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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 4,392/9,129


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Hinata (no not my real name) / female / 25 / officially engaged to a sweet huggable Squishy / straight / writer

Event Tickets for Meloetta (shiny):


Event Points for Event pokemon I don't have (missing: snowling line, derpatung and sandwebble)


Collecting GGC until the end of the Halloween event


Gem Hunt

Dragon Gem (12/75)
Water Gem (45/75)
Flying Gem (30/75)
Poison Gem (75/75)

Dragon Gem (12/75)
Psychic Gem (52/75)
Electric Gem (22/75)
Ice Gem (11/75)

-Merging Egg-
12 / 10 Dragon Gem
8 / 10 Fairy Gem

Emera pokemon I'm missing

Easter Diggersby
Waiter Simisage, Simisear and Simipour
Spiky-eared pichu
Shadow mewtwo


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Eeveesaur133 1 Day ago
hinachan22 4 Days ago
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Eeveesaur133 16 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #388649916
Registration: 18/04/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1356:09 Hours
Total interactions: 868,637
Money: 213,685
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


You found the legendary Pokémon Hoopa inside the treasure box!
It fled instantly, I wonder where it went?
Maybe Professor Rowan knows more about this naughty little Pokémon.

the literal first box i open...

3 Days ago3 comments
By PokéRadar - 49 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Combee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #94)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

YAAAAAY! I got my shiny mild boy!!! =D

5 Days ago5 comments
well I just found out for my course I have 3 more semesters I have to complete!

...i wanna cry now...

5 Days ago1 comment
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Ultra Saddle found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.


6 Days ago6 comments
My sister is the absolute best. (<100% sarcasm!!) Not only did she neglect to tell me that dinner was ready and pretty much let me starve while sleep deprived with a massive headache but she has been putting down everything I've been saying for the past two days! Seriously I'm already under a massive amount of stress and pressure! And now she won't shut up when she knows I need to study! DX<

6 Days ago7 comments
Awww noooo I completely forgot about the speed click event I signed up for!!! DX

6 Days ago5 comments
ok this is something I feel like I should post as a feed:
for the next 9 days I need to do some major studying because I have 3 exams for my Vet Technician course that I just found out involves needing to answer 20 1-2 paragraph questions in an hour (for EACH exam). I usually keep pokeheroes open even when I'm asleep so palpad usually lists me as online when I'm not however I won't be paying much attention to the site for the next 9 days (except to try and get more candies for my second marshadow) PLEASE bear with me! I'm nowhere near ready for my exams so I NEED to study! If I take a long time to answer messages, I'm extremely sorry. It's nothing against you, I just really need to pass this course

12 Days ago5 comments
My cat is so ridiculously cute! Starting at 5 am, she starts her day by walking around on me, rolling around on my back then curls up next to me until I wake up completely (her walking around me usually partially wakes me up) and now she's curled up on my bed sleeping and purring with her chubby little baby stomach exposed.
I seriously have no idea how she can be so friggin' adorable X3

12 Days ago2 comments
Ok so trying to get two marshadows and what I can only assume is marshadow's z crystal. So I need 27,500 candies and I currently have 9,476. =/


16 Days ago13 comments
resuming my shiny hunts! wish me luck =D

19 Days ago2 comments
What'd you guys pick for the Halloween event?

I chose zombies (friggin' hate zombies -.-)

22 Days ago1 comment
I have some really great friends and an amazing fiance and I'm really happy I got to meet every single one of them

25 Days ago1 comment
and in one day I was reminded why I don't like: dealing with other people, talking to other people or just being around other people period.

...that's the last time I bother sharing anything with anyone...

25 Days ago2 comments
By Emera Square - 24 Minutes and 22 Seconds ago.
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 10 (Rating: 7.77)
Photo #2 - Rank 18 (Rating: 7.66)
Photo #3 - Rank 40 (Rating: 7.28)
Photo #4 - Rank 81 (Rating: 6.85)
Photo #5 - Rank 92 (Rating: 6.76)

You won 5000 Festival Points!

WOO! I can get my shiny meloetta now!! =D

25 Days ago6 comments
hey just out of curiosity: is it a fair trade to offer a male shiny buneary for a female shiny buneary?

29 Days ago3 comments
To everyone who commented on my last feed or sent messages through palpad: thank you for all your concern. I'm slowly starting to feel better and I'm really happy I have such caring friends. You guys are awesome and the absolute best

on a side note: my mouse is amazingly durable. don't ask how I found this out but this thing cost only 5 dollars and is really durable

1 Month ago2 comments
well I'm pissed off! I officially hate today and I don't know why I bother doing anything!

1 Month ago5 comments
currently feel extremely stupid...if anyone needs me...I'll be hiding under a rock...

1 Month ago7 comments
interaction exchange please! my egg storage is full and I need space for the event pokemon

1 Month ago3 comments
Still breeding event pokemon for users who are missing some. I'm not asking for rare candies anymore since I don't need them anymore.
but I would like for users who want an event pokemon bred to either comment they want one or message me. please don't start a sudden trade requesting pokemon because I don't check GTS that often

1 Month ago5 comments


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shiny hunt/ breeding list

Upcoming shiny hunts:

Bounsweet x5 (Me {x3}, ~Cyan~ {x1} & Godzilla_Queen {x1})
4 male combees
1 female combee
4 miltank
Oricorio (pa'u)
Oricorio (pom pom)

What I want to get during my break from shiny hunts:
Deoxys x2

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