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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 67/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
538595,507 / 1,087,434
Lugia512 / 114
Bibarel17179 / 919
Trubbish14524 / 631
Ekans15175 / 721
Larvitar8188 / 271

About Me

Quest line find every Bleach and Naruto fan and add them


Little secret I like to give out random gifts sometimes :3
I'm often bored and lonely so I like to have friends who I can chat with and currently I have one When I get too bored I get a little crazy from the head but I'm a fun girl do be around. I have a bad past which has made me very emotional and do to that I get depressed easily. One more thing I'm bad at profile design I know I don't even why I posted my steam but well I did so why not tell what I play. I only play Tf2 that's all and it's where I'm on always
Love Dubstep. The character on my pfp is a Protogen……

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I'm girl and I'm taken though it's my first love. I'm 16

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nothing to see here

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #46919870
Registration: 29/04/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Jan/2019
Game Time: 982:51 Hours
Total interactions: 274,028
Money: 1,317,901
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Hey, Lunala!

How is the Wailord doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 54, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Wailord is on Level 111, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

1 Month ago1 comment
Hey, Lunala!

How is the Wailord doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 41, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Wailord is on Level 78, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

Remember that I'll reclaim my Pokémon this Sunday at 8AM. Its level has to be higher than Prof. Oak's Pokémon by then.
Please keep it in your Party or in one of your Storage Boxes in the meantime.

1 Month ago0 comments
Don’t you hate when you’re on Discord and a friend that you don’t know well suddenly starts to rp with you? I hate it and I don’t know what to do that kinda situations…

1 Month ago6 comments
Should I buy 6 month premium or 3 months premium with the flutes and stuff?

1 Month ago3 comments
*sees new event* Psshh I’m unprepared as always so not going to bother with Mew. Retro Articuno on the other hand? Yes please xD only reason why I’m doing the game

1 Month ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 9 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Combee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #27)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Wow that was fast!!

1 Month ago3 comments
I’m back!! Been away for awhile again xD playing other games

2 Months ago1 comment
Your otherworldly charisma keeps your friends close to you. Your imaginative ideas help you shine bright in a crowd. Your lucky number is 800.
Wait what xd Dammit All so I am possessed

4 Months ago3 comments
I'm back!! Sorry I was away for awhile again xD

4 Months ago1 comment
Your Pokémon recruited the following Pokémon on its mission:

Rattata (Alolan)shiny (Level 3)

5 Months ago2 comments
Neat rumble found A shiny Alolan Rattata

5 Months ago3 comments
Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance)
Um no thanks

5 Months ago1 comment

Mega Absol

5 Months ago0 comments
Your coin looks much larger than the all others!
(Increased mega-able chance)

Pretty sure that someone needs that more than me… I would've liked shiny change increase

5 Months ago2 comments
Shiny hunting myself with no premium is fun no it's not actually but well since I can't afford premium for a year. I just have to deal with it

5 Months ago4 comments


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