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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 2,153/13,939

Game Records

Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Feb/2019
Game Time: 3936:20 Hours
Total interactions: 2,277,072
Money: 1,579,050
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By ShinyUmbreonTrainer
Who wants a Festive Ralt/Kirlia/Gardivior
Giveaway to random people who share

Today, 02:370 comments
Returned interactions to all on my last feed.

Today, 00:020 comments

Faol wins--unopposed.

Yesterday, 22:031 comment

I need to get some movement going in my wrist, so here's a quick thing. There's 5 Jirachi up on GTS. At minimum, they cost 10k each.

For every additional 10k offered on a Jirachi, that is an extra ticket entry.
- If 3 ticket entries bought = Winner gets 2 sketches instead of 1
- If 5 ticket entries bought = Winner gets 3 sketches instead of 2, or an Avatar.

How to join:
1, Offer on a Jirachi.
2, Share the hashtag "WishForSketches" along with one Pokemon/character that you'd want drawn
3, Wait for the single winner to be drawn at 22:00 OS time.


Yesterday, 20:210 comments
Whoever keeps telling people that I’m selling Rare Candy need to STOP.

My shop is not selling Rare Candy. My About Me no longer states that I am selling Rare Candy. I am not selling Rare Candy.

Yesterday, 19:357 comments
On the matter of nicknames:
If someone tells you to not call them by that nickname, that's a sign that they shockingly don't want you to call them by that nickname.


Yesterday, 01:5616 comments
And the winner of the free sketch request is SK1911, for guessing 5,635.

My previous ranklist record was 5,611, after some user with the numbers in their username.

Until next time all!

Yesterday, 00:102 comments
Since this question seems to still elude people, I'm offering a free quick sketch request for the person with the closest guess, up or down from the actual number.

What was my Royal Tunnel record BEFORE my current ranking?

Comment your guess below in this feed. PMs and Palpad messages will be ignored. Ends at reset.

2 Days ago15 comments
By Innkyuu
Join my hashtag contest!

Hashtag to use: #InnkyuuRaffle1

Prize(s): 300,000 PD + 1 Dragon Gem + 1 breeding pair of Spring Ampharos

Additional requirements: Interact with my Jolteon by feeding him a berry! Post proof in the comments and repost this feed! The contest will end once he reaches lv. 200!

Click here to repost!

3 Days ago2 comments
jadeperks is looking for a Mega-Able Event, as am I.

[Mega] [Able] [Event] [Offers]

4 Days ago4 comments
Edited as MoltenSodiumChloride pointed out the hypocrisy in the previous feed.

PH Contest Definitions

Definitions on PH:

Give away
- the host gives away items or pokemon of worth without accepting currency, items, or Pokémon in exchange.

Raffle - a numbered ticket system where tickets can be purchased and the prize(s) given out to those that hold the specific ticket(s).

Lottery - the host accepts payment in some form to give participants a chance to win prizes. The more payment, the greater the chance to win.

4 Days ago4 comments
The problem with the "What's your Personal opinion of me ? Be as honest as you can be, I won't be hurt!" is that should there be a comment that is mean-spirited or too "brutally honest", the user who commented such a thing can be reported according to the rules. As "Pokeheroes should be a friendly community-based browsergame for every age".

At large, my response to the majority of the site's users is indifference. I've enough stress in my studies without needing to direct negative energy at users on here. Sorry, but that's the truth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Art orders will be completed "soon", but I will not take longer than the 22nd. Thank you to those that have been patient regarding the manner.

7 Days ago8 comments
TFW Ecco asks you a question about PH.

7 Days ago5 comments
Ayase is being swarmed with eggs from her daycare. #InteractionExchange ?

7 Days ago3 comments
By ImperialHound
Hrmmmmm okay let's do this :>

Share the Hashtag #ImperialSMRaffle and comment down below for a chance to win my Shiny Mega Scizor!

This raffle will end on Sunday at reset.

8 Days ago0 comments

Neimi was one of my favourite characters from Sacred Stones actually. I will protect the cinnamon roll (ง •̀_•́)ง

8 Days ago5 comments
Rule of friendship
If you are not acknowledged by the other to be a friend: you are not considered a friend by the other.

This rule is fairly accurate a majority of the time.

Do not presume familiarity with another person. Being friendly is DIFFERENT from being familiar.

10 Days ago2 comments



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