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Trainerpoints: 10,248/11,969

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Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Aug/2018
Game Time: 3932:21 Hours
Total interactions: 4,392,859
Money: 43,685
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


uggh i love it when someone is trading with me and they not only forget the junk pokemon once but twice im like can you not read?

Today, 12:000 comments
its the american honky tonk bar association

Yesterday, 23:510 comments
oh great reset will be 2x day which means no eggs for me yay!! now i just need the increased shiny chance to seal it . so everyone enjoy the increased exp tomorrow i know i wont be enjoying it

Yesterday, 22:530 comments
is thinking on making a musical journal which will be somewhere where i ll post the lyrics to almost all the songs i listen to reason almost is some of the songs i listen to are too adult for ph but most of them arent so im gonna post them and you guys can check out what music i tend to listen to at night before i go to bed

Yesterday, 22:450 comments
hoopa number 102 is in my party hopefully by the time i get to 150 i can sell the shiny for a pretty penny still if not omg i guess it will be the only shiny i release

Yesterday, 20:160 comments
2 truths and one lie answers
1 my fav singer is def randy travis
2 my fav band def is kiss
3 no i actually loathe him frankly the youtube where hes dying for 10 hours isnt long enough

Yesterday, 19:310 comments
2 truths and one lie

1 my fav singer is randy travis
2 my fav band is kiss
3 i totally love justin beiber

Yesterday, 19:045 comments
so my increased breeding chance was one egg hmm how did i know that thats what i was going to get

Yesterday, 16:210 comments
if never i met you id never seen you cry

Yesterday, 16:150 comments

Yesterday, 15:480 comments

Yesterday, 15:400 comments
god gave rock n roll to you

Yesterday, 14:246 comments

Yesterday, 14:160 comments
the autobots carry on their war against the decepticons transformers more then meets the eye

Yesterday, 13:551 comment
increased breeding chance well ill have 3 eggs tomorrow i get more on days when i dont have a bonus day

Yesterday, 00:010 comments
in ten min i get to find out if im getting any eggs tomorrow or not so exciting

1 Day ago0 comments
oh god the song im currently listening to is too adult for ph wish i could put some of its lines on here so everyone could enjoy them but none are kid friendly

1 Day ago1 comment
there are some things in the world i wonder how they got started like the tidepod challenge and then there are others that i dont like human stupidity which im sure is what caused the tidepod challenge

1 Day ago0 comments
I think im gonna be the only one who is gonna consistantly shiny mega hunt with out a mega booster because i cant afford to keep sinking money into nuggets in order to buy the booster and no one usually pays me in nuggets for anything i sell so def no booster for my shiny mega sala de minci hunt might mean that ill have the longest chain on site but at least i ll eventually get the shiny mega

1 Day ago6 comments
pfq -shiny charm uber charm working no shinies and no albinos no shiny charm no uber and shinies and albinos like its christmas
ph shinies boosted or not only when they want to appear

1 Day ago1 comment



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this is todd hurwitch and its not against site rules so if you report me for it expect the mods either to tell you its not against site rules or to ignore you

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pet bunny mallow the person responsible for my avi is mrinja
if its in UFT box its for sale for 500 pd per pokemon unless its an event then its 10k per pokemon or unless its a legendary and then its either offer or i have a set price special note if the box has a mega or shiny in it its not my UFT box
the person responsible for

dont pal pad me or pm me about trades unless i say so and i prefer pal pad over pms if you really love pms be prepared to be ignored if it ignores what i previously stated

dont pal pad to offer me something especially since i probably cant afford it

I am a 36 year old female who is a mother of two and yes they play too. I love pokemon obviously, wolves, and art I also love horror in books, horror movies not so much Im a big Stephen King fan

I collect ghost and rowlett plushies

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