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Island Of Mysteries (Open)

Forum-Index Roleplay Island Of Mysteries (Open)
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 14:55 (1 Year ago)
A few teenage friends decide to go on a cruise and their ship somehow starts sinking, they panic and then get on the safety boat, they reach as far as an island before the boat's fuel runs out, the teens decide to take shelter on that island temporarily since they have no other choice, while wandering they find a big 2-storey building and since they don't have a proper shelter they enter it, they meet a single butler who tells them that they are allowed to stay there but there are 2 rules:
1. Everyone has to be inside the place before 11 pm and cannot leave until the sun rises.
2. No one is allowed to enter the big door at the back end of the place.

If the teens are able to follow these rules, the stay will be great but nobody except for the poker faced butler knows about the outcome of breaking even one of these rules.

1. No god-modding
2. No OPs
3. No killing other's characters unless talking with them first
4. No abrupt killing for eg. John stabbed Mark and he died.
5. The butler will be controlled by me.
6. The previous rule was edited. The rp is still accepting but I'll be very strict in accepting forms now, alsono more than 2 characters per user.
7. If you don't post in a week I'll consider you dropped or else at least contact me about it.
8. Don't focus the RP entirely on romance.
9. The rp starts when they are altogether looking for a shelter.
10. All characters know each other already.
11. Keep you Crush and Bf/gf part of the form updated.
12. Its my decision whether i reject form or not, no matter what reason.
13. Try not to post one-liners.
More to be added....... Enjoy

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Age(15-19) :

My forms:
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Name: Haruka
Nickname: Haru
Age: 17
Gender: Female
History: TBRP
Personality: Shy, she has a limit after which if she is teased she'll get very annoyed, she is moved to tears easily, she tries to be brave in many situations though fails most of the time, her emotional points can be striked easily, when it comes to love she's a soft-spoken tsundere.
Crush: Open
Bf/gf: None
Other: People very often mistake her for a 15-year-old and is teased for it too though it annoys her. She suffers from Asthama and sometimes gets narcolepsy attacks.

Name: Yamato
Nickname: Matt
Age: 19
Gender: Male
History: TBRP
Personality: Sometimes goofs up his cool act, he changes moods, sometimes he'll be cheerful otherwise cool, he's also a little flirty sometimes.
Crush: Open
Bf/gf: None
Other: He has Arachnophobia.
Weapon: ]

1. Haruka- Anime~chan : pg 1
2. Yamato- Anime~chan : pg 1
3. Alicia- Nath48 : pg 1
4. Harper- -Shy- : pg 1
5. Greyson- -Shy- : pg 1
6. Lasky- HaloChief117 : pg 1
7. Savannah- Mad_Mod : pg 1
8. Kioiki- Kioiki _Uchiha : pg 1
9. Alexander- Wolfgirl2398 : pg 1
10. Allison- JigglyPuff4Eves : pg 3
11. Hope- Bubgum : pg 29
12. Alice- Bubgum : pg 29
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 15:49 (1 Year ago)
Name: Alicia Grace Monroe
Nickname: Jungle girl
Age(15-19) : 16
Gender: Female
History: During the weekends her parents took her camping and through the wilderness teaching her how to survive and what is safe and what isn't. They did this as a family thing. And Alicia loved the outdoors. She was excited for the cruise with her friends but when the ship started to sink she stayed calm knowing panic wont help her. She also tried to keep everyone calm.
Personality: Kind, caring, Intuitive, logical, Calm and focused.
Crush: Later
Bf/gf: Later
Other: Natural survivalist in the wilderness. She rarely views things emotionally.

Weapon: Crossbow

Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 16:06 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted, seeing u after so long Nath!)
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 16:31 (1 Year ago)
Name: Harper Maria Evans
Nickname: Harpy
Age(15-19) : 16
Gender: Female

History: TBRPED (?)
Personality: she tends to be a bit of a goofball, making bad jokes and using off-beat humour and subtle irony. Emma has a typical nerd nature in that she is very passive, and she follows commands more easily than the others, complying with commands not because of their logical sense but because she was told to. She's a dork and a sweetie.
Crush: Open / Palpad
Bf/gf: Open / Palpad
-Grey's big sister
-minor hemophobia
•toll bean
Weapon: Nex Sword
((4 feet long-))

Name: Greyson Alex Evans (Formerly Grace Alex Evans)
Nickname: Grey
Age(15-19) : 15
Gender: Male ((FtM))

•He actually has a ton of frecklessss•
History: TBRPED (?)
Personality: He's jumpy and easily scared, the youngest in his friend group. He is quiet and sweet, also kind. He is awkward and weird, with very little friends. He is innocent and naïve, and quite untalkitive. Selective mute. Quiet, Hippie, Nature obsessed, smart. He's a complete bookworm, and animal lover. He has Anxiety and Depression...
Crush: Matttttt
Bf/gf: Open / Palpad
-Harper's little brother
-Has Trypanophobia, Claustrophobia, and Monophobia
-only 4'7"
•smol bean
-give him your turtlenecks, blankets, and love
-He has a really cheap binder that he can only wear for 8-9 hours, and if he wears it longer, he coughs a lot and can cough up blood.
-Dancing + Singing is what calms him/makes him happy and he's really good at it,,
Weapon: Steampunk Battleaxe
((Literally huge compared to him))
((Like, 6 ft long, and the head is actually about 3 feet from one side to the other))
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 16:33 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted! Really unique personalities)
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 17:10 (1 Year ago)
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 17:12 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted. We need 4 more characters and then I'll decide if I'll keep accepting or stop)
Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 18:40 (1 Year ago)
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QuoteName ; Abigail Fuchs

Nickname ; Abby

Age ; 19

Gender ; Female

Appearance ; Abby wears her shockingly bright, long, curly, and outright unruly hair in a loose ponytail most of the time-- often tying it with string or a bandanna instead of an actual hairband. When not doing her 'work', she tends to wear loose, baggy clothing, such as over sized tie-dyed t-shirts and black pants. Abby has feet that look to belong to someone else, as she hasn't quite,, grown into them. Due to her not so small predicament, she rarely wears shoes, and her feet have toughened up enough not to be punctured by shards of glass that someone carelessly left on the ground. Abby's face is mottled with freckles, and she has bright green eyes. She enjoys showing off her tongue piercing, which 'Frankly looks unsightly, ghastly even!" according to her parents, who where graced with an unwelcome surprise when she turned 18.

History ; Abby was raised in a wealthy family with the highest of standards and the snootiest of laughter. As soon as she was old enough to leave home, she did just that, separating herself entirely from her parents, who try to pamper her. Abby denies their offerings of money, preferring to get things done herself. Hating to have to rely on people, and being stuck with her family ties,, she changed her last name from Aberdale to Fuchs asap.

Personality ; Abigail is generally upbeat, energetic, and carefree, but when given a job the free-spirit goes out the window, able to concentrate on her task with ease. She likes having one thing to look at, quickly analyzing the bigger picture ((and often missing a lot of things she could've easily noticed, if she'd given the time)) as quickly as possible and getting to the deep down. Her self-esteem is fairly low, however, she'll never admit it. Abby likes to be seen as independent, confident, and not needing help from anyone, thus getting highly discouraged when paired with other people to get things done, for w/e reason there is.

The 'reason' usually circles around her being a huge, disorganized, mess,, as Abby is very impulsive and likely to jump into things without second thought. She enjoys climbing, but she's otherwise too uncoordinated to do anything w/ weapons,, and tends to use her hands instead,, thus muscle arms which she enjoys showing off.

Crush ; Open - Palpad

BF/GF ; Open - Palpad

Other ; Fuchs is a German last name for "Fox",, meaning someone is cunning & sly or has red hair,, can be both but leaning towards the second for her. She has terrible allergies and sneezes a heck of a lot.

QuoteName ; Jackson Adler

Nickname ; Adder

Age ; 17

Gender ; Male

Appearance ; Jackson has fluffy brown hair, laced with gold. Whether the gold is due to highlights or natural coloring, this gay will never let you know, and will always have a different story for how it got there, from aliens inserting genes into his brain, their side effect being the gold strands, to some other far-fetched tall tales. He tends to wear baggy sweaters and hoodies, always something with a hood -- even if he never wears it. Jackson can often be found wearing a camouflage baseball cap, loose sweatpants or regular yoga pants, some kind of pajamas, or some other article of clothing you're not supposed to wear in the summer. He gets cold easy, lay off, society. He has snakebites, as well as small studded earrings that appear to belong to a girl with lots of money.

History ; Jackson had a young mother, who gave birth to him at 18. He resents her for the terrible start to life she gave to Andrew, his little brother, and himself,, and her calling him 'Jacky' or 'Jack' might've caused his apprehension to the names. Adder is okay though, because snakes are #cool w/ him.

Personality ; Jackson is flirtatious, and often times doesn't know when to back off. He gets into physical fights a lot, due to his habit of being the most annoying creature in the solar system. He's a firm believer in aliens and the supernatural, but rarely brings it up around others in fear of being dubbed 'nerd' or 'freak'. Too late, bud. Jackson hates being called 'Jack' or any other abbreviation of his name, but for some odd reason he's perfectly fine with being called Jordyn or Jadyn. He's upbeat and happy, rarely seen sad, and this might be because of his poor origins, and having to keep up a happy demeanor for his younger brother. Hates his mother & other family, blames them for the situation he and his brother where placed in. Has a strong fear & hatred for foster homes, adoption centers, etc.

Crush ; Anything and everything, but Greyson mostly tbh

BF/GF ; Open - Palpad

Other ; He's so used to getting rejected, Jackson commonly doesn't realize positive responses from the recipients of his flirting aren't just joking around. Has trust issues because of his ex girlfriend, Rosemary Jocelyn, who only pretended to love him so that Jackson would reveal secrets & embarrass himself. Probably isn't going to be as flirty as I'm making him out to be.

//cracks knuckles

Posted: Tue, 27/12/2016 18:49 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted. Just how did you manage to type so much?! Great)
Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 09:29 (1 Year ago)
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Name: Thomas Lasky
Nickname: Tommy
Age(15-19) : 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lasky is fairly tall and slightly muscled. He has dark brown hair which is shaved close to his head. His eyes are also brown. He usually dresses impeccably and takes care of his appearance. A rounded face may make him look friendly, but usually has a frown, as he simply worries too much.

History: He comes from a family where his father is a General and his mother was in Military Intelligence. He had an older brother, with who he had a strong friendship, but he was killed in action, something that traumatized his parents and inclined them to put him through even more rigorous training than his brother had had to endure. He learnt to be independent and not to rely on anyone from an early age.

Personality: Lasky is somewhat stiff. He has a lot of respect for people for people he believes deserve it. He is really big on discipline and rarely smiles. Likes to assess situations logically and thoroughly before actually making a decision and, due to him being rather intelligent, almost always comes to the right one. Can be rather cold and judgmental without meaning to be, but is quick to apologize if he realizes his mistake. Finds people acting childish or overly cheery somewhat annoying, but usually minds his own business.
Crush: None
Bf/gf: None
Other: He's a survivor.

Quote from HaloChief117
One world, our world, can change the universe. And one word can change our world. Just goes to show how fragile it all is, really.

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 09:42 (1 Year ago)
Name: savannah
Nickname: sav sometimes anna
Age(15-19) : 16
Gender: female
History: she is part of a big family
Personality: she is really weird but kind and quiet at times she also likes to joke around at times
Crush: secret
Other: secretly wants a boyfriend

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:21 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted both, now 1 more and we start)
Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:27 (1 Year ago)
Name: Kioiki Shigami
Nickname: Kio
Age(15-19) : 16
Gender: female
History: she belonged to a wealthy family but she didn't liked the atmosphere of her home therefore she left and now lives in a small city and is a MTB racer.
Personality: serious , hordcire and a girl of principals .
Crush: open
Bf/gf: open
Other: no

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:46 (1 Year ago)
(Accepted and now we can start and i have decided to keep accepting but I'll become quite strict this time while accepting forms)

Haruka was walking around the island with everyone else looking for a shelter "Oh god! Why did this have to happen to us?! Now we have to live here" she mumbled to berself looking around

Yamato was acting cool with no scared expression, he was quite normal about it all happening because he knew it won't help getting nervous or scared, he too was walking with the crowd "guys! Anybody see a shelter?" He asked
Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:48 (1 Year ago)
Kioiki got up and shook her body to remove the sand she had all over her.
Kioiki : is everyone alright ?!?!

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:48 (1 Year ago)
Alicia was calm and logical. She knew this could happen. Because stuff happens. She climbs a tree for a better chance of finding shelter.

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:49 (1 Year ago)
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Name: Alexander Winston Nightshade.
Nickname: Alex.
Age(15-19) : 18.
Gender: male.
History: to be roleplayed/doesn't like to talk about it.
Personality: usually quiet and reserved, but once he open's up he's kind and caring as well as a big softy.
Crush: haruka.
Bf/gf: open.
Other: he's around 6'3'' and has a slight smoking habit he gained from school from the people he hung out with.
Weapon: daedric sword. (image of sword i found on google, lol)
Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:51 (1 Year ago)
Kioiki went a little further to look around and suddenly sees a 2-storey building and thinks * that's strange ? * but calls the others anyways.
Kioiki : hey everyone I found a shelter there !

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:51 (1 Year ago)
"Maybe..." Lasky raised his hand to keep the sun out of his eyes. "There's... some sort of building over there." he pointed towards the horizon. "We should probably head for that. See what it is. Not like we have anything better to do." he looked at the others, who were, by his standards, disorganized and confused. He sighed and shook his head. Of all the people in the world he could be stranded with. No offence, the were good people. But he would have preferred people with a bit more... experience.
Quote from HaloChief117
One world, our world, can change the universe. And one word can change our world. Just goes to show how fragile it all is, really.

Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 10:53 (1 Year ago)
Kioiki went towards the building.
Kioiki : isn't it strange to have a building here ?