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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 147/989

Game Records

Trainer ID: #120240062
Registration: 30/12/2016 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 108:36 Hours
Total interactions: 19,020
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 1 lost.
Money: 63,995
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Got a few ponytas going free on global trade. Feel free to check them out.

Yesterday, 16:460 comments
Doing my very first shiny hunt if anyone could interact with my eggs would really help please.

2 Days ago0 comments
Please interact with my eggs, I need to free up spaces for day care eggs.

9 Days ago0 comments
If I was to sell my shiny retro chikorita for pd what kind of price should I be asking for? Not sure what it's worth but want to be fair if I do sell.

14 Days ago0 comments
Got a Mystery Box (Dark Blue) that I'm thinking of selling any one looking for a dark blue box? Let me know below.

15 Days ago0 comments
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

7x Dark Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

16 Days ago0 comments
Interaction exchange (comment below when done so I don't miss you)

16 Days ago1 comment
Interaction exchange (comment below when done so I don't miss you)

17 Days ago2 comments

By MaleAi

I've decided to do a Raffle for get as many Fighting Gems as I can, you can find all the info Here
There are some good Prizes being the first one a Mega Stone
Share this complete text with Full Links gives you 40 Tickets~
||Delibird|| Share it

17 Days ago0 comments
In the next few days should finally get my own copy of pokemon moon.

1 Month ago0 comments
Hi Guys,
I am Planning to leave Pokeheroes soon so i am auctioning away my pokemons or giving them for free .But before leaving i want to help you
I am giving away the items mentioned below for free to a lucky winner for free-
470 evolutionary items
4000 berries
1000 random gems
300 cooking items
100 boxes and keys
My pd and around 500 nugget

Please Share this Hashtag each share counts 1 ticket.
The winner will be chosen randomly.

1 Month ago0 comments

Hey guys so I've been on pokeheroes for about 2 years now. I don't really go on it anymore so sadly I'm quitting (But no one probably cares). I decided to give away my best things like my shiny regice and mega ables. So I'm making a raffle as my final thing I do in this game. All u gotta do to enter is share this to others. Prizes will be announced soon.

Ok so here are the prizes to my raffle:

1: mega sableye
2: shiny regice
3: mega Latios (I will miss you!)
4: shiny of their choice first
5: shiny of their choice second
6: the final shiny that's left
7: 4 megable gyrados
8: 2 lugia
9: black box
10: palkia
11: 2 regirock
12: keldeo
13: jirachi
14: 2 celebii
15: 500,000 PD
I will miss you all!
Just another prize.


1 Month ago0 comments

By: ThatGuy


All you have to do is share this and at the end of an hour I will giveaway a Shiny Gallade!

1 Month ago0 comments

#xShadowsSMG ---WIN A DITTO!---
Join xShadow's first shiny mega hunt's lottery. You can win Shinies, Mega-ables, Pokedollar, Items and more! Join now

More info here.
Get shinies and mega-ables for just 50 water gems!
New! Item trades added.

GRAND PRIZE - DITTO (I'm serious) + Mega Charizard Y (Modest nature) + 100k pd + shiny pokemon + mega-able pokemon

Next Goal 2000 gems.

[Share It]

1 Month ago0 comments
Just joined today. Can't wait to get my teeth stuck in. :3

1 Month ago0 comments


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Hi everyone, my name's Victoria but you can all call me Tori. I'm new to this site but a long time fan of anything pokemon.

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