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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,353/2,213

Game Records

Trainer ID: #590318865
Registration: 06/07/2017 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 323:55 Hours
Total interactions: 147,798
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 380,000
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Your coin looks much larger than the all others!
(Increased mega-able chance)

Stop giving me mega-able chance, fountain!

Today, 02:010 comments
Is it bad that I'm just converting all of my gems into dp? I figure I should save up a ton of dp for when another plushie event happens.

2 Days ago1 comment
Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance)

Thanks, fountain gods~

2 Days ago0 comments
By Pope_Jonathon_XVIII - 1 Hour and 16 Minutes ago.

hi guys, I'm gonna be leaving pokeheroes, It's been fun but I feel like I'm not enjoying the game.

so i'm gonna be giving away EVERYTHING I own, I have 794,491 pokedollars, 101 nuggets and alot of items and pokemon, it might not be much but hey, it's free stuff.

so if you're interested in a chance of winning all this free stuff then share this hashtag and this message.

if nobody enters the raffle by some time in the future I'll just give all my stuff to a friend

2 Days ago0 comments
Won't be able to obtain the Zapdos plushie, but at least I got the others

3 Days ago0 comments
Beedrill isn't in the plushie shop. Time to riot.

3 Days ago3 comments
My duck boi Farfetch'd. They call it a joke pokemon but naw man; all it needs is a mega and then they'll no longer be laughing.

3 Days ago1 comment
*Changes avatar to Bee Clank cuz it's super adorbs*

3 Days ago0 comments
You found the legendary Pokémon Hoopa inside the treasure box!
It fled instantly, I wonder where it went?
Maybe Professor Rowan knows more about this naughty little Pokémon.

Yass queen yasss!

4 Days ago1 comment
You found 3x Ultra Balls in this treasure box!

I prefer getting game chips...

4 Days ago0 comments
Wait, does getting the resolute stone from Rowan count as a mission?

4 Days ago2 comments
Hmm, it seems there is some sort of pattern to the Treasure Hunt. I just gotta figure it out and use it to my advantage.

4 Days ago0 comments
Your lucky number today is 47
(Nothing happened)

This better mean that my shiny hatches on egg 47, fountain -_-

4 Days ago1 comment
You found 19,900x Game Chips in this treasure box!

The prize just keeps getting better and better. Maybe I'll win a mega stone at some point

4 Days ago1 comment
You found 14,600x Game Chips in this treasure box!

No Hoopa, but jeeze Louise; I'm raking in the game chips.

4 Days ago1 comment
You found 10,000x Game Chips in this treasure box!

Oh damn, the first time I actually won something in this game

5 Days ago0 comments
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Pharraloin in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Well, at least I have a higher chance of hatching my shiny kitty now.

8 Days ago3 comments
Kyurem where you at, boi?

10 Days ago1 comment
Can eggs placed in egg storage hatch? I mean, in normal pokestorage Pokemon can level up and evolve so...

11 Days ago6 comments
Anyone know how strong Kyogre is when you battle it in rumble?

13 Days ago2 comments



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I'm just your average (not really) nerdy weirdo who loves Ratchet and Clank and Pokemon---as well as tons of other things. Kinda shy so I won't always be up to chatting---or battling---but if you add me to your friendlist I'll add you too!

A Few Random Facts About Me:
- I'm a semi-active roleplayer on tumblr. Currently I write as Clank, Klunk, and my lombax/seerus OC.
- Before my roleplaying days started, I wrote fanfictions. Though most were left unfinished cuz I suck.
- I'm a 20 year old high school dropout.
- My favorite colors are red and green.
- Favorite fighting type pokemon are Riolu and Lucario. While my favorite mythical pokemon is Mew.
- Starter pokemon I adore are Snivy, Piplup, Treecko, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Fennekin, Popplio.

Please help train my first hatched shiny on this site---along with the others!

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