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Yuki's Shiny Breeding Shop~

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Posted: Wed, 13/09/2017 17:18 (9 Months ago)
Welcome to Yuki's Shiny Breeding Shop~

So anyway, like the title said, this is my very own shiny breeding shop. I don’t really have any specific price, so you can just order them as long as they seems fair.
But I can also breed you some normal/event Pokemon for a fair price if you want~

Quote from Rulesy-rules: ;3
1. All PH rules apply
2. Please use the right form and password
3. Please subscribe this page, or at least PM/Palpad or tell me in the form if you couldn't subscribe this forum.
4. No spamming, cursing, rude and/or mean to anyone please. And please put your favorite Pokémon in the other section.
Pass is your favorite Electric Pokemon
5. I am a human, and also a student, so please be patient.
6. Prices are negotiatable (but please be fair!)
7. 3 Warnings gets you banned for a certain period of time, and 5 warnings will get you permanently banned (so please follow the rules ^^)
8. If after waiting for 2 weeks there are still no order/if I'm hunting an order from someone, I'll start my own personal hunt, but you can ask for a slot.
I'm new to this sort of thing and PH so please forgive me if I make any mistakes v.v

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None, and let's keep it that way~

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None, and let's keep it that way~

Anyway, as payment, in order of which I prefer the most are:
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1. Nuggets
2. Mega stones
3. Marine Cave maps/Sapphire
4. Star Pieces
5. Shinies that I don't already own (or Pidgeys line evolution, shiny Gastlys (only), and shiny Skitties. They're all so cute~ =w=)
6. Treasures/Gems from FR
7. Gems (Dragon, Normal, Electric, Ice, Ghost, Psychic, Fighting, Water, Grass, Fire, and Dark gems)
8. PD
9. Other summoning items
10. Mega-ables
11. Pokemon/Events that I don’t have

Quote from Prices
Easy Rarity: 54 - 87 | 80k - 130k
Medium Rarity: 120 - 154 | 180k - 230k
Hard Rarity: 174 - 200 | 260k - 300k
Rare Rarity: 214 - 234 | 320k - 350k
Special Rarity: 200 - 234 | 300k - 350k
Starter Rarity: 167 - 200 | 250k - 300k

Prices are negotiatable

My current breeding box:
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Breeding Pairs
(You can also check my Event/Special for some events that I can breed ;3)

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Yuki-chan, please breed me Pokemon!
[b]Gender:[/b] (For non-shiny only)

Shiny Slots: Hunting: Gligar.
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1. Expelliarmus Heyo - Mega able Mareep and 150k.

Next hunt: Espurr

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1. Kiri - 3 Espurrs for 725k, 2 Dragon Gems, and 50 nuggets.

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Posted: Mon, 25/09/2017 18:38 (8 Months ago)
Posted: Thu, 28/09/2017 10:25 (8 Months ago)
Posted: Mon, 09/10/2017 15:26 (8 Months ago)
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Posted: Fri, 20/10/2017 12:04 (7 Months ago)
Meep ;v;
Posted: Tue, 24/10/2017 00:13 (7 Months ago)
Posted: Wed, 01/11/2017 03:59 (7 Months ago)
Posted: Sun, 05/11/2017 10:03 (7 Months ago)
Bump ;v;
Posted: Fri, 10/11/2017 13:47 (7 Months ago)
Boop ;v;
Posted: Sat, 11/11/2017 23:51 (7 Months ago)
Neat im the first customer

Yuki-chan, please breed me Pokemon!
Pokémon: Gligar
Shiny/Non-Shiny: Shiny
Gender: (For non-shiny only)
Price: ..mega able mareep w/ 150k pd?
Other: I really like Gengar, y'know?
Posted: Sun, 12/11/2017 00:12 (7 Months ago)
And here I thought I'm gonna do the beep boop meep again XDD

Sure~ I'll just add you on the list then~ ;3

And I get ya man, Gengar's amazing~ <3
Posted: Sun, 12/11/2017 06:53 (7 Months ago)
so will you accept pidgeys line of evo for a pokemon?
Posted: Sun, 12/11/2017 09:51 (7 Months ago)
@IAmAGardivoir - Sure~ Pidgeys and their evolution forms are my babies~ <33
I'd accept them as long as it's more or less the same as the price ^^
Posted: Sat, 23/12/2017 07:04 (5 Months ago)
Bump just because XDD
Posted: Tue, 26/12/2017 17:31 (5 Months ago)
Yuki-chan, please breed me Pokemon!
Pokémon: Espurr
Shiny/Non-Shiny: Shiny x3)
Gender: (For non-shiny only)
Price: 725k + 2 Dragon Gems + 50 nuggets
Other: Luxray ^_^

Made by Veris and all art subsequently belongs to her
Posted: Tue, 26/12/2017 17:37 (5 Months ago)
Accepted! I'll start yours as soon as I'm done with this~ ;3
Which might take a quite a long time given how bad my luck is at the moment X'D
Posted: Mon, 08/01/2018 20:23 (5 Months ago)
Yuki-chan, please breed me Pokemon!
Pokémon: Gligar, if you're still taking slots?
Shiny/Non-Shiny: Shiny x 2
Gender: NA
Price: 400 nuggets
Other: Um... Arcanine? Too many to choose from.
Posted: Fri, 19/01/2018 18:17 (4 Months ago)
(I'm so sorry for being offline for so long)

@SilkySelkie - And I'd honestly said yes if you were putting on the right password. Please do check the rules and the Pokemon's element as well X'D
But if you still insists on 2 shinies, I might have to ask you to have patience because I'm having a little trouble with this one shiny as it is X'D

Although thank you for coming~ X3
Posted: Fri, 19/01/2018 18:53 (4 Months ago)

Ah, my bad. I must have overlooked the "Electric" part. Either way, I'm sorry but I think I'll pass and retract my order; I didn't realize that you don't have Premium and I don't want to add so much extra time to this hunt when you've got other hunts to start. ^ ^' I'll eventually hunt Gligar myself, so I'm not too put out.

Thanks anyway! Good luck with your hunts!