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Trainer ID: #590318865
Registration: 06/07/2017 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 247:57 Hours
Total interactions: 118,063
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 194,456
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


By Humbloom
It will soon be reset!
Be sure to share #Thankfulthanksgiving for a chance of a shiny snover and 95 ground gems!I might also throw in some more stuff (donations will be nice!)
Share it through Monday-Thursday
The winner will be chosen through a random randomizer
Anyway,have a great thanksgiving weekend!

Today, 00:100 comments
Does anyone have a male Castform? (Might as well prepare for the future hunt)

Today, 00:090 comments
When/if I finish this Pharraloin hunt, I'm thinking about shiny hunting Castform and slowly obtaining every shiny version of it's many forms. That's my long term goal atm.

Yesterday, 10:362 comments
Does Celebi and shiny pokemon only appear at the honey tree when super honey is applied?

Yesterday, 04:032 comments
Almost my entire Ultra Sun team is shiny now lel. Bless you Sun/Moon compatibility

1 Day ago0 comments
My team on Ultra Sun so far: Brionne (Female, modest), Rockruff (event, male, jolly), Zorua (male, modest), and Cutiefly (male, modest).

I plan on adding an Eevee to my team once I get to that island. Might also trade over one of my shiny Riolu from my Moon version, or my shiny Goomy. Idk. Which shiny bab would be better?

1 Day ago2 comments
Two Pharraloin eggs from the daycare in my party at the same time. ARCEUS SMILES UPON ME ON THIS FINE DAY.

3 Days ago0 comments
By ~Reggie-Kray~ - 10 Days and 11 Hours ago.
Just thought I would start this now seeing as I haven't been on much recently and don't know if and when I can be in future, but I will make sure I'm on to give out the prizes.... which will include:
18 Dragon gems
9 different legendary summoning items
3 maps
2 star pieces
A bunch of shiny/mega able/event/legendary (check my first box)

All you have to do to enter is share the # the first give out of prizes will be on December first. Second with be on the 3rd, then 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd and then whatever I have left on the 24th... good luck and share to enter!
Oh, after a user has won, I will remove them from the prize draw so it's fair for other users to win

4 Days ago0 comments
Out of all pokemon, Bewear is the most terrifying to me. I feel sorry for all the young trainers who tried to train that thing.

6 Days ago0 comments

7 Days ago0 comments
Tfw you want to express an opinion but fear the backlash it may cause.

8 Days ago0 comments
The designers at gamefreak have a thing for attractive furry anthros I swear.

10 Days ago1 comment
Bought a white flute to help with the hunt. My poor nugget stash; now I have less than 100 nuggers.

10 Days ago0 comments
Unrelated: I'm getting the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion tomorrow. Unfortunately, since I haven't played the game for awhile it has to update...and the update is sizable. Wouldn't be so bad if my download speed wasn't such a bumbus.

10 Days ago3 comments
Is there a reason why dusk stones are so rare? Like, every other stone becomes available in the item shop but the entire time I have been here I have never seen it there. I even expected it to show up during halloween season but alas it did not

11 Days ago0 comments
Has anyone hatched a shiny Pharraloin yet? (idk what the 1st on-site tag is)

12 Days ago3 comments
Tfw there are several of the same pokemon being auctioned off at the same time and instead of going for one that has no bid someone bids on the one you bid on already, resulting in you losing -_-

12 Days ago4 comments
Hmm, if I were to sell and/or put up a Pharraloin on GTS, what would it be worth?

12 Days ago2 comments
First egg hatched! I missed seeing the radar tracker on my profile; it gives me motivation just seeing it again.
Is anyone selling flutes to speed up the amount of eggs that appear in the daycare? I probably won't be able to afford one (I'll have to check its price) but I'm still interested regardless.

13 Days ago1 comment
Random thought: I'm wondering if PokeHeroes will ever make a full blooded fakemon one day; not just variants of existing mons. I'm a sucker for fakemon ^_^

13 Days ago2 comments



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