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[L] Toma's Shiny Jirachi Hunt

Forum-Index Contests User-made contests [L] Toma's Shiny Jirachi Hunt
Posted: Sun, 23/07/2017 20:13 (3 Months ago)


Hello! I'm Toma, and I have been wishing for a shiny Jirachi (ha ha?)
In order to accomplish my goal I am hosting a lottery, because it'd be hard to collect lots of star pieces quickly.

Welcome to my lottery!



[1] All Pokeheroes Rules apply.
[2] Enter as much as you'd like! Instead of double-posting (which is a no-no) if you were the last post, please edit your post!
[3] Please don't set up an IOU. Only enter if you have the items right then.
[4] No complaining.
[5] Always use the form! If the password is wrong, you will be ignored. Rhood!
[6] Any questions? PM or PP me, don't ask them here!
[7] Winners will be chosen at random.
[8] The password is Wishes.
[9] It's actually the last sentence in rule 5. lol.
[10] If you don't claim your prize in 1 week, it will be reselected.
[11] I will not contact you outside of this thread, unless it's a response to a question (see rule 6).
[12] You may not enter if I blocked you or if you have me blocked.


donations always accepted and I will love you forever
500 nuggets + normal jirachi pair + shiny medicham + shiny electrike

250 nuggets + normal jirachi + shiny absol

500k PD + normal jirachi + shiny golduck

Prize Box!

More prizes to be added as milestones are met & jirachis hatch.
such as a shiny jirachi

Want to enter? Fill this out!
[b]Amount of Tickets:[/b]


-> send a star piece- 25 tickets
-> 1000 PD- 1 ticket
-> share the hashtag feed- 1 ticket/daily
new ways in
** made the tickets more weighted, due to thinking

Show hidden content

Suvichan- 51 tickets
Atavan- 1 ticket
Drampa- 1 ticket
Ravvie- 41 tickets
MetagrossPrime- 1 ticket
Shinzo- 1 ticket
Erida- 61 tickets
ShinyNinetails -51 tickets

Every 50 star pieces reached, I will raffle off a prize!
Current Progress:

Current milestone prize:
- Shiny purrloin & helix fossil & sail fossil!

thanks for dropping by ♥
Posted: Mon, 24/07/2017 01:54 (3 Months ago)

Share the entire post once a day for 1 ticket!
[user]toma[/user] is collecting star pieces for a shiny Jirachi hunt! Join her lottery [url=https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=61661]here[/url] for a chance to win prizes!
[URL=http://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=61661&post=1772151][ SHARE IT ][/url]

aaaaaaaaaand now the contest is approved! go ahead and post!

Posted: Mon, 24/07/2017 02:37 (3 Months ago)

Amount of Tickets:51
Shared once and sending 50k pd
Please visit my Trade Shop

Please visit Instict Gym

Please visit Kanto League

Posted: Mon, 24/07/2017 02:43 (3 Months ago)
Perfect! If you could take out the password that would be lovely. I'll edit the tickets in.

[ art shop da ]
Posted: Mon, 24/07/2017 16:28 (3 Months ago)

Username: Ravvie
Amount of Tickets: 41
Password: -
Sending 40k PD & shared.
Posted: Mon, 24/07/2017 16:30 (3 Months ago)
Your tickets add up! Editing out the password would be lovely.
Please notify me if you share the #!

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Posted: Wed, 26/07/2017 23:49 (3 Months ago)

Title: Good luck in your hunt.

Username: Erida
Amount of Tickets: 61
Password: -----
Other: 2 Star Piece + 40k PD + 1 Share

Posted: Thu, 27/07/2017 03:55 (3 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 28/08/2017 01:37 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 10/09/2017 16:50 (2 Months ago)
bump :0

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Posted: Mon, 09/10/2017 16:15 (1 Month ago)

Username: ShinyNinetales
Amount of Tickets: 51
Password: Wishes
Other: N/A

Posted: Mon, 09/10/2017 16:28 (1 Month ago)
Added (: but did you read all the rules? :0

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Posted: Sun, 29/10/2017 23:23 (21 Days ago)
bumps :0

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