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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 1,695/5,083

Game Records

Trainer ID: #466331525
Registration: 07/11/2014 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1145:20 Hours
Total interactions: 289,275
Trainer Battle Stats: 8 won, 25 lost.
Money: 3,022,643
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


John Cena? More like Green Cena //jumps through the window x2

Today, 13:1310 comments
Hm, hm, is Prompto my tube cousin in some way then-

Yesterday, 13:237 comments
Google.exe stopped working

Well oops, the question was too hard

1 Day ago3 comments
I'm sitting in the car waiting for my parents to bring the luggage

we haven't even departed yet but I'm already dying

I mean- 8 hours in a car without moving

plus dad hates music on the radio station I like so it's always only at volume 5, which is pretty sad

rip Green

1 Day ago4 comments
Boii, have I said I've done a raid in the afternoon, no?
Well, it was an "easy" quilava with exactly 8085 CP (the other I saw but haven't joined also had 8085, perhaps 2nd stage starters are always like that) and my vaporeon boi Gladion ♡ (it's legit his name, I swear, because don't the yellow-ish fins match Gladion's bangs so pERFECTLY??) who has 2500 CP got him in less than half a minute, so don't worry about taking a super-effective pokémon that's 2000 or higher, it'll do good. I was the only person to fight, and in that time, score got me 11 premier balls. 1 failed throw, 1 razz and got it! Shame it turned out to have only 885 CP, so evo has around 1700, but it's stats are great, so keep! If you haven't participate in a raid before, I hope this info was somewhat helpful and prepared you a bit ´ 7`)

2 Days ago7 comments
Which one of my characters is your favorite and why? Pfft, it's totally not stolen. Smh, Nebbos don't have much info on them since I got them just today :'3

2 Days ago2 comments

I just tumbled one of mum's souvenirs made of glass while cleaning

from a shelf that's 2 meters high

but it didn't break

2 Days ago2 comments
Check out this suggestion by Maggie? I'd personally love to see it implemented!

3 Days ago0 comments
heck, some random dude I've never seen nor talked to before just sent me nudes over pal pad what

//slowly clicks report button :')

3 Days ago8 comments
Take a look at #CommunityGoal, please? <3

Boi, I don't have many DP, I'd better save some up :'3

3 Days ago0 comments
Sometimes I stalk the drama blog

but 99.9% of the time I'm lost in all those one-letter-nicknames

like, who on earth is F?? Fernsong? Flamey? Furret? Somebody's old username lmao?? idk

3 Days ago2 comments
Nishi is still looking for fire gems ♡

4 Days ago1 comment
somebody please explain Nishinoya what's left and what's right in this image

10 Days ago26 comments
Seriously, wouldn't a blondie with Gladion's bangs and my blue-ish eyes be totally precious?? ♡ you have totally no idea what's on my mind rn

18 Days ago3 comments
Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon? Oh yesss

//crosses tiny fingers for the "tell Aether family about Mohn" feature and more stuff to be able to do with Gladion ♡♡♡

20 Days ago11 comments
One of your eggs hatched into a Minior (Green Core)!

Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe not - but I sure ain't very brave :'v

1 Month ago1 comment
I'm a forgetful moron. I need this. Please don't judge :'v


1 Month ago25 comments
Hoii, anybody has an extra Type: Null on SM? I'm looking for a specific nature, nickname and stats though ;w;

Nature: Jolly
Perfect IVs in: HP, ATK, DEF, SP DEF, SPD
Nickname: Shiriai

Sorry if I'm asking much, but I really need it ;w;

4 Months ago0 comments



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