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I love the sound of rain pouring down on the roof at work. It is so pretty! People start freaking out like they are actually sweet enough to melt in the rain, but other then that, it is awesome to watch through the windows.

5 Days ago3 comments
*snags tissues* I just put in a Dog's Purpose and gonna watch it for the first time.

5 Days ago4 comments
Eeeeeee!!!!! There is a coloring book, an adult coloring book, of my favorite book series. And I finally got it in the mail! Oh my god...I love how the characters are depicted. I love it! But...how will I bring myself to draw in it?! I don't think I can ever make it look as stunning as I want it to look...

6 Days ago4 comments
I don't have much, if any sympathy for beggars here on ph. Buckle down, work hard, and you can earn stuff. I did it. What makes you so special you get a free pass? Saying hello to me once does not make you an acquaintance, let alone a friend and definitely not my brother or sister. So if you beg, yeah, I am going to put in a report. As a favor to other users you may harass as well. Don't like it? Go re-read the rules. Still don't like it? Get off the site then. Just because you don't respect the rules doesn't mean you get to disrespect everyone on here. And certainly do not start cussing or using vulgar language. You will only break more rules. Remember, you attract more flies with honey then vinager. Being disrespectful and rude will get you no where.

11 Days ago5 comments
Anyone have any fairy gems? I've got a bunch of dragon gems I'd love to trade for Fairy gems. If anyone has a mega able or mega yorebro or evo for sale, I am making some serious offers on one.

16 Days ago0 comments
Oh, look at that...my third anniversary on Ph. Been a really interesting three years too. But I am happy with it. Met some amazing people who have changed my life. Who make me happy and smile.

19 Days ago6 comments
Not even two pages in and she already is plotting exactly what I wished she would! I love this character so much. I see so much of myself in her it sometimes scares me. But oh my gods! I am going to lose myself to it!

24 Days ago1 comment
I feel like I must be doing something wrong or my pokeradar is just busted at this point in the hunt. -_-

24 Days ago7 comments
Tormorrow the book I have been dying waiting for it to be released is finally released and getting delivered. I have hooked one of my best friends on this series as well. We are going to spend our day messenging each other back and forth with gif's, ridiculous messages and just hype until then. We both are barely up for today and already hyping each other up. Getting your friends hooked on your reading obsessions is a beautiful thing.

25 Days ago3 comments
So the mother of the kids I babysat got a full, uncut pineapple and bananas. The middle girl keeps trying to eat the bananas. So I put them up. As I did, I said, "I trust you won't try to eat the pineapple. It has spikes." She shook her head and said, "No, that's not why. There is a sponge that lives inside it." Took me half a second but I realized she meant spongebob squarepants.

1 Month ago4 comments
I hate dust jackets on books. Firstly, they get torn if you aren't careful. Then, if you are like me and are careful but love the book and reread it, over and over again, the seems start to get worn in places. So I take them off, put them in what I believe to be a safe place, only to lose them and the beautiful cover art, or they get squished by another book on accident! My poor books...that being said, I am taking off the dust jackets on these two books, have seriously safely stowed them, and shall do a full rereading of them in preparation for the third book, coming out in just 8 days!

1 Month ago9 comments
Anyone selling nuggets? I need 103. But if you have it, I would love to buy 150. Buying at 1.5k pd or I have some star prices and dragon gems to swap for them.

1 Month ago1 comment
I don't have writers block...I have the opposite. I have too many ideas all going at once, demanding to be written. But...I really, really want to write a gender bent beauty and the beast! So....maybe I'll short story that and if I need to, come back to it and embellish on it in later years.

1 Month ago0 comments
*happy dances*
In ten days, the third book to a series that has to be my utmost favorite (there are several high on the list but if I got to be one character it would be this character. Relate to this chick on a soul level) comes out. TEN DAYS! <3 And work, bless them, gave me the day after it is released off. I am locking myself away in my tower and binge reading it! By tower I mean my room...or living room...basically, I am not leaving the house until that book is read! The last book in the series was a good 500 pages and is quite the hefty book. I am hoping for more in this one. Sadly, there are another three in the series so three more years of waiting...

1 Month ago3 comments
Will we ever get an Easter torchic? Why do they have to all be bunnies? What about chicks?

1 Month ago8 comments
Interaction exchange?

1 Month ago2 comments
Ever get that feeling of wrongness after reading a book? One that left like a bad taste in your mouth? No? Yeah, me neither. But this one? No! I love that it didn't fall victim to many of the beauty and the beast retelling cliches but...come on man! She is all sorts of wrong for him! And her mother? I want to shake the poor guy and tell him to run for the hills! This version of Belle was just straight up mean, silly, and just...wrong! I love the idea of a gender bent story but this one was just no. If she is going to be the ugly on the inside kind of character then she should be cursed into a beast, not the prince. Poor guy was saintly, in my opinion! Even when he went to beg the villagers to help him save her! That scene was just...all sorts of wrong. *buries this retelling into the deepest corner of my book collection* and stay there!

1 Month ago4 comments
....I can defend this version of beast until I am blue in tbe face. But the wrath of this less then nice Belle that will ensue after he says "They're just books." I can not defend that. You are on your own for that. If you are going to make outrageous claims and say it like that, I can not and will not defend you for that. Everything else? I got his back. But not on this.

1 Month ago0 comments
This book makes me take a long hard look at the characters. It's a beauty and the beast retelling. In it, the poor beast, who has yet to be given a name other then Beast or Prince (losing points there), is 11 when his parents die. His coronation is coming up and the night before, Belle's mom, the enchantress, comes seeking shelter. Mind you, she is doing it to test him. He's 11. his parents just died. And he's taking over the kingdom. You'd be a little stressed and not yourself right? But she curses him, says he's a cruel, hateful little boy. Look here, lady, when I was 11, I was a little brat too. But I'm not anymore. At least, I try to be kind. So she curses him, turns him into a beast, leaves him with a picture that ages to look how he would if he wasn't a beast and then leaves him with no hope. Everyone forgets about him, his kingdom and the existence of magic. (continuing this rant in the comments.)

1 Month ago11 comments
I love it when people try to come into the store after we close. Then ask us if we are open tomorrow, Easter. Miss, I get two days off a yeah always. The first is Christmas and the second is Easter. Even my thanksgiving is dominated by work. Easter did not just pop out of no where. You knew it was coming. We are not robots they put on chargers in the back at the end of the day. I am a living human with a family and plans tomorrow. Yes, I realize I chose retail but I only choose it because your generation left mine this big mess to try to fix. If I could go to college and not end up broke and way in debt afterwards, I would.

1 Month ago5 comments


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