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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 9,131/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Blastoise (Retro))
541399,394 / 1,039,455

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Tangy - 1 shiny - not paid

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Trainer ID: #270476247
Registration: 20/04/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1877:23 Hours
Total interactions: 2,308,501
Money: 808,460
Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


.... wait we can't get a slowyore event pass?!
Yesterday, 21:13
okay for those of you aware:

My cat had her surgery this morning, her blood values (liver) were good so she could be anesthesized and she woke up well. that is however were the good news ends.

she isn't home yet (i can pick her up in 2 hours) and the damage was so bad that the estimate went out the window AND she needs a second surgery.

I am NOT amused and am seriously considering suing my aunt who is directly responsible for this whole mess in the first place as she did yes when both me, my mom and her eldest 2 sons said NO. it is unfortunatly a fact that you can't pluck a bald chicken but I am NOT forgiving her this. not that we we're talking before this but ehh details. we haven't spoken a single word since she picked up the cat she dumped on us and i'm keeping it that way
Yesterday, 13:08
By PokéRadar - 6 Minutes and 1 Second ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Slowpoke hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #110)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

YES! right on time, now I won't lose my slowyore eggs at dc
Yesterday, 07:19
By Daycare owner - 2 Minutes and 4 Seconds ago.
Your Wide Lens just finished scanning your egg and it turned out to be a Slowyore egg.

Yesterday, 00:50
Your coin looks much larger than the all others!
(Increased mega-able chance)

Yesterday, 00:03
thanks to a generous donation of 1 egg storage box and the finishing off the scanning I can now say: I "only" need 2 more egg storages to not lose the event eggs currently in my DC, the next storage is at 975,000.

thus I am selling the following items (share would be nice) please respond in a palpad if you want anything.

strange ornament
light rock
root fossil
iron plate
sky plate
splash plate
zap plate
dna splicer white

calcium, iron, zinc and hp up

fighting 51,
grass 77,
poison 6,
rock 2,
dark 8,
ghost 5,
ice 1,
steel 81
fairy 5

all pokemon from this box

and a zapdos ( is in my kanto box, the right one)

I can also do event pokemon slots (no MA or Shiny) or shiny or MA slots for other pokemon. though slots would have to wait untill after the shiny Slowpoke hatches.
1 Day ago
-head desk- and i hate it when i'm right! I now have 9 unscanned eggs, and in the scanned ones are 3! slowyore, I can store 1.
1 Day ago
selling this zapdos
1 Day ago
aand I just realised I did SCS's and didn't claim the dream points -_- -sigh- where is my head today!? honestly
13 Days ago
-_- *glares at 3ds and pokebank*

okay, now i'm mad. it took me a week and a borrowed game to get pokebank to open and install the pokemon transporter AND 5 bucks off my nintendo account funds which was at 9 bucks and was saving up for BOTW expansion pass and I can't put any more money in until May at the earliest only to find out that: no it can NOT take a pokemon out of blue and put it red or yellow.

so what the -bleep- am i supposed to do now to get that annoying-to-obtain mew into yellow and the starters to blue!?

13 Days ago
oh oops, missed the sc. oh well was eating anyways
13 Days ago
no-one needs a shiny or MA Slowpoke?
14 Days ago
anyone want to buy a shiny or MA slowpoke? i have my slowyore's in DC for the event egg dex and because I need a MA Slowyore but I can turn on a slowpoke chain if anyone wants one.
16 Days ago
subtly points to new contact link and forum signature
17 Days ago
okay now i'm getting annoyed:

Pokemon blue:
It's a digital download
I have the pokedex (and 2 badges)
I have pokebank

and still pokebank keeps yapping at me:
Could not find saved data for a game that is compatible with pokemon bank. You must also advance in the game to the point where you have received a pokedex.

so what am I doing wrong?
20 Days ago
okay i'm gonna do a quick give-away/lotto.

or it should be fast anyway

the first one that can guess my dog's name (hint: it's edible) will get to choose my next shiny hunt and get a shiny from it.
21 Days ago
okay Riako said 10k likes on the feed (over on youtube ph channel) and he'll personally draw the shiny weedle plushie, let's make him eat those words and get those likes up peeps!!
21 Days ago
the most ill timed sneeze of the century:

in the middle of a curve while biking on ice.
yep; there I skidded bashing my head through the <1/4 inch ice (or at least making a VERY good attempt) and onto the bricks beneath.

on the + side: i'm not bleeding
on the - side: owwie (a la FF X Rikku) my head hurts

gotta love my work hairstyle of a braided bun on the back of my head that prevent my neck from making a very painfull movement...
22 Days ago
help me hatch this please I want to start my hunt but can't until it's hatched
22 Days ago
Q: when breeding raticate (alolan) with raticate (alolan) is it possible to get regular rattata?
22 Days ago


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peaches071 9 Days ago

Pokemon Blue checklist

okay so this is basically just for myself as I keep getting confused about if I did something or not sooo yeah XD I really have this game on too many ports XD also my sister "accidentaly" deleting my files a couple of times and also owning both red and yellow multiple times... yeah *clears throat*

Suggestions are welcome though, especially for the party building. I haven't done this in too long Final Fantasy 7 and okami may or may not be in need of replacement *again*

Viridian City
- nw of town potion behind Y tree

Route 2
- 2 hidden items: big tree right at the start left side, and near the last trainer

route 4 & Cerulean & route 24 & 25
- Misty (lvl 18 &21)

Wartortle (lvl 36) (party member)
Pidgeotto (lvl 36)
Spearow (lvl 20)
Sandshrew (lvl 22) (keep untill Diglett)
Zubat (lvl 22)
Paras (lvl 24)
Abra (lvl 16)
Bellsprout (lvl 21) (add as grass type)
Geodude (lvl 25)

Current party:
Pikachu (20)
Pidgeotto (20)
Bellsprout (20)
Wartortle (20)
Butterfree (20)
Geodude (20)

party to be:
Pidgeot (fly)
Victreebell (cut)
Dugtrio (dig)


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