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New Feature Regarding Notifications

Forum-Index Suggestions Rejected New Feature Regarding Notifications
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Posted: Thu, 25/02/2016 08:20 (2 Years ago)
Hi friends. I've thought of a new feature that's regarding Notifications and a LOT useful.
As being a Coder,I recommend that the new notifications must be refreshed without refreshing the page manually and with a slight animation like popup,etc.I mean,using AJAX or jQuery AJAX().You can get the script ONLINE!Even I have the script.Its given Below :


function loadstation(){
setTimeout(loadstation, 30000);

It'll refresh all the notifications automatically in each 30 secs.(this much time because then the users will get some time to do something regarding that post).
Do you support me?
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Posted: Thu, 25/02/2016 08:32 (2 Years ago)
I don't really get the point.
You could always refresh the page and be done with it- why the hassle of adding more code?
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Posted: Thu, 25/02/2016 13:40 (2 Years ago)
No support, as cliff said you can just refresh the page.
There's no point in adding this.
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Posted: Thu, 25/02/2016 14:36 (2 Years ago)
Ok.I assume you're lazy because we don't need that.We just need to refresh and done.It's only 1 click while coding much more complex because of glitches and blah blah blah
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Posted: Thu, 25/02/2016 14:49 (2 Years ago)
I'd totally hate an auto-refreshing notification page, to be honest. o-o"
Not only because in case of possible slow internet connection, it could happen that you never see the page fully loaded because it simply takes too long to do that .. and then it auto-refreshes all over again, but also because I would miss so many feeds/notifications because they'd simply slip through/I'd fail to notice when there's something new. So yeah .. no support.

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Posted: Tue, 08/03/2016 10:55 (2 Years ago)
I agree with Liirah here - I am one of those people with laggy connection and I get a lot of feed notification - and I'd miss half of them if this was implemented (thanks old laptop >_> - So no support from me.
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Posted: Tue, 29/03/2016 13:45 (2 Years ago)
No support.
It would be better if we refresh the page.
And i dont really get the point what you want to express
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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2016 04:35 (2 Years ago)
The little earth icon in the top right of the page? Yeah, that thing automatically updates without having to reload the page. With that telling you when you have a new notification, an auto-updating page is not needed. Add in the fact that 30 seconds might be enough to "reply" or "respond" to one or two feeds, if you're trying to make sure that the coding is right, then it takes a bit more time. And if you have a full page to read through and links to open.... I know that I spend more than a minute or two on the page to catch up. Especially at the moment when I'm not at home, so I only check in one to three times a day.

Also, with the page auto-updating, if I have it open in one tab, but am doing things in another tab, I lose the little number in the top right of the page. Which is not a good thing, as it means notifications go unintentionally ignored for minutes up to hours or even never seen at all.

This means that it would be almost impossible for me to actually get caught up. And, when I am home, at times my bandwidth is being eaten alive by my brother, which means that loading a page is hard enough as it is. Pages that auto-load things (like certain facebook pages, or the front page of this site) lag and crash at those times. I would rather not have this happen to such an important page of the site.

While I can see that the suggestion is made with good intentions, it has some serious drawbacks.
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Posted: Mon, 13/11/2017 13:42 (1 Year ago)
Rejected due to high amount of "no supports" by our community (Support: 6, No Support: 18, Don't Care: 3)