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Trainerlevel: 20

Trainerpoints: 252/1,219


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Barry B Benson
14919,317 / 67,051
Combee214 / 48
212 / 48
Combee21 / 48
Combee21 / 48
Combee214 / 48

art commisions

hello! i like to draw and will do art for you..

..for a price.
i have various examples and prices, just pm/pp me for art!


no example.. yet!

(not colored)
no example.. yet!




Game Records

Trainer ID: #548561390
Registration: 04/08/2018 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 50:44 Hours
Total interactions: 40,012
Money: 12,354
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


By PokeRadar - 1 Day and 1 Hour ago.
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Combee in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!
i don't know if this is a good thing or not but yay?

Yesterday, 12:392 comments
hello there! i have three gengars, one shiny and two mega powered! the shiny goes for 90k and the mega ables for 150k!
im also selling a star piece and dragon gem at 50k each, and a relic gold for 53k - 55k!
i also have a retro duckett for 40k and a mega powered medicham for 120k!
one more thing: im selling a regirock for 15k and a jirachi for 30k!
something of equal value works too!
oh and im doing art commisions check my profile you fabulous trash cans

4 Days ago1 comment
i made a new profile for myself! what do you guys think of my art?

8 Days ago2 comments
dear those that put cheap legends/shinies/mega -ables on the auction house;
you people are great and lovely. thanks so much!

9 Days ago0 comments
i know that the radar check says that the royal tunnel legend eggs are okay, but im just paranoid and want confirmation on this. so, is it true?

11 Days ago2 comments
By Professor_Mac

Hello everyone. I decided to give away 2000 nuggets to one random person.
So, if you want to be that person, all you have to do is share this.

It ends in 2 days

14 Days ago0 comments
i found a light stone in a mystery box aaaa!

25 Days ago1 comment
please interact with my babus-

27 Days ago1 comment
hey! i'm doing party click exchanges!

28 Days ago0 comments
does a retro egg from the game center break my chain? (or, in this case, start it)

28 Days ago3 comments
(sorry for double-posting or whatever it's called)

29 Days ago0 comments
aaaa my eggo's on the site page!

29 Days ago0 comments
can you breed pride vivillion? i want to get a shiny one.
if not, i guess i'm hunting eevee or sentret.

1 Month ago2 comments
heya! would anyone want to buy the following:
relic gold
relic copper
mega-able medicham
unknown b
like, a ton of combee

1 Month ago0 comments
in my shop, i have a mega-able medicham, if anyone's interested in buying it!

1 Month ago0 comments
hello! my shop is permanently closed and is now moved to my profile, where you can find a list of things i am selling! i have boxes, keys, gems, fossils, relics, and more!

1 Month ago0 comments

1 Month ago2 comments
guess who probably should've planned her story out better, and thus stopped working on it because it was garbage?
this gal!

1 Month ago0 comments

hey it's me

jay ~ female ~ lesbibab


check her out, she's great!


"You can call me a liar and that would be true
though I do disagree, I don't challenge you
I am docile and lazy, I show no respect
You can call me a coward and you'd be correct
-a deer mistaking candles for headlights by crywank


hey. im an edgy furry who's tired and internally screaming 24/7 haha.
i like to draw and rp. the more i like a character, the more they must suffer.
i also like snakes and deer. cats are nice, too.
i like warriors, percy jackson, heroes of olympus, and harry potter.
if you want to rp, just pm me. idc really.


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