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Trainerlevel: 15

Trainerpoints: 665/689

Game Records

Trainer ID: #644528440
Registration: 05/03/2018 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 80:06 Hours
Total interactions: 42,791
Money: 93,222
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I want you peeps to dare usernames for me.
Then I'll keep it until I'm allowed to change it back.
I'll check up on all of the dares when I come back online in about a week or so.

nothing innapropreate
nothing offensive

(i suck at spelling, sorry)

If you like an idea that was previously said then respond with that name too.

Today, 16:290 comments
2 female chikorita in a row out of 15
The rest are males

Today, 12:100 comments
"Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance)"


Yesterday, 16:591 comment
By techno314 - 2 Hours and 23 Minutes ago.
Alright, lets get this raffle started. I am giving 800 nuggets. All you have to do to enter is share this feed and that is it. Everyone who enters only gets 1 ticket and cannot get more. Good luck.

Yesterday, 12:250 comments
Anybody want random chikorita?
I have like 7+ in my boxes currently...

Yesterday, 12:074 comments
*does a surprisingly easy German final*
Teacher:*when everyone is done he throws tootsie rolls at a bowl and then puts down down cool-aid*have fun, good job

Nobody ever understands what he is saying, but he must be the nicest teacher ever. =w=

1 Day ago0 comments
These chikorita eggs take forever to come up in the daycare--
(its probably just cuz they are starters, but still)

2 Days ago2 comments
Yo fam, I have another favor to ask via plushies!!!

Can you peeps spam Dark_Vada Sentret/Furret plushies??(it'll help you get the reshiram/zekrom plushies too!!!)

2 Days ago0 comments
People on here are cruel today...
Just go check out the GTS.

People are selling 4 berries for 175k pd. Then they threat that if someone re-sells it then they'll never trade with them again.

1)that is SO immature.
2)WHY?! If you need that money, do something actually useful and be fair.

Sorry, it is just angering me. Pokeheroes is a place to cheer people up and talk about our interests. Why are we all being so mean with a simple game?

3 Days ago4 comments
A couple weeks ago I bought myself a Misdreavus stuffed animal.
This is what happened when my mom saw it:
Me:*sitting on the couch with my sis and staring into it's beautiful eyes while Voltron is on the TV*
Mom:*walks in*that's creepy.
Mom:*comes to look at it*why did you buy that with your money?
Me:because its one of my favorites
Me:is it as scary as that litten I bought my friend for christmas?
Me:that cat with the 'weird mustashe'
Mom:that wasn't creepy! It was just weird!!
Me:*runs to my room and grabs my duskull stuffed animal*which is more creepy?
Mom:you can't compare a pokemon with a mario character.


(i have a ton of pokemon stuffed animals irl btw--)

3 Days ago3 comments
By Monkey_D_Luffy - 12 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.

Comment you fav. no......winner will be ramdom...ends in 1 hour


4 Days ago0 comments
*does a super important school project video*

*puts the sound of silence as the credits song*


4 Days ago0 comments
Pls give my party love, I'll give u love!!

6 Days ago0 comments
Thank u orangenugothic!!!
(this is probably going to confuse people, but they are amazing!!)

7 Days ago0 comments
Which should I shiny hunt one here?

Shinx(more gold pokemon for my profile--)




I personally have no preference. lolol

7 Days ago1 comment
I need to ask a favor--
I have a friend that I want to get them a profile picture.

I still suck at fining the correct size pictures...
Can someone tell me what websites you use to shrink an image.
I wanna find a pic of Gumi Megapoid for them.

7 Days ago2 comments
*throws magikarpi(is the plural of magikarp just magikarps?) in ur face*

They give you the determination to do great things!!!!
If they can jump and withstand being hated, then you can complete your dreams!!!

8 Days ago2 comments
Me:*plugs in tablet to charge*
Tablet:57 hours until full
Me:*goes and grabs a snack and then comes back*
Tablet:39 minutes until full

I leave for 5 minutes--

8 Days ago0 comments
"You received a Plushie from MangozBaka!

Special reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop."

I just like taking part of the 'gift the user above you a plushie' game.

Thanks Caterpie for helping me reach 1,000.
You were the one that helped me hit this amazing benchmark--

8 Days ago0 comments
Just started a new Pokemon Fan Club
It's for team instinct fans~
I'm looking for people who can help me run it, so pls go join if you like Instinct!

(It's under 'Clubs' then 'Pokemon Fan Clubs', if you needed directions)

8 Days ago2 comments



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I don't know why you are here, but I am glad that you took your time out of your 24-hour schedule to look at my profile!!

I LOVE anime, video games, drawing, and writing.

I am on here often, so yay!! My goal on PH is to fill my plushie collection!!!(filling the legit pokedex is nice, but why take a pokemon that another person can happily enjoy? I love to send and receive plushies!!!)

My favorite types are water, ice, and ghost types.

My overall favorite pokemon is Corsola!!

I like a lot of legendaries, but I prefer the more vertically challenged ones.(even if you aren't as big as everyone else, you can still be strong!!)

I have 6 shinies in Ultra Sun.
Sylveon, Swanna, Gardevoir, and Hippowdon, Gumshoos, Abomasnow


Thanks for visiting again.

(I have a ton of favorite shinies, but heres a few!!)

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