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Forum Thread

Design for the user above! (V2)

Forum-Index Fanmades Design for the user above! (V2)
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 00:56 (7 Months ago)
Design a Character for the user above you!

oh hey, the old thread is dead so here's a remake! it's simple, design a character for the user above you!

Quote from rules- no art theft!! like stealing someone else's OC and passing it off as your own
- don't spam! or if there's spam, don't respond, i'll get a mod to delete :0
- please don't just abandon your character drawing, i get it if something comes up but please contact me if that happens! if you just leave after claiming that's a s c a m
- if you don't finish by 6/7 days I'll PM your with a reminder :0
- any art is accepted! just put effort into it-- but please don't use pixel art for the ref! it's hard to draw off of ):
- if you think someone isn't putting effort into this palpad me (or if i have a thread mod--)
- "i had no time" isn't an excuse. you have plenty of time.
- the time frame is up to 2 weeks after a claim
- breaking any of these results in a warning, after breaking three rules you're banned from the thread ):
- please don't claim multiple at once lmao

- don't trace either, that's still art theft and punishable by an actual mod
- add extra design ideas so the thread doesn't die! it was said in an actual post somewhere but its a rule now owob
- please don't give ideas that could be particularly offensive to some - for example, a 'lesbian' colored turtwig should not be asked. you could use the color palette of the lesbian pride flag(can i have a [insert pride flag colors here as i cant distinguish between like two of the shades] turtwig?)

- new rules in

Quote from example of a postuser A: i'd love a flareon sona!
user B: Claim!
EDIT: [link to the sona]

Quote from guide to a good design by Lizzagna
the spoiler code is the only thing that keeps it small idk why lmao

Quote from warned & banned:v
current and past bans
Steampunk_Rose - 2 week ban [served]
Nayoung - 2 week ban (as of 2/4/18)
noelfigur3oa - permanent ban


Quote from delayed for good reason

to start off, any sort of pokesona would be :ok_hand:

Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 01:03 (7 Months ago)
Claim yaya

I would like a furry that’s unique-

Doesn’t even need to be a mammal


|Sorry, I’m gay|
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 01:04 (7 Months ago)
[I can draw the furry! Oof]
Edit 2: s orry it took so long!
Uh if it's okay to request one as well- I may be doing this wrong and it makes me feel dumb- a monster of some sort would be cool? Go all out! Multiple limbs, eyes, etc. would be awesome- thanks!
Sorry if I sound picky-
Edit: sorry if this seems like too much as well,, aha
I never change this

click the image above to go to my toyhou.se
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 01:08 (7 Months ago)
can i try?

i hmmm would like a vaporeon ovo a cute or gracious one
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 07:54 (7 Months ago)
Claim Claim!!
EDIT!! Just to clear up, its music themed! It's scales are piano keys but that was kinda hard to make ^^'
Can I have a spoopy dratini but it also be cute? Thanks :00c
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 07:55 (7 Months ago)


I'd like a fluffy Pichu Pokesona!

Hidden so deep

In veils of deceit

Imprisoned in twisting spells

Are we the plaything of fiends,

or merely the dreams

That we're telling ourselves,

telling ourselves?
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 09:17 (7 Months ago)

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I can redo some parts or..change things if you wish, rip-

I would like to have a Pikachu or Pichu to one of the following themes: Circus; Liquids; Mad-Hatter; Steampunk; Music; Dieselpunk; Magic or Beach

Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 09:59 (7 Months ago)

Totally beach themed yes :3c
beach shark boy

More info: His fur is darker because he is a melanistic pikachu. Owns a huge shark plush and likes fish. A good boy protect him.

I have no clue...Autumn themed pokemon design
you choose the pokemon (not pikachu or a legendary though)
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 11:12 (7 Months ago)

How about a Primarina with Sylveon and Vaporeon features??
Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 12:58 (7 Months ago)
I'll try and make it good! { Since it'll be on paper for now }


Maybe a Miltank with a Magic Wand could be great ^^
You feel a disturbing something at the end of this signature. . .

Posted: Thu, 16/11/2017 15:48 (7 Months ago)
Oooh, I'd love to try ropet's! It'd have to be traditional because I'm going on vacation :0

EDIT: oh nooooo miltank are hard to draw

A gijinka, maybe? Or if not, some sort of spooky character :v

credit to nezumi
tomatoes are smoothies and you can't prove me wrong

previously towoma

Posted: Fri, 17/11/2017 02:41 (7 Months ago)
Claim, I love spooky things!

An incubus character maybe? Or, if not, just any kind of demon!

Hidden so deep

In veils of deceit

Imprisoned in twisting spells

Are we the plaything of fiends,

or merely the dreams

That we're telling ourselves,

telling ourselves?
Posted: Fri, 17/11/2017 15:27 (7 Months ago)
Baby bubble dragon? :0

Posted: Fri, 17/11/2017 16:25 (7 Months ago)
Cute! Claim


Anything with shiny mawile in it, it can be a fusion or a different design. I just want to be able to have an original mega mawile Pokésona :0
Posted: Sat, 18/11/2017 17:52 (7 Months ago)


any eeveelution design!
Posted: Sat, 18/11/2017 18:07 (7 Months ago)
claim plissu! XD
Edit: I tried, and i don't think my art is that good, so i added a version with a palette (it's not transparent though)

i'd love a rabbit! (fluffy, lop ears preffered. My favorite colours are Black, Blue (any shade), Red and Purple if that helps - i also like blue-green/seafoam/mint in designs) and maybe a cute scarf too? (that's optional! XD) sorry if this is too much
Posted: Sat, 18/11/2017 19:06 (7 Months ago)
Ye ye clam

Spoopy Togetic or Ivysaur?
Posted: Sat, 18/11/2017 22:50 (7 Months ago)

cute pokemon turned creepy would be nice!
Posted: Sun, 19/11/2017 09:59 (7 Months ago)
Edit(Slight gore)

A godess kirlia maybe?(I'll love you if she has ivy on her hair)
Jellycat Armyyy

by walu
Posted: Sun, 19/11/2017 12:39 (7 Months ago)
I'll try that!~

How about a black dragon with orange eyes and crystals?