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✧ Nymphrasis's Diary ੧(❛▿❛✿) ✧

Forum-Index Diaries ✧ Nymphrasis's Diary ੧(❛▿❛✿) ✧
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Posted: Sat, 12/08/2017 18:34 (1 Year ago)

I'm Nymphrasis and
welcome to my fancy le
Diancie diary (˘▿˘✿)

I advise for you to
not post here ੧(❛▿❛✿)

Created by Sansica

Within this diary I will be sharing random informations, opinions, and so forth ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ).

I am just a lone pringle that loves to meme around and try to be social with the peepos I come across ٩ʕ◕౪◕ʔو.
I enjoy gaming and drawing art during my free time. But my most favorite thing to do of all times is sleeping (^▿^✿).

I truly don't mind if people wish to get to know me!
I honesty accept chatting and answering questions ( And vice versa ) to get to know one another <(• u •<).

Name: Briana

Bee Bee
Cheese Cake
Age: 20
DOB: February 8th
Biromantic & Asexual

Created by Sansica

Favorite Pokemons

Favorite Legendaries

Favorite Regions
Favorite Types
QuoteTop 5 Favorite Pokemon Games
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Explorers of Sky
Pokemon Ranger, Guardian Signs
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokemon Moon

Favorite Animals
Red Pandas
Sugar Gliders
Favorite Colors
Light Pink
Sky Blue
Favorite Mythicals
Favorite Instruments

Favorite Flowers
Bleeding Heart
Cherry Blossom
Ghost Orchid
Lily of the Valley
Middlemist Red
Favorite Gemstones
Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Obsidian
Titanium Quartz

QuoteTop 6 Favorite Themes for Characters
Sweets / Food
Nature / Forest
Horror ( Nothing cheesy. Mostly horrifying, aka quality horror )
Ice / Frozen
Water Body
Pastel Aesthetics

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Posted: Mon, 14/08/2017 17:06 (1 Year ago)

Financial Reminder

Quote from Nymphrasis ---
imanaturalblue: One "free" custom ~ Offer on a Eevee adopt.
• One fullbody art of Scarlett ~ shiny Raichu, shiny Cloyster, and shiny Steelix ( Paid )
• One artwork of Orion and another of Pandora ~ 670 Nuggets ( Paid )
• A custom of a Volcarona moon theme with Iblis colors~ ??? ( Paid )
• Two Ralts ( Base on their mother but with small wings and no bite marks) and maybe a Flabebe / Phantump custon ~ Yungoos, Gumshoo, Rockruff, Remoraid, Octillery, Cascoon, Wurmple, and 200 nuggets ( Paid )
• Fullbody art of Aster or Iblis ~ 350k PD ( Paid )
• Fullbody art of Michael and Matthew ~ Shiny Burmy, shiny Shellder, and 250k PD ( Paid )
• Fullbody art of Carmella ~ 150 Nuggets ( Paid )
• Fullbody art of Leonardo or Ivory ~ 170k PD ( Paid )
• Some Gracidea Flowers ~ 200 Nuggets + Shiny Butterfree + Shiny Metapod + Shiny Kangaskhan ( Paid )

JadeING: Three customs ( Beta Girafarig, Ampharos / Garchomp Fusion, and Angel Cake Gallade ) ~ 500k PD ( Paid )

DA Version Financial Reminder

Quote from Nymphrasis ---
DrawTheYandere: One bouncy pixel pagedoll of Ellarian ~ Accepted ~ 100 Points ( Pay Later )
MrBoogiexxx: One chibi of Ellarian ~ Accepted ~ 100 Points ( Paid )
Nyananyan: One blinking headshot of Ellarian ~ Accepted ~ 15 Points ( Paid )

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Posted: Wed, 23/08/2017 01:43 (1 Year ago)

Pokeheroes Achievements

Quote from Nymphrasis Obtain and hatch an Articuno on Riako's Birthday ( 2016 ).
Made it to 10th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( August 22nd, 2017 )
Made it to 9th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( August 28th, 2017 )
Made it to 8th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( August 30th, 2017 )
Made it to 7th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( September 19th, 2017 )
Hatch a Shiny Retro Taillow ~ 8th On Site ( September 24th, 2017 )
Obtain my first Gold Medal ~ Coin Flip ( October 1st, 2017 )
Made it to 6th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( October 25th, 2017 )
Hatch a shiny Mega-able ( Riolu ) ( November 10th, 2017 )
Made it to 5th place on "Most Pokemon" ranklist ( November 27th, 2017 )
Obtain my second Gold Medal ~ Most Berries Fed ( January 30th, 2018 )
Obtain my third Gold Medal ~ Most Berries Fed ( February 15th, 2018 )
Obtain a Retro Lugia.
Obtain first on site shiny retro Venusaur.


Quote from Nymphrasis Obtain enough Fighting Gems to hatch a shiny mega-able Riolu. ( Mega Banana Anubis ).
Obtain enough Normal Gems to hatch a shiny Ditto.
Hoard a total of 1,000 Absols ( A whole storage filled with only Absols ).
Try to obtain both a shiny and mega-able Easter Buneary with my own OT ( Hopefully even a shiny mega-able ).
Reach number one on the "Most Pokemon" ranklist.
Obtain two shiny Latias and two shiny Latios with my own OT. Collect 200+ Enigma Stones.
Obtain artwork of each of the Legendary Pokemon for character ideas ( Whether it be commissions or adoptables ).
• Articuno [ ]
• Zapdos [ ]
• Moltres [ ]
• Mewtwo [ ]
• Mew [ √√√ ]
• Raikou [ ]
• Entei [ ]
• Suicune [ ]
• Lugia [ ]
• Ho-oh [ ]
• Celebi [ ]
• Regirock [ ]
• Regice [ ]
• Registeel [ ]
• Latias [ ]
• Latios [ ]
• Kyogre [ ]
• Groudon [ ]
• Rayquaza [ ]
• Jirachi [ √√√ ]
• Deoxys [ ]
• Uxie [ ]
• Mesprit [ ]
• Azelf [ ]
• Dialga [ ]
• Palkia [ ]
• Heatran [ ]
• Regigigas [ ]
• Giratina [ ]
• Cresselia [ √ ]
• Phione [ ]
• Manaphy [ ]
• Darkrai [ ]
• Shaymin [ √√ ]
• Arceus [ √√ ]
• Victini [ √√ ]
• Cobalion [ ]
• Terrakion [ ]
• Virizion [ ]
• Tornadus [ ]
• Thundurus [ ]
• Reshiram [ ]
• Zekrom [ ]
• Landorus [ ]
• Kyurem [ ]
• Keldeo [ ]
• Meloetta [ ]
• Genesect [ ]
• Xerneas [ √√ ]
• Yveltal [ √√ ]
• Zygarde [ √ ]
• Diancie [ ]
• Hoopa [ ]
• Volcanion [ ]
• Tapu Koko [ ]
• Tapu Lele [ ]
• Tapu Bulu [ ]
• Tapu Fini [ ]
• Lunala [ ]
• Solgaleo [ ]
• Magearna [ ]
• Marshadow [ ]

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Posted: Thu, 24/08/2017 04:11 (1 Year ago)

Code Preparation for Any Future Contests

In Plan ( For My Use Only )

Code 1#: Design Reference Contest

[quote=Nymphrasis][color=DeepPink][right][img]https://image.prntscr.com/image/LNnQ-q6rTCO7jVMi8twk8w.gif[/img][/right][left][i]Hello, hello.
I'm Nymphrasis and I am seeking for a particular elf art ٩ʕ◕౪◕ʔو!

But it's not just any simple ol' art! What I am seeking is a full on
character reference sheet! One that contains a front view, side view,
back view, color palette, eyes, outfits, ect!

There is just one itty, bitty catch to this little design contest:[/left]

[center]Only [u]one[/u] artist will be able to win.[/center]

[left][size=8]Credit goes to my [url=https://twitter.com/catsshenanigans]friend[/url] for the image at the right ♡♡♡[/size][/left]
[quote=Nymphrasis][center][size=16][b][color=DeepPink][u]♡ Rules ♡[/u][/color][/b][/size][/center]

[Color=DeepPink]❥[/color] [color=#C45AEC]Please use and properly fill in the provided form❣[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]Traditional artwork is not allowed❣ Digital artwork is very highly preferred❣[/color]
[Color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]Yes, you are allowed to set in a placeholder❣
But I highly suggest that you have intentions of actually making the artwork, instead of just doing nothing. Best not to enter if you happen to be busy of some sort.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]You are not allowed to heavily reference off of someone elses artwork ( This includes official artworks as well ), using any form of bases ( It needs to be your own work❣ ), tracing, and just blatantly stealing someone elses artwork ( Thus claiming it as your own. Which is a big no-no ). If I or someone else ( And later informs me about it ) finds out that you've done one of these... Wel... You will first receive a warning. If you do this kind of act again, then you WILL be disqualified.[/color]
[Color=DeepPink]❥[/color] [color=#C45AEC]Please do not be lazy with your art entry ( Examples: Half colors, colors over the lines, messy line work, scribble coloring, sketchy coloring, ect ). They will not be qualified.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]Absolutely [u]no[/u] chibis and stick figures.[/color]
[Color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]Please do not start any problematic situation(s) between me and / or the contestants, if you happen to lose. You can still keep the piece, if it didn't make the cut. Hell, you have the choice to sell it off. Just please suck it up and move on.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]You are allowed to submitted more than once, if you have a different variation in mind. Just note that only one of your pieces might have a chance to win.[/color]
[Color=DeepPink]❥[/color] [color=#C45AEC]If your entry is not a character reference sheet ( If you don't know what that means, then I suggest searching "[b]Oc Reference Sheet[/b]" on DeviantArt to help give you the general idea ), then it will not be qualified.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]There are no limitations to the size of your canvas.
But a background is require ( Just please don't add in any neon colors, as it's just unpleasant to the eyes and removes focus of the character )❣[/color]
[Color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]Stick with what is requested. Anything labeled as "Optional" is your choice on whether or not you want to include within the artwork.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]Do not add in any information of your own within the sheet ( Character information. Example being name or a short bio description ). I've already have plans for the character ( I have an old character sheet that does need to be rewritten at some point ).[/color]
[Color=DeepPink]❥[/color] [color=#C45AEC]Quality over quantity❣[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]Upon submitted art entry ( Meaning that your entry must have artwork to receive this ), they will receive 10k PD. If I happen to miss yours, please contact me either through Pal-Pad or Private Messages.[/color]
[Color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]Once the winners has been announce, the prizes will be distributed immediately. The winner will be notified privately that they have won and that their prizes has already been sent through their gifts.[/color]
[Color=#C45AEC]❥[/color] [color=DeepSkyBlue]All Pokeheroes rules apply! ( The password is: "I took an arrow to the knee❣" )[/color]

[left][quote][center][b][size=12][Color=DeepSkyBlue]Basic Information on What To Draw[/color][/size][/b]
[color=DeepPink][b]Species:[/b] Forest Elf
[b]Age Group:[/b] Young Adult

[b]Height:[/b] 5'11" 
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Body Type[/b]: Athletic

[b]Hair Length & Style:[/b]
Short, Bobcut ( Lower length is messy )
[b]Hair Line:[/b] 
Short & messy
[b]Hair Color ( Undecided ):[/b] 
Light Brown / Copper
[b]Ear Type:[/b] 
Elves ( Long-Eared )
[b]Eye Color ( Undecided ):[/b] 
Emerald / Forest Green / Sea Green
[b]Skin Color ( Undecided ):[/b] 
Very Fair or Light Neutral ( [url=i.pinimg.com/236x/b7/6e/bb/b76ebbc629036c7914a91ba6fe8cf0a1--beige-blonde-hair-color-shades-of-blonde-hair.jpg]Link[/url] )

[b]Main Outfit:[/b] 
❥ ??? ( Your choice on how you want the outfit to look.
Outfit appearance must fit for the Archer class )

[b]( Optional ) Additional Outfit:[/b]
❥ Anything that fits the Elven /
Forest theme. Winter Clothing is an exceptional.

[b]( Optional ) Weapon(s):[/b]
❥ A Dagger ( Your choice of the design, but it must follow the Elven and / or Forest Type Theme )
❥ A Longbow ( Your choice of the design, but it must follow the Elven and / or Forest Type Theme )

[b]( Optional ) Pet(s):[/b]
❥ Red Panda ( Male ) ~ Separate Image Reference for this one

[b]( Optional ) Trinkets:[/b]
❥ A Glass Jar Containing a Small Fire Beast / Fire with a face ( Must stick with the normal flames. Not blue, green, ect )
❥ Quiver
[quote][center][size=12][b][color=DeepPink][u]♡ The Majestic Prizes ♡[/u][/color][/b][/size]

[color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]2,000 Nuggets[/color]
[color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]2,500,000 Pokedollars[/color]
[color=DeepSkyBlue]❥[/color] [color=DeepPink]Virizion

[b][u]Deadline:[/u][/b] ??? - Reset Time, 0:00[/color]
[size=12][b][color=DeepPink]♡ Form ♡[/color][/b][/size]
[~code][quote][color=DeepPink][Center][size=12][b][i]Hey Nymph, I want to enter![/i][/b][/size][/Center]
[b][u]Art Entry:[/u][/b] [Spoiler][Img]Insert Your Artwork Here[/Img][/Spoiler]
[quote][left][b][size=14][Color=DeepPink]Participants[/color][/size][/b][/left] [right][b][size=14][color=Deeppink]Entries[/color][/size][/b][/right]

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Posted: Sat, 02/09/2017 20:54 (1 Year ago)

Shiny Mega Lucario Hunt Log

( August 30th, 2017 )

Chain 4# Shiny
Chain 30# Mega
Chain 76# Shiny
Chain 84# Mega
Chain 95# Mega
Chain 122# Shiny
Chain 133# Mega
Chain 175# Shiny
Chain 207# Shiny
Chain 276# Shiny
Chain 298# Mega
Chain 313# Shiny
Chain 368# Shiny
Chain 369# Shiny
Chain 386# Shiny
Chain 394# Shiny
Chain 399# Shiny
Chain 419# Shiny
Chain 437# Shiny
Chain 438# Shiny
Chain 454# Shiny
Chain 462# Shiny
Chain 466# Shiny
Chain 471# Mega
Chain 521# Mega
Chain 533# Shiny
Chaun 537# Shiny
Chain 625# Shiny
Chain 657# Shiny
Chain 680# Shiny
Chain 684# Mega
Chain 729# Shiny
Chain 813# Shiny
Chain 822# Shiny
Chain 828# Shiny
Chain 938# Shiny
Chain 949# Mega
Chain 998# Shiny
Chain 1009# Shiny
Chain 1,014# Mega
Chain 1,033# Shiny
Chain 1,041# Shiny
Chain 1,042# Shiny
Chain 1,117# Shiny
Chain 1,125# Shiny
Chain 1,136# Mega
Chain 1,149# Shiny
Chain 1,232# Shiny
Chain 1,274# Shiny
Chain 1,293# Shiny
Chain 1,305# Shiny
Chain 1,347# Mega
Chain 1,364# Shiny
Chain 1,375# Shiny
Chain 1,393# Shiny
Chain 1,436# Shiny
Chain 1,437# Shiny
Chain 1,486# Shiny
Chain 1,531# Mega
Chain 1,604# Shiny
Chain 1,627# Shiny
Chain 1,662# Mega
Chain 1,737# Shiny
Chain 1,759# Shiny
Chain 1,770# Shiny
Chain 1,786# Shiny
Chain 1,788# Shiny
Chain 1,810# Shiny
Chain 1,818# Mega
Chain 1,826# Shiny
Chain 1,837# Shiny
Chain 1,850# Shiny
Chain 1,865# Shiny
Chain 1,872# Mega
Chain 1,873# Shiny
Chain 1,875# Shiny
Chain 1,877# Shiny
Chain 1,945# Shiny
Chain 1,950# Shiny
Chain 2,060# Shiny
Chain 2,084# Mega
Chain 2,100# Shiny
Chain 2,113# Shiny
Chain 2,132# Mega
Chain 2,241# Shiny
Chain 2,246# Shiny
Chain 2,263# Shiny
Chain 2,288# Shiny
Chain 2,306# Shiny
Chain 2,382# Shiny
Chain 2,407# Mega
Chain 2,408# Shiny
Chain 2,469# Mega
Chain 2,477# Shiny
Chain 2,478# Mega
Chain 2,495# Shiny
Chain 2,519# Shiny
Chain 2,551# Shiny
Chain 2,580# Shiny
Chain 2,588# Shiny
Chain 2,610# Shiny
Chain 2,622# Mega
Chain 2,642# Shiny
Chain 2,646# Mega
Chain 2,683# Shiny
Chain 2,684# Shiny
Chain 2,696# Mega
Chain 2,715# Mega
Chain 2,725# Shiny
Chain 2,751# Shiny
Chain 2,763# Mega
Chain 2,778# Shiny
Chain 2,828# Mega
Chain 2,832# Shiny
Chain 2,856# Shiny
Chain 2,864# Shiny
Chain 2,869# Shiny
Chain 2,912# Shiny
Chain 2,938# Mega
Chain 2,953# Mega
Chain 2,959# Mega
Chain 2,994# Mega
Chain 3,014# Mega
Chain 3,043# Shiny
Chain 3,054# Shiny
Chain 3,082# Mega
Chain 3,086# Shiny
Chain 3,092# Shiny
Chain 3,101# Shiny
Chain 3,133# Mega

Chain 3,161# Shiny Mega!!!

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Posted: Sun, 17/09/2017 03:55 (1 Year ago)

Summons Collection

Adamant Orb: 0x in Stock
Dark Stone 0x in Stock
Emerald: 0x in Stock
Enigma Stone: 5x in Stock
Frozen Lava: 0x in Stock
Griseous Orb: 0x in Stock
Light Stone: 0x in Stock
Lustrous Orb: 0x in Stock
Magma Stone: 0x in Stock
Red Lunar Wing: 0x in Stock
Resolute Stone: 2x in Stock
Ruby: 0x in Stock
Sapphire: 0x in Stock
Star Pieces: 0x in Stock
White Powder: 0x in Stock
Yellow Lunar Wing: 1x in Stock

May potentially be used as offers for adoptables I may come across ( Or use for a different plan ) ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

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Posted: Tue, 03/10/2017 07:06 (1 Year ago)

Adopts Bidding Tracklist

Quote✿ ---

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Posted: Wed, 01/11/2017 11:34 (1 Year ago)

Moved to here

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Posted: Sat, 11/11/2017 16:36 (1 Year ago)

Pokemon Revolution Online Shinies


Red Server ( 5 )

• Arbok
• Persian
• Rattata
• Slowpoke
• Zubat


Blue Server ( 3 )

• Crobat
• Raticate
• Rattata


Yellow Server ( 0 )

None: Never even started.

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Posted: Mon, 13/11/2017 01:10 (1 Year ago)
( Removed )

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Posted: Mon, 18/12/2017 04:36 (1 Year ago)
Art To-Do List

Pixel Art

✿ A simple pixel gif of ???
✿ A simple pixel gif of Azmo
✿ A simple pixel gif of Ambrosia
✿ A simple pixel gif of Snowdrop
✿ A simple pixel gif of Yachiru
✿ A pixel art of Candy
✿ Dancesu for Eeveekyu
and NoctisLucisCaelum
✿ Pixel art collab of mine and
Sansica's Pokesonas
Fullbody Art

✿ Create full character sheet of Eruthea
✿ A drawing of Evangeline
✿ Create a close species that involves an eye tail.
✿ A large, Pokesona group art ( Friends only )
✿ A cutesy group art of the staff + admin.
✿ Introduction post for my blog, aka
✿ Vulpix / Eevee Fusion
✿ Draw Ace, Alexander, and
Gacheru playing poker.


✿ Braixen / Smeargle Fusion
✿ Aurorus / Meganium Fusion
✿ Meowstic / Persian Fusion
✿ An anthropomorphic, fox witch
Animated Gif

Mono is both dancing and doing a dab.


✿ Create several flags for

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Posted: Thu, 22/02/2018 08:47 (10 Months ago)
( Removed )

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Posted: Sat, 28/04/2018 00:47 (8 Months ago)
( Removed )

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Posted: Wed, 11/07/2018 02:10 (6 Months ago)

Title: Medieval Banners ~

★ Categories ★

Quote from Category 1A Summer Sawsbuck.
Can either be just the head or the entire body.
Must be on the center of the banner.
Each corners of the banner are surrounded by a golden rose design.
The background color is your choice. But it must suit well towards the Blooming Valley theme.
( OPTIONAL ) Above the antlers of the Sawsbuck is a sun design.
Free to add more into this.

Quote from Catergory 2An Altaria.
Must be a fullbody.
Can either be a black out silhoutte or colored silhoutte.
Can either be normal form or mega.
The banner needs to appear more torn, batter up, and scratch up.
The wings should be open wide, while behind the silhoutte shpuld have a blazing sun.
The background color can be your choice, but it must represent the Cloud Kingdom theme.
Free to add more into this.

Quote from Category 3A Hydreigon.
Can either be just the head or a fullbody. If you select the first option, you must include the other two heads from Hydreigon's arms.
Must appear more like a skeleton.
Follow an eerie, scary theme. Adding blood is allowed.
The background color can be your choice, but it must fit the Distortion Spirit theme.
Free to add more into this.

Quote from Category 4Kyurem.
Must include at least two Kyurem. No more, no less.
Both can either be a silhoutte or not.

Both are circling one another, forming similary into a sort of Yin-Yang.
You have the option to make them black and white or have them remain to their original colors.
The background color can be your choice. But it must suit towards the Glacier theme.
Free to add more into this.

Quote from Category 5A Primarina.
Can either be a colored silhoutte or remain as it is.
Have it hold a jug and pouring down the water. Similar to a Aquarius.
It can be a regular or a shiny.
The background color is your choice. But it must suit well towards the Glistening Sea theme.
Free to add more to it.
Quote from Category 6A Moltres or a Entei.
A add whatever you like category, just as long as it suits to a Fire / Magma theme.
Quote from Category 7A Vikavolt.
Can either be a colored silhoutte or remain the way it is.
Must show its back or belly side.
Fullbody only.
Behind it, on the center of the background are two swords forming an X.
The background color is your choice. But it must suit well towards a Bug type theme.
Free to add more into it.
Quote from Catergory 8A Cresselia and Darkrai.
Must be a Silhoutte.
The flag is basically four squares. The top left square contain the symbol of the sun. The top right contain the silhoutte of a Cresselia. The bottom left contain the silhoutte of a Darkrai. And the bottom right contain the symbol of the moon.
The top left and bottom right squares are light blue, while the symbols are white.
The top right and bottom left squares are while, while the silhouttes are light blue.
Quote from Category 9A Raikou.
Can be a colored silhoutte or just the way it is.
Must appear determined and roaring proudly. Its head looking upwards.
A lightning strike from the background.
The background appears more like stormclouds.
[ OPTIONAL ]Have it stand from the top of a cliff.
Quote from Cafegory 10A free for all category. Only rule is to make it be base on a sweet / dessert theme and a must to include a Pokemon ( You are allow to add in more ). And yes, you are allow to make the Pokemon look more like a dessert.
Quote from category 11Another free for all category. Only rule is to make it more of a space theme and include a Lunala and / or Solgaleo.
Quote from Category 12An Arceus. But should be base on this Arceus
Underneath the legs is surrounded by a path of Gracidea flowers.
Each of the four corners are surrounded by Gracidea flowers, while it lines down a vine of smaller Gracidea flowers ( Connecting to each corners ).
The background color is your choice.
Free to add more into it.
Quote from Category 13A free for all. Only rule is the only Pokemon you can include in this is a Giratina

★ Prizes ★

Deadline: ???

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Posted: Sun, 15/07/2018 17:20 (6 Months ago)

Title: Future Character Design Contest ~ WIP


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Posted: Wed, 08/08/2018 05:43 (5 Months ago)

Title: WIP (ง◕ᗜ◕)ง

Hello! I'm Nymphrasis and welcome to another one of my
design contest (◕ᗜ◕)!

This contest will contain both the details and information
you need to know!
As we go further along, you'll understand about both the rules
and what you'll need to do.
Easy, right? Now let us move along to the contest ヽ(。◁˚)ノ!

★ Rules ★

Please properly use the form. Placeholders are acceptable.
Do not trace, recolor, use a base, or steal another person artwork. It needs to be 100% drawn by you. If not, you'll immediately be disqualified.
You are allow to enter as much as you please. But you must contain all of your artwork into one post. It is easier to keep track of your entries.
Only accepting digital art piece. Will not be accepting traditional artwork.
The password is your most favorite Pokemon region.
You'll receive 15k PD as participation. However, you can only receive the currency after some form of artwork is posted.
Please do not cause any problems, nor drama about not winning the contest.

★ Form ★


★ Theme ★

Ninetales / Rayquaza / Aggron / Darkrai fusion only.
Male only.
Image a kitsune noodle dragon. The body is rather long like a Rayquaza.
While the face is shaped to be more like a fox / Ninetales, the mouth is similar to a Rayquaza.
He would wear an armor designed to look more like an Aggron. [ OPTIONAL ] Add another version of him not wearing any of the armor.
His color palette follows similarly towards Darkrai colors
Both the feet and hands are shaped more like paws but with sharp, dark claws on each of the "fingers".
Has a long, flowing mane. Color is your choice, as long as it fits with something dark.
Has a small little dragon beard.
Free to add more into it. You can try to make some things suit the sinister status.

★ Prize ★

QuoteGrand Prize
Retro Articuno
Mega Groudon
Mega Kyogre
Mega Rayquaza
Any 10 Shinies
500 Nuggets
100 Normal Gems
1x Azelf Egg Voucher

★ Participants ★

Deadline: ??? ~ Reset Time
I'll be willing to extend if people need more time!

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Posted: Fri, 09/11/2018 00:49 (2 Months ago)

Title: NTS - Characters I would like to buy evos of

Amethyst ~ Just have her evo version sprites be drawn ( But expression appearing more sweetly, rather than scary )

Asmodeus ---> Cinccino
Gaius ---> Sealeo & Walrein
Gilbert ---> Swalot
Rocco ---> Scrafty / Altaria ( Scrafty body base )
Tiberius ---> Arcanine
Sephiran ---> Sliggoo and Goodra
Rosabelle ---> Delcatty
Rumika ---> Dusk Lycanroc
Kanpachi ---> Arcanine / Solgaleo ( Arcanine body base )
Sparky ---> Midnight Lycanroc / Luxray ( Midnight Lycanroc body base )
Veronika ---> Alolan Ninetales / Flaaffy ( Alolan Ninetales body base )
Minos ---> Torracat / Sylveon ( Torracat body base ) and Incineroar / Sylveon ( Incineroar body base )
Momoko ---> Alolan Ninetales
Kare ---> Florges / Trevenent ( Florges body base - Make it seem more male-like )
Raiden ---> Flaaffy / Litwick ( Flaaffy body base ) and Ampharos / Litwick ( Ampharos body base )
Acacia ---> Ninetales
Ignis ---> Torracat / Eevee ( Torracat body base ) and Incineroar / Jolteon or Flareon ( Incineroar body base )
Astraeus ---> Gogoat / Solgaleo ( Gogoat body base )
Blair ---> Togetic / Lopunny ( Undecided on the body base )
Kyubi ---> Torracat / Dartrix / Brionne ( Torracat body base ) and Incineroar / Decidueye / Primarina ( Incineroar body base )
Aqua ---> Lumineon / Gourgeist ( Gourgeist body base )
Casper ---> Galvantula / Gourgeist ( Gourgeist body base )
Sunchy ---> Blaziken / Chatot ( Blaziken body base )
Charlie ---> Swadloon and Leavanny
Tina ---> Mudsdale
Leilaine ---> Lopunny
Iblis ---> Volcarona
Lixue ---> Midday Lycanroc
Nero ---> Houndoom
Lucky ---> Arcanine / Chikorita / Water ( Arcanine body base, pure pupper )