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Trainerlevel: 14

Trainerpoints: 321/601

Game Records

Trainer ID: #282176621
Registration: 30/07/2017 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 70:57 Hours
Total interactions: 14,040
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 20,199
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


and also this tiny font is not helping, okay who said that the font was a good idea i mean i dont even know who has such good eyesight but k

2 Months ago0 comments
i need a ctrl z in my life '-'

2 Months ago1 comment
Oh no, your chain of Eevee broke! A freshly hatched Petilil reset your PokéRadar!

rip lol

2 Months ago0 comments
wow a leaf stone wow

2 Months ago0 comments
i give up on the shiny hunt i admit my defeat i just cant get it

2 Months ago2 comments
Hey everyone, I am back from a big inactive munch. I've been inactive cause of exams and stuff, hopefully i haven't miss alot :p

2 Months ago1 comment
its been so long lol pretty sure no one knows i dug out of my grave

3 Months ago4 comments
i still don't know why i am still here when MeepTheMareep02 and Eeveezard are inactive nowaways haha

4 Months ago4 comments
"Hey, uhm... I hate to say, but... Your deposit is depleted. Could you please spend me a visit and give me some more Pokédollar so I can continue taking care of your Pokémon?



4 Months ago0 comments
no worries im back just examz

4 Months ago0 comments
"Your Light Stone Disappeared" tch chose wrongly

4 Months ago0 comments

5 Months ago0 comments
"Are the Eeveelutions Cats or Dogs? "

None of the above.

5 Months ago4 comments
"Hey, my name is May and I'm from the Hoenn-Region!
In a few days, the big Berry Battle starts here at the Emera Square! All trainers of this town are invited to participate. All you will need are some berries and the diligence to be the best!

We are still busy with last preparations, so please come back later"

so it wasnt fake.

5 Months ago0 comments

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

5 Months ago1 comment
Eeveezard thinks blackouts are cool. Not until it is night

5 Months ago6 comments
so um there was a blackout in my classroom and my classmates couldnt take things seriously and screamed "Hantu" (malay for ghost) well i aint taking anything seriously either then. (and when i mean black out i mean the whole 12'o clock it was all dark and even if the lights were on they were not)

5 Months ago6 comments
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm school shall be over

5 Months ago3 comments
Okay i now have faith in this game. yesterday I was just stressing about premium xD

5 Months ago0 comments



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cause life is so much better when u spend it online my life is a joke its true lol

please give a hug to MeepTheMareep02 and Eeveezard their awesome ^^

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I am a Artist. I draw Pokemon as a hobby and I adore Jirachi.

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