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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 263/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
16442,024 / 92,583


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Professor Rowan 10 Days ago
corvadell 10 Days ago

Badge Showcase

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testifytime hasn't collected any medals so far.

Key Items

I keep forgetting to check my bag so I'm going go update it here instead.


Bug - 43
Electric - 23
Fighting - 26
Flying - 45
Grass - 35
Ground - 19
Normal - 64
Poison - 21
Rock - 29
Water - 32
Dark - 3
Fire - 3
Ghost - 2
Ice - 4
Psychic - 13
Steel - 3
Fairy - 8
Dragon - 0


Blue - 2
Green - 2
Gold - 4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #735830512
Registration: 08/01/2019 (11 Days ago)
Game Time: 39:00 Hours
Total interactions: 285,689
Money: 58,131
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Somehow I have 8 Fairy gems yet no Dragon gems despite them being the same rarity? When did I get these Fairy gems. Where did they come from.

Yesterday, 22:492 comments
The Royal Tunnel is really easy until you get to the "how many steps" questions, at which point it gets very frustrating VERY quickly. I need to take a break before I cry. And to get my money back up.

5 Days ago0 comments
I should.... give my Budew a really cute nickname. And I am very tempted to call her Honey.

7 Days ago1 comment
I GOT A SHINY BUDEW!!! I know that the chances for it are higher at the Honey Tree, but also, my first shiny!!!!

7 Days ago2 comments
I have, like, over 200 Pecha berries in my Berry Garden and more seeds than garden space. This got out of hand a lot sooner than I thought it would!

8 Days ago0 comments
Wait. So to GET Combee, I need honey. But to get HONEY, I need COMBEE. Dang it. When I get my Combee I'm calling it Catch 22. I just gotta hope for a price I can afford at the Trade Station. I've got this!

9 Days ago3 comments
Apparently, Combee's a "special" rarity Pokemon. Which is cool to know, except nothing I've seen so far explains what a "special" rarity Pokemon actually IS, which naturally makes figuring out where to get one very confusing.

9 Days ago3 comments
I GOT IT. F I N A L L Y. That egg took forever to find.

10 Days ago0 comments
I've been asked by the site several times if I'm human cus of how quickly I'm clicking to interact and it's genuinely funny like yes don't worry I'm human I'm just very obsessed with getting Event eggs that are directly related to the amount of clicks you do.

10 Days ago0 comments
Trying to get these Harvest Sprites is going to increase my blood pressure drastically. I KNOW (roughly) how to get Yellow, but I just can't get the tricky thing to spawn.

10 Days ago1 comment


Hi, I'm Testify. He/Him.

Still all sorts of new to this browser game, so I'm probably not going to be 100% efficient at everything just yet. Just taking it as I can, and figuring everything out from there.

Favourite Pokemon: Gothita, Ralts, Shinx
Favourite Fandoms: Pokemon, Homestuck, OFF
Lesser Fandoms: Smash Bros, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Monster Prom, Assassin's Creed, etc...


Current Quests:

Harvest Sprites
[o] - Dark Blue
[o] - Light Blue
[o] - Green
[o] - Yellow
[x] - Orange
[o] - Red
[x] - Purple
[x] - ???

[o] - 10,000 interactions
[o] - Higher or Lower x15
[/] - 10/10 Flying Gems, 0/5 Dragon Gems.

Current Goals:

- Obtain Miltank
- Obtain Combee
- Obtain Dratini
- Obtain Mewton M. Meowth
- Obtain Legendary Lake Trio (0/3)
- Attempt shiny Shinx/Ralts hunt/s
- Complete Badge Set 1
- Attempt for shiny at Honey Tree (Completed 12/01/19)
- Attempt for Celebi at Honey Tree
- Obtain shiny rod/bait
- Fix Black Cauldron (50,000 PG)


Last Action
Playing the Golden Slot (26 Minutes ago)

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