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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 477/3,299

Game Records

Trainer ID: #927943014
Registration: 07/05/2017 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 260:48 Hours
Total interactions: 70,016
Money: 392,469
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I only got 1227 clicks for the latest one, I was hoping for some sort of birthday miracle but I still did good at least.

1 Month ago0 comments
Just before the SCE began, my tablet decided to crash so I had to get on my old one that barely functions. I ended up unable to interact until 3 minutes into the event, but I ended up with almost 1,000 interactions so I guess that's good.

1 Month ago0 comments
My Mantyke went to Alola and is bringing back Alolan Raichu and a Nebula Stone. I've been trying to get these since the Alola rumble came out, and finally I will. Still no ice stone though.

3 Months ago0 comments
I see all these people on my friendlist getting great stuff from the fountain but mine just said "Have a great day!" and nothing happened. That basically sums up my entire life.

3 Months ago0 comments
I finally found a Latias Egg in the wild. I've been tracking it down for quite a while now.

3 Months ago0 comments
#MyWishForChristmas is snow. Snow makes me happy but currently where I live it's too warm and dry.

4 Months ago0 comments
Apparently I hatched another random Mega-able, this time a Scyther from the Bug Hatching Contest.

4 Months ago0 comments
#IAmThankfulFor My friends who always accept me, even when the world wants to tell me I shouldn't exist.

4 Months ago0 comments
I hatched my Shiny Joltik finally! I'm freaking out right now.

5 Months ago0 comments
Does anyone have any cute nicknames for a Shiny female Chimecho? I hatched one on PFQ after one of the longest hunts I've ever done, but I don't know what to call her.

6 Months ago0 comments
I was just playing Golden Slot on the highest setting, not expecting anything but out of nowhere I got a Uxie egg voucher.

7 Months ago1 comment
I just got my first Shaymin after 6004 total interactions. I'm so happy.

8 Months ago1 comment
I'm curious, about how often is it that Shiny Pokemon appear in the Bug Hatching minigame? I'm seeing a lot of them.

8 Months ago3 comments
Well, that's kind of odd. I was adopting some Gyarados I fished up in search of a Mega-able, and one of them was level 4. I know you can catch them at lower levels than they evolve, but I didn't know that low.

8 Months ago0 comments
I just fished up a Prison Bottle. I'm guessing that isn't too common, and it kinda surprised me.

9 Months ago1 comment
Has anyone ever encountered the creepy person with a Drifloon? I have literally no how I did it, but I just did.

9 Months ago2 comments
I'm confused and worried. Professor Rowan gave me a quest, and it involves me giving him Pokemon back after I hatch their Eggs for him. However, the setup for selecting a Pokemon to give to him does not show up properly (likely because I'm on mobile). Is there anything can do other than let him down severely, or somehow find a computer?

9 Months ago0 comments
What does it mean when you click on an Egg and it says you don't have enough privileges to view it?

9 Months ago3 comments
I caught a dark blue key while fishing, what was this doing in the ocean?

9 Months ago0 comments
So you know the Mega-able Charmander the Professor gives you for enough dex entries? Somehow mine hatched female.

9 Months ago0 comments


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