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Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 9,329/11,223

Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 22/Aug/2018
Game Time: 3375:39 Hours
Total interactions: 3,887,001
Trainer Battle Stats: 42 won, 35 lost.
Money: 17,411
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


just mewtwo it

Today, 04:330 comments
I think im gonna kill my son he says he cant wait till he makes 4 mil pd and i said well do some interactions and youll speed that up then he points to my funds and says explain? and im like yes id have over 4 mil in pd but im constantly buying stuff for the shiny hunts ive planned

Today, 02:130 comments
damn it when you need help the one person in the world that would help you for free is offline usually hes on around this time damn it

Today, 01:170 comments
interaction exchange?

Today, 01:061 comment
heavens on fire nice song

Today, 00:350 comments

Today, 00:260 comments
its seems that oak has got some insperaction and is jumping on my lead litterally im 183 levels ahead after 350 lead i need somemore damn rare candies if anyones got some

Yesterday, 23:590 comments
pfq if you join and want to use me as a referrer my name is nightmarewolf

Yesterday, 23:290 comments
a friend of mine thinks im as active on pfq as on here he doesnt realize that pfq takes less work then ph and thusly i can be lazy on that which makes it better because i really want to accomplish all my goals on ph soon as possible my goals on pfq will take longer to do because of my laziness but i d rather speed up my goals on ph since ph is harder then pfq

Yesterday, 23:115 comments
when you really need 2 white powders and they refuse to show up in jobs ooh dear i hope i get them before someone else does and responds to this one gts trade that i got bookmarked

Yesterday, 21:150 comments
when i get platinum i am soft resetting till i get a shiny giratina or else im never getting past that point ever

Yesterday, 19:460 comments
even though im doing treasure hunt and getting hoopa hoopa isnt my main goal of treasure hunt game chips are i want shiny suicune, shiny entei and shiny manaphy already got shiny raikou

Yesterday, 19:340 comments
I suck at hangman im glad you dont have to spend any chips to play it

Yesterday, 18:452 comments
sorry for close feeds but currently watching someone shiny hunt for me and i realize i may not have the patience when i get to hunting the thing their hunting for me and btw the only reason they are hunting it for me now instead of me later its a rush job someone is paying me for the pokemon thats being hunted and they didnt want me to wait till i got to the dex of that pokemon to hunt it

Yesterday, 18:150 comments
up to 10th hoopa egg hmmm i would like some dragon gems for hoopa but so many people are getting hoopa and selling hoopa that i doubt its even worth that much

Yesterday, 18:091 comment
psa some links with bbc code dont work for some of us ones that dont work with me unless i use something from pfq is [img][/img] litterally go anywhere on my profile where there is an image it will litterally say pokefarm.com/file name because if i use anything else its a broken image i did for a while have a way around this by a friend who had something which made imgur links usable for posting on ph but that broke so i had to switch to pfq so if you are having trouble posting links it may not be your fault

1 Day ago0 comments
uggh all my work flushed because coin flip was being a d$ck

1 Day ago0 comments
sorry for close feeds but look what i got aint it cute

1 Day ago0 comments
I dont like the ducks announced plans of the battleing system the system may not be required right now to do but that might change and i dont want it require it takes the fun out of battling if its forced i surely dont want to fight someone because i have to its much more fun when their willing

1 Day ago0 comments



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if its in UFT box its for sale for 500 pd per pokemon unless its an event then its 10k per pokemon or unless its a legendary and then its either offer or i have a set price special note if the box has a mega or shiny in it its not my UFT box

I am always looking for on ph dragon gems, nebula stones, griseous orbs, terra cave maps/ruby, and resolute stones but wait till i post that im buying the items before pal padding me about a trade because i might not have the pd or nuggets to buy the item in pfq im always looking for death wings, eclipse flutes, beast balls, and kanoala idols but again wait till i post that im buying those things before contacting me

I am a 36 year old female who is a mother of two and yes they play too. I love pokemon obviously, wolves, and art I also love horror in books, horror movies not so much Im a big Stephen King fan

pet bunny mallow

the person responsible for this is todd hurwitch and its not against site rules so if you report me for it expect the mods either to tell you its not against site rules or to ignore you

I collect ghost and rowlett plushies

meepthemareep02 alos can contact him on here
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