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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,415/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
41397 / 5,055
Rat King
264118,334 / 209,881
Houndour30677 / 3,489

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Site Info

I’m awkward so if you PalPad/message me and I don’t respond or my response is weird that’s why. However, if you give me a Plushie I’ll happily return the favor, provided I actually have Dream Points.

My icon was made by me, and also used on my PokeFarm with the same username. His name is Borealis.

I am a Shiny hunter, so here’s a list of my Shines so far!
•Joltik, 11/15/17, chain 147
•Retro Typhlosion, 7/1/18, chain of 2!

To be updated, I love the thrill of the hunt.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #927943014
Registration: 07/05/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 305:50 Hours
Total interactions: 73,157
Money: 550,615
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I caught a normal Retro Typhlosion to go with my Shiny. I was trying for Shiny Venusaur or Articuno, but there will always be chances later.

16 Days ago0 comments
It was my second chain too!

18 Days ago0 comments
How I managed to crack my tablet screen and make it completely unresponsive, I don’t know but somehow I did so I’m on my phone now. At least I can still get on this way.

1 Month ago0 comments
Whoa, I forgot I've been on this site for a year now.

2 Months ago0 comments
I only got 1227 clicks for the latest one, I was hoping for some sort of birthday miracle but I still did good at least.

4 Months ago0 comments
Just before the SCE began, my tablet decided to crash so I had to get on my old one that barely functions. I ended up unable to interact until 3 minutes into the event, but I ended up with almost 1,000 interactions so I guess that's good.

4 Months ago0 comments
My Mantyke went to Alola and is bringing back Alolan Raichu and a Nebula Stone. I've been trying to get these since the Alola rumble came out, and finally I will. Still no ice stone though.

6 Months ago0 comments
I see all these people on my friendlist getting great stuff from the fountain but mine just said "Have a great day!" and nothing happened. That basically sums up my entire life.

6 Months ago0 comments
I finally found a Latias Egg in the wild. I've been tracking it down for quite a while now.

6 Months ago0 comments
#MyWishForChristmas is snow. Snow makes me happy but currently where I live it's too warm and dry.

7 Months ago0 comments
Apparently I hatched another random Mega-able, this time a Scyther from the Bug Hatching Contest.

7 Months ago0 comments
#IAmThankfulFor My friends who always accept me, even when the world wants to tell me I shouldn't exist.

7 Months ago0 comments
I hatched my Shiny Joltik finally! I'm freaking out right now.

8 Months ago0 comments
Does anyone have any cute nicknames for a Shiny female Chimecho? I hatched one on PFQ after one of the longest hunts I've ever done, but I don't know what to call her.

9 Months ago0 comments
I was just playing Golden Slot on the highest setting, not expecting anything but out of nowhere I got a Uxie egg voucher.

9 Months ago1 comment
I just got my first Shaymin after 6004 total interactions. I'm so happy.

11 Months ago1 comment
I'm curious, about how often is it that Shiny Pokemon appear in the Bug Hatching minigame? I'm seeing a lot of them.

11 Months ago3 comments
Well, that's kind of odd. I was adopting some Gyarados I fished up in search of a Mega-able, and one of them was level 4. I know you can catch them at lower levels than they evolve, but I didn't know that low.

11 Months ago0 comments
I just fished up a Prison Bottle. I'm guessing that isn't too common, and it kinda surprised me.

11 Months ago1 comment
Has anyone ever encountered the creepy person with a Drifloon? I have literally no how I did it, but I just did.

11 Months ago2 comments



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Behind the Screen

I’m a very anxious guy. I’m not going to give an exact age, but I’m a couple years younger than most people I see on here.

Some of my favorites include Glaceon, Houndoom, Gourgeist, Froslass, Gebgar, Darkrai, Giratina, Mew, and many others including their evolution lines.

I like a lot of alternative music, but most of the stuff I listen to is more popular in that genre.

Some more stuff that I don’t really have any other place for:
•I’m a Slytherin with a Magpie patronus.
•I’m an INTP.
•My quickest hunt ever on a main series game was 18 encounters.
•As a Pokémon I’d want to be a Shiny Glaceon like my icon.
•As a Trainer I’d want to live in Eterna or Snowpoint City in Sinnoh.