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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 5,685/6,393

Game Records

Trainer ID: #718450426
Registration: 01/06/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 818:34 Hours
Total interactions: 664,665
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 2 lost.
Money: 6,370,202
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


By Sinful -
Another shot.
I'm giving the finder of MY Ditto 1M PD.
500K if the account is Inactive.
Because, why not?

Yesterday, 03:200 comments
Hmm... My computer randomly lost one of my hard drives. The drive health is fine, but I better not be losing my motherboard. This thing is barely a year old

1 Day ago0 comments
x.x This summer is even busier than my school year. At this rate I'm going to start charging my family for tech support... And my wisdom teeth are going to need to come out at some point in the next couple of months. I got a couple of games I've been wanting for a while from the Steam sale though! Finally going to try out the Final Fantasy series~

2 Days ago0 comments
Another Shiny Squirtle from the beach! ^^ Now I've got all 3 of that evolution line~ (Once it evolves). Still need a mega at some point. I'm tentatively planning on going for a bunch of megas while I am between premiums.

Although speaking of megas, if anyone has a Green Orb for sale, palpad me!

3 Days ago0 comments
So, on the wiki it says I need to give Slowyore a King's Rock and feed it honey to evolve it into Yoreking. I gave it the rock, but I can only find the option to give it honey, not feed it. How do I do that?

9 Days ago1 comment
Chain 113 and still no mega. 0.0 I usually have pretty good luck with those. I have gotten 2 extra shinies out of it though. I'll keep on going I guess!

13 Days ago0 comments
Is anyone available to help me trade evolve a shiny slowpoke?

13 Days ago2 comments
Is anyone available to help me trade evolve a shiny slowpoke?

13 Days ago0 comments
Chain 51 and 2 shinys already! ^^ One more and a mega and I'm done with this one. Maybe I will have time for one more hunt before my premium runs out!

20 Days ago1 comment
I got a mega-able Pinsir from the bug contest! Pretty low scoring before evolving unfortunately (it's apparently quite ugly), but I'm hoping I'll be able to mega-evolve it and get a boost. Need it for my dex still, anyway~

22 Days ago0 comments
I just realized that in all the time I've been on PH, I've never found an Old Amber. Where do those even come from?

24 Days ago1 comment
Going to get in my Slowpoke hunt before my premium runs out! (Maybe even one more if this one goes quick enough.) I'm thinking I won't renew it right away, I'll lab hunt for a while and try to save up nuggets for the Christmas sale in a few months

25 Days ago0 comments
Oooh, I like the shiny orange minior~ Glad I got that one!

25 Days ago0 comments
Name of my latest commit: the I Hate Myself update. x.x I'm never making a game again.

27 Days ago0 comments
I'm pleasantly surprised at how low the needed points per egg are staying! I'll be able to get egg no. 5 after work today ^^

28 Days ago0 comments
I'll be able to get a third event before I go to bed at this rate! ^^ Here's hoping the points amounts stay low enough that I can get all 8 around finals~

29 Days ago0 comments
It's been a while since the broken egg was on Index! I forgot about that for a while

29 Days ago0 comments
Finally done with this hunt. x.x Not going to buy flutes again for a while if that's the result. Both Growlithe and Abra only gave me eggs at chain 80, 100, and 120 in Abra's case. I'm going to wait and see what the event is before starting another hunt, so I think I'll try to get a Diancie egg in the meantime!

29 Days ago0 comments
Less than 24 hours left on my flute, chain 73, and still no shiny. Go figure, both of the shiny hunts with this flute have been ridiculously slow.

1 Month ago0 comments
I just realized what the problem was with fishing. It's not eating my energy at all- the energy bar just isn't removing enough green each time, so it lets me cast when I don't actually have the energy for it and errors out when it realizes

1 Month ago0 comments


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