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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,394/3,709

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Trainer ID: #934412412
Registration: 27/12/2013 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1071:11 Hours
Total interactions: 119,745
Trainer Battle Stats: 34 won, 22 lost.
Money: 978,052
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


By Akiruru -
[Birthday Raffle]

Well, on 30th it is my birthday but until then I won't be online much and won't be able to respond at all...meanwhile why not just sit and eat some early cake and share it with your friends ? After all, you are all invited. ♡

To enter, make a feed with #PartyTimeAki

On 30th I will give some pumpkin spice (Shiny Pumpkaboo), some Flowers (Shiny Spring Flaaffy) and myself (Shiny Flaaffy) as a gift to one participant ! Enjoy the cake~

25 Days ago0 comments
Hiya! Have you heard about the #AuroraLottery ?
You can win a light stone and a cosmog, a moltres, megas, shinys and much more.
There are also weekly and milestone prizes.
Next Weekly Prize: 28.10. reset
Next Milestone in: 650 nuggets - prize: Zigzagoon (Retro) + shiny staryu + shiny swampert + 50 random gems
There are many ways to enter so check it out!
you can get 1 ticket a day if you share the hashtag with working links!!

26 Days ago0 comments
Hiya! Have you heard about the #AuroraLottery ?
Recently Amilee added new prizes!
You can now win a light stone and a cosmog, a moltres, megas, shinys and much more.
There are also weekly and milestone prizes.
Next Weekly Prize: 21.10. reset
Next Milestone in: 695 nuggets - prize: Enigma Stone + Enigma Pearl + 3x Star Piece + Shell Bell
There are many ways to enter so check it out!
you can get 1 ticket a day if you share the hashtag with working links!!

1 Month ago0 comments
by Cyanna
#PumpkinArmy • Share this hastag~
One random person will win 100k! Ends Oct 31st~ The more people who share the more likely I'll boost the prize!! (Also to help boost the prize, I'm selling pumpkaboos! ALL proceeds go to the pumpkin army prize!!) Clicking my eggs do help BUT isnt mandatory for entering the giveaway~

1 Month ago0 comments
Anyone wants to exchange drampa plushie?

1 Month ago1 comment
Share this hashtag to be entered in an awesome drawing to win 1,000,000 PD!! If more than 100 different users enter 100 nuggets will be given away as well, so the more you share the better!! This will end Sept 16th at server reset! (So sept 15 @ 8pm EST for me)

2 Months ago0 comments
It's -trashpanda- with a raffle. I am part of a large-scale scavenger hunt and one of the items is to get at least 400 people to vote on a poll.
It's just one question, all you need is a name and an answer.
The poll is here. The raffle thread is here. Vote and comment on the thread once for two points and share the post once a day for one point per post.
At the end of the poll (reset August 12) I will choose three winners. The prizes are:

A shiny Sharpedo.
2 Dragon Gems
50 Nuggets


3 Months ago0 comments
By SilverBrick
A whole year[b] wasted on PokéHeroes, yay!

[b]Thanks for being a member on PokéHeroes!

So 200K pokedollar for a random player who share this post and 1 black box for 1 more random player who share this ^^
Will end tomorrow

4 Months ago0 comments
Does anyone want to exchange a shiny noctowl plushie?(Please comment first before sending)

4 Months ago0 comments
Hello everyone! FaeMom here.

Now i know many of you know that in about 6 days i will be leaving the Pokeheroes site forever. (Even changing my password to somthing idk)

But! I hope to take a piece oof you guys with me.
Now if you share this WHOLE post you will be entered in to win a shiny or mega from my last box!!!
There will be 3 WINNERS for those who share the hashtag (ends on the 15th)

4 Months ago0 comments

It's Professor*Acacia again!
back with a Bi-Weekly raffle!!!
every two weeks I will be choosing a number between 500 and 1,000- using Random.org
Share the hashtag and be entered to win that amount!! {max once a day}
each round, only one person will win

this round's amount: 698 nuggets!!

this round ends 7/15/17

4 Months ago0 comments
Well since this worked out rather well yesterday, here's another #FreeMil quick giveaway opinion poll, by Argentis!

How to Join:
* Enter before 0:00 site time of July 7
* Share the whole post, coding absolutely necessary next step
* Bold the letter-sentence of your choice. Don't know how? Check the BBCode Guide in the forums!

Argentis isn't sure if 2 options is good or if 3 options make people feel better about getting the right answer.
A) Go with 2, 50/50 chances.
B) Go with 3, 33.3/66.7 chances.

* Gem bags up to 5,000 pd in value, gem-type preferred must be commented in the original feed by Argentis
* A (Missing) Plushie under 50 DP

Next FreeMil round: July 8th-9th

4 Months ago0 comments
by Mystic
today is my birthday (yahhh)
so I am doing a small raffle as I don't have much Item/PD/Nugget to raffle
share this hastag with the full post to enter
The prizes are,

1. 1x Resolute Stone, 20x Honey & Moomoo Milk
2. 3x Rare Candy, 100x different kind of berrys
3. 1 Magmarizer, 1 Mystery Box (Dark Blue)

Any kind of gifts for me are accepted!

4 Months ago0 comments
By PunksNotDeadWeAre
Okie. Im pretty excited about this. My last raffle, HappyBirthdayDarren, was big. A lot of people bought in and a lot of people won some really good items. But i dont settle for pretty big.

So im officially announcing a new raffle. This time i got together with Thatsweetsin and DarklingModWolf and we are organizing a HUGE raffle. My biggest to date.

Prizes include a mega stone, lots of shinies,nuggets, events and many many more items.

I will be taking tickets starting on monday, and you can buy from any if us. But start sharing #DarkDeadSinRaffle today for an automatic entry.

Trust me, you'll wanna enter.

Sharing the whole post gets ya 2 free entries in the raffle from now until monday morning. You can share it today and tomorrow for maximum entries

4 Months ago1 comment
#WhiscashIsACatfish - By YoshikageKira

Hello! YoshikageKira here just to tell you that I've added new prizes to the raffle
1st prize winner gets 600k pd
2nd prize winner gets a random assortment of 500 gems
3rd prize winner gets a random assortment of 4 Lake trio vouchers
4th prize winner gets a random assortment of 3 lake trio vouchers
5th prize winner gets a random assortment of 2 lake trio vouchers
6th prize winner gets one random lake trio voucher
7th prize winner gets 30 Lugia vouchers
8th prize winner gets 10 random boxes
Audinette will give 30k pd to everyone who shares this hashtag!Please, it's very important, Whiscash's fate is in our hands!

7 Months ago0 comments
#SappyLotto by CassOfDelphi and LarryCig

Grand Prizes:
* 1st: Shiny hunt of choice (see details in thread)
* 2nd: Mega hunt of choice (see details in thread)
* 3rd: 2 Mega Stone OR x3 Submarine Volcano Map (see details in thread)
* Weekly prizes: [In Forum post]

How to join:
(Delivery comments must have SappyLotto and be sent to CassOfDelphi!)
* Share the hashtag post with links = 1 ticket
* Send 5,000 PD = 1 ticket
* Send 50 Nuggets = 20 tickets
* Send x1 Common Box/Key = 2 tickets
* Send x5 Common gems = 3 tickets (for each set of 5)
* Send x1 Dragon Gem = 15 tickets
For more, check out the details in lottery thread link below.

Deadline: April 6th at reset

Share It | Lottery Thread | Delibird

8 Months ago0 comments
By Fruitcake
i will be giving away 5 shiny pokemon and 1 mega-able pokemon.
heres how you can enter
black box= 150 tickets Black key= 200 tickets
Gold box & Key=75 tickets each
Common box & keys 25 tickets each
Dragon gems=60 tickets common gems=2 tickets
Ice, Psychic, Dark, Ghost and Fire= 5 tickets
Normal Gems=7 tickets Rare candies=4 tickets
1k pd= 1 ticket
Share the entire post for 1 tickets ( max 1 a day)

Prizes (may be changed due to how many people enter)
1st * Charmander 100 nuggets 20 gems
2nd *Vaporeon 50 nuggets 15 gems
3rd Mega-able Charmander 10 gems
4th *Gastly 5 gems
5th *Gastly
6th *Magikarp

The Raffle will end Tuesday at 8.
Please make sure to put the #tag or it will be counted as a gift.

8 Months ago0 comments
#Dittos4All By ~Ruka_Shimizu~
Ruka is planning to shiny hunt ditto once she gets enough supplies. She will be raffling off all the normal dittos after the hunt ends. For the thread with all the information click here. To share this feed click here.

To enter:
Send normal gems: 1 entry per 5 gems
Send nuggets: 1 entry per 5 nuggets
Share the Hashtag, Full Text, and all the Links: 1 entry

8 Months ago0 comments
Does anyone have a sapphire?i can offer an emerald for it

8 Months ago0 comments


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