flamestar leader of DesertClan. May I ask why you're traveling alone?" after you don't reply, he gets up, and nods. "Not one to talk...it's alright" he said kindly, and flicks his tail to the small group of cats, the brown she cat from earlier looks at you with narrowed eyes. "Well if you wish to join us, or to talk, our camp is nearby" Flamestar said softly, and walks back to the camp.

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Please have read one book from the warrior cats (by Erin Hunter) series to join.
No fighting OOC
OOC posts must be posted in parenthesis
Only swearing used is warrior slang (as no swears are allowed on PH)
PH rules apply (duh)
No mates/crushes with your own characters (unless deceased for kits you make)


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Medicine cat:

Queens (only 6 at a time):
Flowerheart (permanent queen as she decided not to leave the nursery to help new queens, and kits)

Apprentices (Unlimited spots):


Warriors (Unlimited):

Apprentice: Mudpaw
Shadepelt, and Stonetail (Characters I made that won't be used much just used as a background characters)

Cats Outside the clan: (Cats who's creators left the rp, and haven't returned will be added back in if they decide to rejoin...


Rogue cats: You can make cats for this section!
Leader: Sandfeather
Deputy: Russet




Medicine cat:






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The territory is close to a mountainy area. The shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass all become brown from lack of water. However there is a river in the thick of the dry forest. The forest river is surrounded by a small amount of small, and green plants. The river is the best place for medicine cats to find their healing herbs. As the river sits in the middle of the forest, the clan can hunt, and find fish near this area. The training hallow has a crooked tree in the center. Here apprentices learn to fight.


The cats of this clan are skilled hunters, and fishers. They aren't picky about what they eat. However the prey here consist of:

Vultures (rare)
Hawks (again rare)
Snakes (since in one of the warrior book a cat said you can eat the non poisonous ones, only eaten if in times of prey shortages)


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Old Camp (now abandoned):

The camp is located near the river where the forest grows greener. The cave has small holes in the walls where the clan keeps its dens. The apprentice den is at the very back of the cave. Next to the apprentice den is the medicine cat den, which is one of the bigger dens. The medicine cats hold their herbs, and berries in small pockets along the walls, and there is two caverns in the den where the medicine cats rest as well as the injured, and sick cats. The warriors' den, and leader's den is closest to the front of the cave, the warriors den is a medium sized den with moss growing along the walls. The leader's den is near the top of the rock. It is a small cavern only big enough for two cats, the den has vines, and stones covering the entrance. Finally the nursery is the largest den, it is nearest the medicine cat den, and has a small bracken, and bramble thicket that protects the cats inside. There are always three warriors protecting the camp entrance, as the cave's entrance has a large opening to large to create a protective tunnel. There is an unused cavern where the medicine cats go every half moon. It's located behind the large boulder, and near the leader's den. Inside the cavern, a group of white lilies grow from the ground, and this is where the clan speaks to StarClan.

New Camp:
A clearing in the denser part of the green forest, but close to the mountain range. It has three caves formed on a hillside. The hill's base has a cave big enough to fit the queens and kits, it's naturally insolated as moss grows all around the walls, a cluster of bramble bushes grow at the cave entrance blocking out enemies, and cold weather. The top of the hill is a rock path that leads to the leader's den. The leader's den is big enough to fit three cats, and has a lichen screen. The third cave holds the warrior's den. It is closest to the camp entrance, and has a boulder creating a small entrance for the warriors to enter and exit from. The medicine cat's den is built into a raspberry bush that is across the clearing from the nursery. There is a small stream rushing past it, and some small herbs like thyme, and burdock growing next to the surface of the stream, and has moss growing on a rock near it. The elders den is located inside a torn down, and hollow tree stump. The apprentice den is across the clearing from the warrior's den, it is located in a rose bush. The camp entrance is next to the medicine cat's den, and is a bramble tunnel.

Posted: Fri, 18/08/2017 23:59 (10 Months ago)
(We can start now)

Flamestar was sitting on the ledge just inside the cave that his clan called home. He had his tail curled over his paws, and his sapphire eyes looked out to two young cats. Both cats looked about six moons. The two cats play fought just near the back of the cave where the apprentices slept. "Tigerpaw, Lilypaw you two are coming with me on a hunting patrol" a kind, but stern, vice came from further back. Flamestar looked over and saw Ashpelt. He got to his paws, and went over to the gray warrior.

"I'll come too...the drought has caused the prey to get scarce" he said softly.

Ashpelt just nodded in agreement "alright then. Glad to have you Flamestar" he purred kindly. Tigerpaw then ran over to Flamestar, and pounced on the leader's tail.

"Bet I'll catch more prey than you" she purred warmly. Lilypaw just flicked an ear in slight irritation,
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 00:03 (10 Months ago)
My eyes open wide to beams of light streaming the long leaves found by the river, which were now turning brown. Just like everything else, I thought. I prodded my sister, Dirtkit, and she opened her eyes sleepily and murmured, "What is it?" I pointed with my paw at the light. "It's morning! Morning means playing with your sister!" She grumbled and closed her eyes again, saying, "Go away."

I trotted outside the den, and found and old, brown mossball they had found by the river as well. I sighed and batted it around until the warriors woke up. "Happy sixth moon!" A warrior, named BendFur, told me. "Are you excited?" She asked, flicking her tail.

"Of course!" I replied excitedly, bouncing a little.

Name: Sweet
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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:28 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail sat outside the warriors den, tail tucked neatly over her paws as she looked around. Perhaps a bit of hunting would be a good idea, but for the moment she was content to sit and watch. She'd most likely end up going out on her own, but she needed some time alone to think. She stood and stretched, approaching the medicine cats den.

Greenbush looked up in surprise when Breezetail entered. "Oh. What's up?" He asked, sitting down. "Do you need something?" He carefully swept a bit of dirt to the side.

Breezetail shrugged absentmindedly. "Do you need anything? I was gonna go hunting, and I can pick something up on the way back if you need anything." She offered.

"Let's see.." Greenbush looked over the piles of leaves and berries, eyes eventually settling on the smallest pile. "Ah, yeah. Dock. Could you see if you could fine some? It looks like this," He held up a leaf with one claw. Breezetail nodded and backed out of the den.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:33 (10 Months ago)
Tigerpaw looked up to Breezetail, and purred kindly as the warrior left the medicine cat's den. "Morning Breezetail" she meowed, and bounded over to the warrior. "Would you like to go hunting with us? Ashpelt, Lilypaw, Flamestar, and I are going"
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:34 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail blinked at Tigerpaw and then smiled sharply. "If it's not a bother to anyone, then sure!" She purred. "Thanks, Tigerpaw." She added, smiling at the apprentice.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:37 (10 Months ago)
"Not a bother at all" Flamestar meowed kindly, and nodded. Lilypaw just shook her head, and dug her claws into the dirt.

"Can we go now?" she asked lowly.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:39 (10 Months ago)
Smallkit rushed around the camp with Dirtkit and saw Breezetail, Tigerpaw, Lillypaw, Ashpelt, and Flamestar all head out of the camp. She immediately rushed up to them and asked, "Where are you going? Can I come?"

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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:41 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail joined them quietly, sweeping her tail across the dirt. "Where are we headed?" She asked, glancing at each of them in turn.she nearly leapt out of her fur when Smallkit spoke but quickly relaxed, almost softening as she looked down at the kits.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:45 (10 Months ago)
Lilypaw looked over, and hissed lowly "no you can't you're still a kit" she said lowly. Tigerpaw then cuffed her sister across the ear with sheathed claws.

"Do you have to be rude?" she growled lowly, and looked over to Smallkit apologetically.

"Sorry Smallkit you can't come until you're apprenticed. I know you're six moons today, but I'm still thinking about your mentor" Flamestar meowed evenly, and looked at Lilypaw. "Lilypaw can stay here to...the elders need to have their den cleaned" he sighed, and shook his head. She might be my kit, but I can't have her being rude to all the kits all the time... he thought to himself lowly. Lilypaw growled, and stalked off to the elders den. "I promise you can go tomorrow alright?" he said kindly, and turned back to Smallkit.

"I think we should go closer to the river. We haven't been there in a while" Ashpelt suggested with a flick of his ears.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:49 (10 Months ago)
"Alright.." Smallkit said, disappointed that she would have to wait another day to go out hunting. It seemed like forever. Ever since she was born, she had that feeling of adventure, and she knew she wanted to be a warrior. She went back to playing with Dirtkit.

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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:56 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail nodded towards Ashpelt. "It's been a while." She agreed. She pulled one paw over her ears before setting it back on the ground. Smallkit had promise. Breezetail was excited to see the kit become an apprentice, it was always exciting to her.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 01:58 (10 Months ago)
Ashpelt nodded, and looked over to Tigerpaw. "Maybe you could show her your hunting, and fighting skills when you get back" he meowed to the apprentice kindly. Tigerpaw nodded, and got to her paws. She then watched as Flamestar, and Ashpelt left camp.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:03 (10 Months ago)
Smallkit played with Dirtkit until her mom called her in for naptime. Smallkit complained, "But mom, I'm not tired..." Her mom looked at her with only slight sympathy, since she pulled this card all the time. "Then you can go clean the elder's den." Dirtrkit collapsed at her stomach, already falling asleep.

Smallkit groaned, but ended up sitting down and falling asleep.

Name: Sweet
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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:13 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail followed Flamestar and Ashpelt out of the camp. She immediately felt happier, it was nice to get out of the camp, even for a bit. Her ears were straight up as she listened silently, tail occasionally flicking.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:15 (10 Months ago)
Flamestar and Ashpelt parted their jaws to catch the scent of prey. Tigerpaw went over to the river's edge, and looked into the water. A few salmon swam by swiftly, and splashed the surface very lightly. Tigerpaw then flashed a paw into the water and drew out a fish. The pink fish struggled to escape on land, but died when Tigerpaw bit its spine.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:22 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail glanced at the river and flicked her ears back a bit. She'd rather avoid the water if she could. Instead, she turned around slightly and crouched down, stilling her tail to listen for any movements. When she caught the scent of a mouse, she crept forward a bit, following its scent swiftly, launching forward and biting down. The mouse stilled quickly and she shoved back a sense of excitement.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:24 (10 Months ago)
"Nice catch" Ashpelt meowed kindly, and placed a vole on the ground. He buried it, and looked at the mouse that Breezetail caught. There was another rustle in the bushes, and Flamestar ran into the clearing with a rabbit running from him. The rabbit was running straight for Breezetail unaware of the cat as it fled.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:33 (10 Months ago)
Breezetail let out a small purr. "Thanks." She replied, burying the mouse as well. "You too." She broke off, smelling the rabbit and and crouched, leaping for the rabbit. Her leap was a little messy, given how little time she had, but she managed to pin the rabbit and deliver a swift bite to its neck. She froze, turning towards Flamestar. "Oh, no, I'm sorry." She said hurriedly. "This was your rabbit, wasn't it? I'm sorry." She nudged it toward him, still muttering apologies under her breath. Whoops. She thought.
Posted: Sat, 19/08/2017 02:36 (10 Months ago)
"It's fine" Flamestar panted, and nodded. "It managed to escape my grasp. Nice job" he meowed kindly. Tigerpaw ran over holding the salmon she caught, and purred as she saw the catch the group had so far.

"With this patrol we might have enough for everyone" she purred warmly, and placed the salmon next to her.