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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 4,498/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Noibat556 / 91
Noibat43 / 61
Noibat543 / 91

Shiny Hunt

Misfitz is currently hunting Noibat.
Hunt started: 12/12/2018

Chain: 83
(2 Shinies hatched so far.)


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LadyDemonaDarkwing 22 Hours ago
~Light~ 3 Days ago
LadyDemonaDarkwing 4 Days ago
LadyDemonaDarkwing 5 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #731949865
Registration: 08/07/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 23/Dec/2018
Game Time: 539:55 Hours
Total interactions: 307,691
Money: 903,089
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Mr. Mime

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By PokéRadar - 50 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Noibat hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #60)!
Yay just 2 more needed!

1 Day ago2 comments

So I met a lot of new PH friends this year, but 2 of them have helped me out so much this last year, and they are Lighty & LadyDemonaDarkwing.
Lighty initially helped me renew my premium while I was in the middle of a shiny hunt, she saved me on that hunt and I am forever grateful! I haven't been without premium since
LadyDemonaDarkwing is an amazingly kind person! If she has anything she doesn't need she always asks if I need it before selling it, if I need any sort of help she is always willing to help if she can! If I have any PH related questions she helps me find the answers, just an all around great friend to have on here

2 Days ago0 comments

I guess some nuggets would be nice so I could get premium for 1/2 a year

3 Days ago0 comments

This was a cute dea so I thought I'd throw my wish out there..

Dear Santabird, my PH wish this year, is that EVERYONE on this site has an amazing new year coming up, I wish that there were no more feeds about people being mean to one another, no more arguing over the petty things, and overall just get along better on site. Noobs and Alumni both! I've seen a lot of people close to quitting or who have quit because of rude/mean users, and my wish is for that to be non existant this next year <3
Always, Misfitz <3 Happy holidays everyone!

5 Days ago0 comments
Whelp so much for today's advent x_x... I despise and suck at the hangman game..

6 Days ago1 comment
I have 2 shiny evo lines up in gts. Binacle/Barbarcle & Ferroseed/Ferrothorn. Both lines have less than 40 on site! I'm looking for nuggets to renew my premium- 250 nuggets obo for EACH line. Let me know if you're interested!

7 Days ago0 comments

Alright, folks, it's time for the goodbyes. It's time for me to... WeedleOn.

I've finally reached my PD goals and then some and I want to share that with all of you so that one day you can reach those goals too. All I ask is that you interact with my precious Chicken nugget and share #WeedleOn

I'll be giving away 100,000 PD OR 67 nuggets (no preference please) to ANYBODY that shares. (don't forget your manners)

(also, I'm still taking weedle plushies)

(Share it button)

Thanks for the opportunity, hope all works out for you in RL!

7 Days ago0 comments
Interaction exchange? Woke up to 18 eggs in daycare again lol

8 Days ago3 comments
By CatCatCat
Since Christmas is coming up, I am going to give away 500,000 pokedollars!
The giveaway will end on December 26, 2018!
To enter: Please share the hashtag and if you do please please say the giveaway is being run by me!
The first 4 people to share the hashtag (Excluding me lol) gets a surprise gift!
Thank you!
And Good luck!
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9 Days ago0 comments

*Glances at comments*...yeah, it'll be some work but I think it will be worth it…

Alrighty, share #ItsRainingGems and get your share of 25 random gems or a free dragon gem (remember, please no stating a preference so it's fair for everybody.) I'll be distributing when the giveaway ends so please don't panic when you don't get it right away.Supplies are limited so share fast! First come, first served

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and don't forget to get me weedle plushies

9 Days ago0 comments
Wow woke up this morning to 17 eggs in daycare! :o could I get some interaction help? Comment here and I'll return the favor!

10 Days ago6 comments
By poptart88 - 9 Minutes and 18 Seconds ago.

I’m bored... which means... giveaway

How this works: every weekend I giveaway something (Dp, pokemon, PD) up until Christmas time, where I’ll giveaway something big, so you only need to share ONE TIME, and you’ll be entered every time, keep this post because in the comments I post what is being given away.

10 Days ago0 comments
You are warming the egg a bit.
It becomes warmer the longer you stroke it.

The egg raised by 97 EHP.


15 Days ago0 comments

My biggest achievement this year was leaving a job that made my life miserable and taking steps towards making something of my photography.

17 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Dewpider hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #52)!

Yay! Ask and ye shall receive! Lol <3

19 Days ago4 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Ferroseed hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #70)!
Congratulations! A shiny Ferroseed hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #73)!

Yet already got my two!

22 Days ago4 comments

About Me

So in short, I'm a 27 year old broke college student/ Photographer in need of a pokemon fix and no money to keep up with the 3DS games x_x.

I'm an extroverted introvert, it all depends on who I'm with.
I'm very empathetic, I cry during almost every movie if it has a sad scene and the actors are playing their parts well, and during just about every animated movie ever watched. To this day I can't watch Fox and the Hound because I cry too much and its one of my favorite movies! I feel bad when I squish a bug because I watched A Bugs Life when I was little and i was very impressionable and now believe that even bugs have feelings. *don't judge!* lol
I do not know how to respond to compliments, so please don't think I'm ungrateful for it, I just truly don't know what to say in response.
Animal lover all the way any and all types! Favorite animals - Giraffes & Leopards.
I don't watch a lot of anime, but there are a few I like: The Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, The Devil is a Part Timer (Thanks OtterKnowIt for that last one!)

And fair warning (sorry to those not warned before hand,) if you write me, there is a chance a may write a novel back depending on the conversation! Not intentionally, but it happens lol

Me in a big nutshell.

A little bit more cause I can't sleep x_x...
-I'm a nature photographer.
-I love my dog Gizmo! (He even sounds like a gremlin sometimes!) And my cat Fidget! (She's a brat lol)
-I am a bibliophile (book lover)
-A Pluviophile (rain lover)
-I am asexual. I'll take intellectual intimacy over physical any day! But I do like to cuddle and hug still too lol I also prefer my relationships to be with women, but I believe sexuality is fluid and will never count anything out completly as I don't know the future.
-Libra/Scorpio cusp (Oct24)
-I am very shy in person, not so much online, but still a little bit.
-I love to converse but my anxiety often doesn't let me properly. I am usually super nice and friendly! However; I also have depression and am bi-polar, therefore I do have a lot of moody days. I try my hardest not to project my bad mood onto anyone else though!
-I am single, probably forever thanks to the above mental instabilities x_x.
-I have loved pokemon since elementary school when we used to have battles during our after school recreation program!
-I have a lot of favorites, but a few are: Bayleaf, Umbreon, Flygon, Mew, Houndoom, Sudowoodo, Skorupi & Bellsprout. <3
-I am a Slytherin, but I promise not one of the bad ones!
And yeah. Me in a big bored nutshell lol

My Babies!