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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 2,298/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Things to Note...

PalPad doesn't work on laptop, only on phone. Use Messages instead if you need to contact me ASAP.

This boy is my world~ <3

~~I'm married to Rox McCartney
~~FtM (Female to Male) Transgender
~~I'm the biggest Kingdom Hearts and Dinosaur nerd you'll ever meet.

~~If I put you on my blocklist it's either because
A) You were rude to me or are just a negative person for the sake of being negative.
B) You make and breathe drama.
C) Are known to steal art/OCs.
D) Being a shady person/Scamming people

~~If you are on my blocklist it is not on me to explain to you what you did, if I feel wronged by you I have full right not to deal with you anymore. If you report me for having you on my blocklist that goes against Rule 1.2 and you could get into trouble for that.

~~Don't ask for any of my Pokemon that are not in the clearly marked Trade/Sell box.

~~Don't cry to me if I declined your offer, chances are someone else offered something better than you or you offered stuff I was NOT looking for.

Avi from Kingdom Hearts 3's Opening Cinematics

Looking for


Old Amber Fossil: 7/500

Skull Fossil: 7/100

Plume Fossil: 7/100

Helix Fossil: 9/100

Cover Fossil: 8/100

Sail Fossil: 14/100

Root Fossil: 4/100

Claw Fossil: 7/100

Armor Fossil: 6/100

Star Piece: 30/200

Light Stone: 3/100

Dark Stone: 2/100

Latias Egg Count: 1/200

Latios Egg Count: 0/200

Light Rock: 1/200

Frozen Lava: 3/100

Magma Stone: 1/100

Grecious Orb: 2/100

Nebula Stone: 1/300

Countdown to Kingdom Hearts 3: 48 Days Left!

Do Not Rush Me With Your Commissions. If you complain I'll just take longer. Patience is a virtue.

Art Commissions: OPEN
Slot 1: PandaBear20114 - Not Started/Incomplete
Slot 2:Prof-birch*the*gecko - Not Started/Incomplete
Slot 3: Amilee - Not Started/Incomplete

Art Stuff To Remember (Not In any particular order)
1. Onikitsune: Has 1 Free commissions left {2 Commission(s) in progress}

Current Art Projects/WIPS

Onikitsune Art Voucher (Ready for Coloring)

Onikitsune Prepaid Commision

PandaBear20114 Commission Coming Soon

Prof-Birch*the*gecko Commission Coming Soon

Amilee Commission Coming Soon

Twitter: Lazy Afternoon (Ready for digital process)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #594901222
Registration: 23/02/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 28/Sep/2019
Game Time: 2158:30 Hours
Total interactions: 2,392,063
Money: 932,250
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Just waiting for the day where I actually have a job so I can buy ingredients to make Sea Salt Ice Cream. I have the recipe on my phone I just don't got the funds just yet. My friend and I keep saying we're gonna make a project out of this but every year we never get to it. Soon though, soon. My Avi is torturing me lol. I've never had it before which is what makes it more exciting to look forward to.

Today, 06:182 comments
So many eggos, I hope one of these is my final Shiny Furfrou

Today, 05:172 comments
Jurassic World Alive Records

About to breach Level 14

Highest DNA Darting session: Nundasuchus 245

Highest DNA Fusion: Dimodactylus 80 DNA Fusion pop

Not bad. Nunda's are really easy to dart but I don't think I'll ever beat that fusion record that was beautiful.

Today, 04:130 comments

Meggy124124 for sure~ We've become very fast best friends over something as cool as Dinosaurs X3 this site is much funner now after I met them

9 Days ago0 comments

Shiny Hunt

RoxasNuggetsXIII is currently hunting Furfrou.
Hunt started: 19/11/2018

Chain: 430
(10 Shinies hatched so far.)


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Game Goals For Myself

Jurassic World Alive
Obtain a Level 20 Indominus Rex: Level 18/20
Obtain the Indoraptor: 40/250 DNA Fused

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Obtain Max Munny (Ventus Only):26,993/99,999
Obtain Max Medals (Ventus Only):21,686/99,999

Kingdom Hearts COMPLETE
Obtain Max Munny: 99,999/99,999

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories COMPLETE
Obtain Max Moogle Points: 99,999/99,999

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Obtain Max Munny: 295,915/999,999
Obtain Max Heart Points: 5,326/99,999

Kingdom Hearts 2
Obtain Max Statuses for Sora - Magic : 160/160//Defense: 130/166//Power: 90/165//AP: 156/184

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
Obtain Max Munny: ?/999,999

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Obtain Max Munny: ?/999,999

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