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Trainerlevel: 21

Trainerpoints: 1,049/1,343

Game Records

Trainer ID: #489894527
Registration: 02/04/2014 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 2302:34 Hours
Total interactions: 38,838
Trainer Battle Stats: 5 won, 17 lost.
Money: 804,347
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


"Yeah, it's really w- MARCO GET OFF THE TABLE!!!"
"Wait WHO?? WHAT?!"
"MY CAT WAS ON THE TABLE!" - Me and a friend talking on Discord

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Why did the font change??

Everything looks kinda weird now.....

29 Days ago1 comment

started by Luckylikespie

I honestly don't care if this is excessive or won't help anything. We need to get the word out.
Net neutrality is a law in the United States that protects us from corporations controlling the speed of our internet and which websites we can access. Without it, we not only pay more for websites normally anyone could access, but deal with slower internet and some sites blocked off completely.
Tomorrow, the FCC will vote on whether or not we keep net neutrality. We need it badly if Americans want to experience the same internet as everyone else. Even if you're not from America, share this and tweet @AjitPaiFCC saying that we need to keep net neutrality. Spread the word, guys. This is very important.

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are. you. kidding. me?

why is there snow-

2 Months ago0 comments
don't you just love sitting down to write something, but then you get up to do some Important Thing, and then when you sit back down to write

you forget what you were going to write-

2 Months ago2 comments
tfw when you're drawing and then you put the outline on the sketch layer by accident and now you have to re-do that entire thing-

3 Months ago1 comment
If you were forced to have me in your family,
as what would you want to have me in it ?

- Mom
- Wife
- Sister
- Cousin
- Aunt
- Grandmother
- Pet

Stolen because I'm bored-

3 Months ago0 comments
if you could steal one of my characters, who would you pick? bonus points if you say why (If you need info, please check my Touyhou.se for Aishi, Carol and Virgil, and my deviantart gallery for the rest although I don't think I have info for tri and ben on there anymore..)


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Me: Sit!
Dog: *Lays down on the floor* : D
Me: ....You were so close.

4 Months ago0 comments
My cat is currently hiding in a paper bag.

.....Cat, what are you doing.

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"Is it just me or does Scooby-Doo just seem to get more self-aware with every series?" - Me, 2017

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Me: *Walks away*

My neighbor's dog: *Follows me*

Me: *Walks in opposite direction*

My neighbor's dog: *Follows me some more*

Me: ....Why is your dog following me?

Neighbor: Oh, she just thinks you're gonna pet her some more.

Me: ...Oh. *Pets dog* You're a good girl.

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5 Months ago1 comment

- Honestly, not ALL book-to-movie adaptations are good.

- Maybe don't attack people over ships and what fandoms they're in??? Because.... It's really not hurting anyone 99% of the time???

- Telling someone "kys" because they don't agree or did one thing wrong is bad, and you shouldn't say that to people.

- People are allowed to have different opinions, not everyone has to agree with you, and just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean you have the right to be rude and a jerk to them.

5 Months ago3 comments
Comment here if you think me and you are good friends!


6 Months ago1 comment

I don't rp much, but I have to say smol-bean!!

They make really good roleplays, and those rps can usually last for awhile! Also makes posts that aren't super-long but also not super-short, which I say is a good thing!! ^^

Their characters are also really cool too!!

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don't mind me i'm just covered in cat fur-

thanks for that cats-

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Oh, hi there! I'm Fluttershyfan2, but you can call me FF2!
I may not always reply to messages immediately, but, just wait, and I probably will! (There's a 98% that I'll answer you, eventually.)

I like anime/manga (especially magical girl anime!), video games (Some of them are, Legend Of Zelda, Portal, the Mother series, Bendy and The Ink Machine), art, music, writing, cats, dogs, Vocaloid, UTAU, animation, Studio Ghibli movies, puns, martial arts, pastel colors, space, and whale sharks!

I'm always open for talking, but my Palpad IS set to friends only, because I've had too many issues with people bothering me on my palpad, asking me for things.

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- Ask or beg for my Pokemon/Items/PD/e.t.c
- Contact me when I've made it clear that I don't wanna talk
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- Send me messages saying "Hi", or "Hello"! I'm not good with jumping straight into a conversation with most people, so this helps! :3
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"For god's sake, you're BOXES with LEGS! It is literally your only purpose! Walking onto buttons! How can you not do the one thing you were designed for?"

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