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Lei's Leitmotif

Forum-Index Diaries Lei's Leitmotif
Posted: Mon, 23/05/2016 07:07 (2 Years ago)
Definition of Leitmotif
1 : an associated melodic phrase or figure that accompanies the reappearance of an idea, person, or situation especially in a Wagnerian music drama
2 : a dominant recurring theme

about me & intro

[general] 26/03/18

Heya, I'm Leicester but you can call me Lei, Cas, Bara or anyhow you like. I'm a university student majoring in sociology and philosophy, which I enjoy alright so far.
When it comes to chatting I'm kinda shy but almost unbearable when I warm up, I also like using some odd "stylistic devices" ("///////////"; oof/uff/ompf; urgh/argh/grah; "((((((((((((your sentence here))))))"; >/*your sentence here; "haha"; w/, b/c; using ";" b/c it's such a useful underrated thing) whose meanings aren't fully understood yet.
I will also dig out ancient memes at times that are no longer funny, but I still enjoy. Internet humor keeps me alive. Self-deprecation is part of my comedy routine as well.
I sometimes will go radio silent as I need some "alone-time" from now and again, it has mostly nothing to do w/ you.
I like throwing random lyrics everywhere which is natural behaviour, I can't really help it most of the time.
I'm professional procrastinator like so many others, I love planning and making schedules and then tossing them out of the window.
I also spend far too much time on here.

animals :
bats, cats, spiders, snails, bugs in general, parakeets

colours :
purple, green, black

hobbies :
I like listening to music, video games, consuming online content, playing pokeheroes and girlsxbattle religiously, writing short stories, trying out new teas/drinking tea in general, drawing

music :
changes often, but I do have some staples there; I like almost everything w/ a guitar in it (rock/alternative/punk/metal/...) but also dance music and instrumental stuffs.

Artists I listen to frequently are Alter Bridge, Akira Yamaoka, Billy Talent, Breaking Benjamin, Carpenter Brut, Daft Punk, Fall Out Boy, Gorillaz, Incubus, Kanye West, Kings of Leon, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Periphery, Rammstein, Skindred, Slipknot, The Used

I also love a lot of OSTs, mainly for games I also like; Mischief Makers, TLoZ, Undertale, Silent Hill, Hotline Miami

shows/movies :
I stopped watching TV some years ago, now it's mostly streaming and youtube; I like childhood cartoons and animation in general. I tried watching anime but it's mostly not for me. On youtube I watch literally everything that's kinda funny (ytp, commentary, reviews) and lets plays.

Youtubers that accompany me through my day are SorcererDave, Pyrocynical, Gronkh, IHE, Phelan Porteous, Idubbbz

games :
I don't have a favourite genre or kind of games, I enjoy almost everything if I got into it. I also tried almost every platform so I couldn't really decide on a favourite there either, I have a weakness for otome and adventure games though.

Franchises I really dig are The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, Pokemon, WarioWare, Super Smash Brothers

Games that make me feel good are Hotline Miami 2, Undertale, Borderlands 2, Mischief Makers, Earthbound/MOTHER 2


pokemon :

types :

region :

games :
played all up to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum only; Ruby's my favourite
rom hacks are great, too (especially team rocket ones)

If you feel like it's hard to focus on the really important things in life

you make a thread on a pokemon adoptable site to sort things out

This thread centers on stuff I need to do here but tend to forget
also it tells people about the stuff I collect, a nice side effect
It also serves as a diary and venting machine

wITHOUT further ado, let's list some things

Posted: Mon, 23/05/2016 07:18 (2 Years ago)


raise chosen ones to level 1000
nero | juliette | isadore | hannibal | olaf | teran | marigold | lady arachne | galahad | adamska | visario | vasya | esmé | meimi

event megas

reach trainer level 100

40 egg storages


donot forget; heliovice
26.5 - safari & box full

tentacool (retro) ???
stantler (retro)
ho-oh (retro)
lugia (retro)

Posted: Mon, 23/05/2016 07:51 (2 Years ago)

about me brain dump


I can't think about a good "About me"
I wanted to create some pressable buttons but I cant think about a design

Hunting Sheet || This neat-o thread (titled "Goals" or sth similar) || The Pokesona thread since there's credit everywhere || aaand I can't think of anything else

Stuff that's add-able too but Idk where exactly, more likely the custom widget thingy
Plushie collection count || Interaction theme || "IMA BUY DOS GEMZ NAO" -thing (better then a feed I figured) || A gif (there'll be one) || [sweats nervously] I had more ideas before writing them down
Posted: Mon, 23/05/2016 08:09 (2 Years ago)

coding sandbox


Leicester.exe has stopped working

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...



[img]https://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen3/rusa/169.png[/img] [img]https://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen3/rusa_shiny/169.png[/img][right][b]Type(s):[/b] [img]http://staticpokeheroes.com/img/type_icons/poison.gif[/img] [img]http://staticpokeheroes.com/img/type_icons/flying.gif[/img]
[b]Species:[/b] Bat
[b]Egggroup:[/b] Flying
[b]EHP:[/b] 4,080
[b]EXP. to Level 100:[/b] 1,000,000
[b]Sitewide frequency:[/b] 118 / 3,434[/right]

[center][i]The transformation of its legs into wings made it better at flying, but more clumsy at walking.[/i][/center]


Posted: Sun, 29/05/2016 07:27 (1 Year ago)

plushie hoard coding

Posted: Tue, 07/06/2016 11:07 (1 Year ago)

somewhere in time

Posted: Thu, 30/06/2016 13:15 (1 Year ago)

empty space


You can't just leave I've given everything
I can't believe your taking everything,
your taking everything, ohh...
Its not who you were, its who you are
and we've come this far lover, no?
I won't rest until the world knows the name Isadore


Then with eyes wide, a splintered sight
there's just one parachute
goodbye Erica now I see
that my worst fears were in tune

Its not who you were, its who you are
and we've come this far lover, no?
I won't rest until the world knows the name Isadore
knows the name Isadore

Won't rest until the world knows the name Isadore
Posted: Fri, 08/07/2016 14:51 (1 Year ago)

vip links


28 oct


lamp shop

24 jun


31 jan

weapons of mass destruction

Posted: Sat, 13/08/2016 07:14 (1 Year ago)

legend/event hunts

Legends I'd hunt

Events I'd hunt

| dun| dun| | dun|||| |
Posted: Tue, 06/09/2016 18:09 (1 Year ago)

some broken thing

nah not doing this

I have mixed feelings about friend listing in diaries/about me's;
on the one hand it's really flattering to be mentioned in one of those and it strengthens the friendship in some way. It also signalizes others that there's a bond and you may become friends with your pal's pals.
PH as a social platform rewards friends and social bonding.

On the other hand it's often really hard to tell if s.o considers you as a friend. There are a lot of user here I wouldn't have any doubt that they're my friendos but in other cases others might feel uncomfortable if you list them as friends but they picture as an acquaintance only (and might feel obligated/forced to add you too).

since the "bad" things outweigh the good things I'll refrain from naming specific peeps, but I have found a handful of interesting, resourceful, kind and entertaining friends that accompany me on the journey here.

thank you, internet
Posted: Wed, 21/09/2016 14:54 (1 Year ago)

adoptable shop


banner thing (cave)
explain stuff (credit,


highest bider

highest bider

paying things PD, Nuggets, summon items)

Le code
Show hidden content


[size=12]Hello and welcome!
This is my adoptable shop and the cuties here are looking for new homes![/size]


All Pokeheroes rules apply!
Adopts belong to me until purchased; use only by the owner [size=6]of course[/size]!
No theft!
When you win an aution you'll get the full image per PM.



[b]ENDS ON THE .....[/b]

#1 pilot Goomy

~highest bidder:

#2 valkyrie Gardevoir

~highest bidder:


In this cave you may pay with [img]//staticpokeheroes.com/img/items/pokedollar.png[/img] PD, [img]//staticpokeheroes.com/img/items/nugget.png[/img] Nuggets and
[img]//staticpokeheroes.com/img/items/mystery-box-(dark-blue).png[/img][img]//staticpokeheroes.com/img/items/mystery-key-(dark-blue).png[/img] Mystery Items


Posted: Fri, 25/11/2016 10:35 (1 Year ago)


-get all megas (hunt in dex # order)
-collect gems for kalos legends (esp. dragon gems)
-terra maps

considered done ; terra maps are a wip and the event megas will be attacked as soon as I finished my hunting sheet
Posted: Sun, 04/12/2016 06:05 (1 Year ago)

advent calendar 2016

to keep track on the contents of this years advent calendar
maybe my 2017 me will thank me for it

Show hidden content

took Kels design

1. Sandygast
2. 20 DP
3. 10 Poison Gems
4. Red Mystery Box
5. 3x Great Ball
6. Yuungos
7. 20x Rawst Berries
8. Water Stone
9. Santa Bird Plush
10. 200x Game Chips
11. Pikipek
12. Christmas Gift
13. 15x Leppa Berries
14. Event Pass (Uncommon)
15. Red Mystery Box
16. 5x Great Ball
17. Skugar Plush
18. Leaf Stone
19. Pink Mystery Box
20. Santa Bird
21. DNA Splicer (white)
22. Polestar Plush
23. 10x Bug Gem
24. 1 week premium
Posted: Mon, 05/12/2016 10:32 (1 Year ago)

stamp collection

these images are gone since I didn't host them myself. Let this be a warning for future generations.

But I had stamps I swear :'3
Posted: Thu, 08/12/2016 17:13 (1 Year ago)

it's completly useless now

Quote from old manHeeeeeeeeeeeee

Easy: 10
Medium: 20
Hard: 40
Rare: 60
Starter: 100

Posted: Wed, 04/01/2017 10:13 (1 Year ago)

art plans


-check all oc's and add info if not enough provided
-name and info for those who have none yet
-put all of them in toyhouse aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
-flufferbun specie design pls (no fetish link yet)
-own art for newer oc's
-claim a dftuay maybe
-re-open shop? where's a willy there's a way

Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 14:41 (1 Year ago)

rick my spirit animal

this show just gets me everytiem

Posted: Mon, 09/01/2017 13:17 (1 Year ago)

state of mind

I think that having a bad conscience is one of the worst feelings one could have - especially of you're confronted with the issue that caused it on a daily basis.
You're torn between just burying it in the past and confronting the person it concernded;
both causes mental distress and pressure and may end a friendship (if not more).
There's only one right solution and honesty is such an important virtue.
The guilt is just overwhelming and I hope I find the strenght to tell that certain person how I feel soon.
I hate it that everything escalated the way it did and I feel their pain in retroperspective, but they handled that problem with a lot of patience and courage.

I regret the things that I have done and I hope they recover.
Posted: Tue, 10/01/2017 19:51 (1 Year ago)

instant crush

It didn't matter what they wanted to see
He thought he saw someone that looked just like me
The summer memory that just never dies
We worked too long and hard to give it no time
He sees right through me, it's so easy with lies
Cracks in the road that I would try and disguise
He runs his scissor at the seam in the wall
He cannot break it down or else he would fall

1,000 lonely stars
Hiding in the cold
Take it, oh I don't wanna sing anymore

hotdamn I'm- sad.
Doing nothing at all doesn't really help but I'm too down to get my butt up.
I can't even cheer myself up with music because every song reminds me of you;
whenever I try to watch something funny to feel better I hear your contagious laugh in my head.
You're in the back of my mind and I miss you-
I hope I can look at this post again when you're back and think about how lost I feel when you're gone.
Posted: Thu, 12/01/2017 09:29 (1 Year ago)

no venting k

everytime I'm bored on here I check out the suggestions-thread here
I think there are 3 types of suggestions:

-hey, that's pretty good
-k fam

can't wait for the new updates o3o