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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,417/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Feebas222,018 / 2,127
Feebas25931 / 2,575
Feebas24665 / 2,425
Magikarp (Blue)29583 / 3,264
Magikarp (Gray)24355 / 2,251

woahhhh sprites

by ErrorThePyromaniac

Eeveelution ^.^

by BulbaForLife their shop ^^

by MetalHeadKendra

by Hopelin her shop^^

yes i luv eevees

Amazing people

A special thanks to everyone who helped me in this game so i could progress even further

My awesome mentor and good friend

The one who gave me abt 100k pd so i could start my first shiny hunt

the person who gave me my first shiny pokemon



First ever hatched shiny Retro Cyndaquil

From rumbling,alolan sandshrew which i evolved to sandslash(89th os)

From fishing,a lanturn!!!

Second fishing shiny, skrelp!

Nugget hoarding

2,073/8,000 nuggets

I want to buy a premium so... ye

im buying nuggets

1,500pd for 1 nugget

pp/pm me if interested


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Corrish 20 Hours ago
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Shiny Hunt

BabyEevee22 is currently hunting Hippopotain.
Hunt started: 16/01/2019

Chain: 15

Badge Showcase

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #376664304
Registration: 01/10/2018 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 217:37 Hours
Total interactions: 165,210
Money: 287,257
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


By Iccywolf - 1 Day and 12 Hours ago.
Welp today makes the 15 year I’ve been single let’s do a little celebration *trumpets playing something so cool music* that’s right a giveaway kinda late but cool share #singlecauseican to win a *cool music* my LOVE!!!! and 300 nuggies ends on Monday
Today, 08:05
Magikarp (Calico) x1
Magikarp (Orange) x2
Magikarp (Pink) x2
Magikarp (Gray) x3
Magikarp (Purple) x1
Magikarp (White) x3
Magikarp (Blue) x3

for tdyy ok i guess
Today, 07:31
btw how do we see the site wide frequency of the new magikarps? i cant find the pokedex entry
Today, 07:03
interaction exchange pwease
1 Day ago
Giveaway by Blush:
"Welp because I so happened to get a Articuno in the spur of the moment this giveaway will also be in the spur of the moment
Ill be giving 250 nuggets to a random person and all you need to do to enter is share the hashtag #Articuno (the dead line will be on Feb the 20th )"
3 Days ago
By tiktok - 1 Day ago.
hi im doing another giveaway bc yes

just share #ElloGovners

thanks to a few users from a group called the Oumarmy run by RedRidingWolf1365 who have decided to pitch in and donate prizes to this giveaway, we have quite a bit.

Prizes: Pokemon from this box (contains events, shinies, mega-ables, etc.)
A bunch of gems
All of my boxes/keys and any that i manage to get before the giveaway is over

this totally isn't to promote the Oumarmy to get people to join, aha...

Ends at the end of the month
7 Days ago
By Aoba_Seragaki - 1 Day and 10 Hours ago.
Hello everyone!
My friend have a bad days...
So i wanna do sth
Gifts for somebody
Send for him gift or poke (idk xd) do what you want!

Share #giftsforsb
And write under this nice thing ^^ (if you ofcourse want)

REWARDS: (later will be more)

1- 150 nuggets
2- 120k
3- 2DG
4- 1star piece
5- some boxes and keys

REMEMBER: I will ask him who sent him something. if someone sends nothing he can not enter.
ENDS: 28 feb
HEHE: ofcourse if i get more things (nuggets, pd,DG,star pieces and other items) i will add them

Enjoy and good luck!
8 Days ago
By Latios736 - 2 Days ago.
yay another giveaway
Donate 2 psychic gems or 2 water gems for a chance to win these prizes
1. 500k PD
2. 2 things from my uft box (prioritized to 3)
3. 1 thing from my uft box
4. 50 nuggets
5. 5 random boxes and keys
6. 100 pd
More info: share the hashtag #plsineedgems to enter, and must do it or else I won’t count your donation. Of course I will check your profile before I accept. You can also enter multiple times with multiple gems, and you only have to share the hashtag once. Other than that, pls give me gems I’m poor
8 Days ago
By ~Original_Star~ - 1 Hour and 14 Minutes ago.
I said ill do this so here I am.
Valentines is coming up in like a week so lets do something.
Share this hashtag #PeepsForPeppers and say something about PH that makes you happy, it doesnt have to be super long, it can just be something like "I love the community here"
But you have to say SOMETHING.
The winner will get x5 of each gem aka the boiling set for a mega stone and x3 shiny trapinch. uwu
Ill put my little something in the comments.

Everyone i vry kind
8 Days ago
-_- its 1am here and im still awake cuz of chinese new year and i still hav to do meth hw and wake up at 6am :'(
9 Days ago
Shiny Corphish caught!

Whoopp Whoop
10 Days ago
By Potted_Nugget - 4 Hours and 30 Minutes ago.
By: Potted_Nugget
I be big bored...o(TヘTo)

Giveaway time...

Share #ThatTimeILostMoney with your best story on how you lost money (PH or RL) and ♥ this.

Prize: 200k PD
Ends: When the giveaway starts to die

I'll go first, I once found 20$ on the ground then lost 20$ at the mall. I was both sad yet relieved.

So i had no wallet and i bought bubble tea and i put the change in the bubble tea bag and ended up throwing it away when i finished drinking it :o but i suddenly remember so i went back to the trash can to get it lol
11 Days ago
By TimeKidRalsei - 3 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
Wanna win a Mareep(mega/able) evo set?
Just share the hashtag
#IWANTTHATSHEEP and comment in the original post(mine lol)
The prize is just what I said, Mareep(mega/able) evo set.
Giveaway Ends at Reset on Friday
Good luck!
11 Days ago
By SgamingFTW - 6 Hours and 47 Minutes ago.
Ummmm.. So Right Now Im On Some Drugs Because I Broke My Leg, Some Wacky Stuff Is Goin On Inside My Head, And Im Board, Sooooooo Ill just host a Giveaway, Prize is 50k Pokedollars, Share #Free50kPD and you'll have a chance to win! Ends 7:00 PM EST, GOOD LUCK
12 Days ago
By RastaPastaPanda - 1 Hour and 5 Minutes ago.
So I'm super inebriated and I'm super sorry if that's against the law BUT I have a hoppip at the auction for 1pd and its gonna be there for 24 HOURS!! I'm also going to have a 50k give away all u have to do is share #Hoppip and ur in the running. Winners will be drawn at reset when I'm sober. Thanks. Love y'all <3
12 Days ago

By arkidog - 17 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.
another giveaway bc yes
share the hashtag #kokichineedsmoreheadpats
for a chance to win either a shiny zebstrika or a shiny midnight lycanroc
2 winners will be picked tomorrow at reset
12 Days ago
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welp not much of a lag this time
14 Days ago
Your interactions:

There was sum lags but managed to get thru it
14 Days ago
By MetalHeadKendra - 7 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
#SaveTheWhales #BeatProfessorOak

Click on Samuel AND share this hashtag and I'll randomly choose a person at Server Time 20:00 to win a Mega-Able Lairon and 25,000 PD!
15 Days ago
Congratz that hunt must be tough
17 Days ago


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