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Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 20:23 (5 Days ago)
im withdrawing bc the person who made this blocked after he pped me

Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 21:44 (5 Days ago)
Huh, I did? I don't recall that...
Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 21:54 (5 Days ago)
u did wanna screenshot of it

Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 22:05 (5 Days ago)
Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 22:05 (5 Days ago)
It could have been an accident. Maybe Jek went to friend you instead of block you. I mean the buttons are just below one another...
Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 22:07 (5 Days ago)
I mean, I was unfriending some old people on my FL I dont remember having talked to in a long time. I guess I clicked you by accident.

Oh, wait. Now I remember what happened.