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Shadow's art shop

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Posted: Sun, 16/07/2017 19:52 (11 Months ago)
welcome to my artshop! I love to make art and love to make art for friends! You can see some of my art at my Devaintart. I can do digital art, a bit of pixel art(be prepared to wait though), and lineless art.

Rules! Yes rules

1. Please send what you said you were going to pay to me as soon as possible after I have finished the art.
2. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT steal my art. If you do you will be banned from my art shop.
3. If I haven't finished your art in a month I will give it to you for free to make up for the long wait.
4. Please don't bother me about when your art will be done because it will take 2-3 days.


1. Pokedollar min. is 100
2. Nuggets
3. Art [art trade]
4. boxes, keys, etc.

Type of art:
What you want done:(image would be ideal)
Extra information:

Waiting Line

Posted: Sun, 16/07/2017 20:08 (11 Months ago)
Username: -Cor-
Type of art:digital art
What you want done:Him
Payment: 250k
Extra information: hm none but if you need more info tell me ^^

Posted: Sun, 16/07/2017 20:11 (11 Months ago)
Accepted! I'll have him done in a min. of 22 hours
Posted: Mon, 17/07/2017 18:44 (11 Months ago)
for -Cor-:

please spread this forum around if you can
Posted: Mon, 17/07/2017 19:07 (11 Months ago)
wow i want two arts cause i love your arts h a

Type of art:
digital art, please
What you want done:
fira please~!
would a lugia egg voucher work (so you can sell it lol), or would you prefer pd for the same amount? [50k]
Extra information:
i've got nothing to say for this one.

Type of art:
also digital
What you want done:
can i get them drawn, please?
would an art trade work for this one?
Extra information:
if you do choose art trade, please palpad me who/what you want drawn.
Posted: Mon, 17/07/2017 19:25 (11 Months ago)
Ty !!! He is so cool !

Posted: Mon, 17/07/2017 19:35 (11 Months ago)
@jamesmadisonscreams [long name] accepted!
Also the PD is fine for the first one and for the second one: Sure! i'd love to do an art trade!
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 00:14 (11 Months ago)
For @Jamesmadisonscreams

Please spread forum around if possible
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 01:47 (11 Months ago)
Type of art:
digital art please
What you want done:
her please ^^
Payment: 150k
Extra information:
Can u make it have a transparent background ^^
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 15:56 (11 Months ago)
@Growlithe_ Accepted!
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:01 (11 Months ago)
for @Growlithe_

please spread this forum around
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:06 (11 Months ago)
Username: -Cor- (yey it's me Again c':
Type of art: digital Art
What you want done: There ^^
Payment: 120k?
Extra information: not really, if you need something contact me ^^

Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:07 (11 Months ago)
Sorry to bug u about this but could u make it transparent
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:09 (11 Months ago)
@Growlithe_ Sure! just give me a minute
@-Cor- Accepted!
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:10 (11 Months ago)
Username: -Flamey-
Type of art: Digital
What you want done: Him
Payment: 150k PD
Extra information: He has three eyes like Gastrodon east, I doodled a quick example here
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:16 (11 Months ago)
@-Flamey- Accepted!

@Growlithe_ please check the original post for the fixed artwork
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:19 (11 Months ago)
Ty so much it's so cute ^^
Posted: Tue, 18/07/2017 22:20 (11 Months ago)
Posted: Wed, 19/07/2017 01:27 (11 Months ago)
For @-Cor-
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sorry but my computer shut down on me and this was all I had

For @-Flamey-
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ok so my brother was doing this to me as I was thinking of a pose to put him in so yeah XD

please spread this forum around
Posted: Wed, 19/07/2017 01:42 (11 Months ago)
Aaa that's really good :0 I love it!!
will throw the payment over now~