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Starter Pokémon: Torterra


I don't have any good references of my sonas, so
roast my gay boi
I need to stop joining bandwagons
check this out it's more important

Today, 00:507 comments
because I am trying to help somebody who's editing Miraculous Ladybug edits without permission, I'm not an artist?
Oh, I may as well give up on that comic already, I've been pouring time into it for a while already, I've gotten pretty far, but I'm not a real artist, so what's the point,

Yesterday, 23:357 comments
wow I just realized how many art problems come from my sister and my mom,
I'm scared to show anything to my mom, or do anything because of her 90% of the time,
my sister forces me to do stuff I either don't want to do or forcing me to draw useless characters when I have other stuff to do
so yeah

I'm gonna draw gay guys in a comic now-

Yesterday, 21:220 comments
I wanna make this comic,
but at like the very beginning the main character confesses that he still has feelings for somebody who hates him,
and he thought this character that hated him was with him so that's why he did it it was a hologram, all a trick, from his father
and even better
it's another guy the main character is confessing to
yes because my mom just loves gays,

she doesn't. I think she's warming up to the LGBT community but,
she was bashing on this one trans kid in her friend's friendslist on facebook
I'm just too scared to make it,
I'm afraid she'll find it and punish me for it :'>
kick me for being an idiot

Yesterday, 17:593 comments
so today might be the start of my hiatus,
this may be my last feed,
I mean I'll come on to advertise livestreams but otherwise

Jinmoth will be gone for a while
On another note, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,
I didn't remember any of it from when I first read it and
le feels
le tears, many tears

and i may as well steal a meme on here,
first impression of me vs. impression of me now?

Yesterday, 17:051 comment
remember how everyone thought The Lego Movie would be bad
what if the Emoji movie is taking that route

what am I saying it just sounds awful

Yesterday, 03:1910 comments
Comment with a ship (can be any kind, can be of actual people, OCs, or random stuff) and I'll reply with a rating from this list:

-It's perfect
-Neutral/don't know the characters
-I want it to burn

I stole this so hard

Yesterday, 01:458 comments
don't watch Kong: Skull Island

Yesterday, 00:241 comment
I have many regrets
this may be one of them

1 Day ago9 comments
I don't know if it's too late, there was a 45 minute time limit and it's been around 35

1 Day ago1 comment
I asked my sister if I could draw something other than her characters today so I can calm down after all that happened yesterday, oops
but instead she yells "nO" in my face,,

please I have to get these pixels done,

1 Day ago5 comments
if Troy3030's new poll can reach 500 votes in 1 hour he will give away a giratina to one person that shares this post

good luck I guess?

1 Day ago1 comment
a little fun fact to TRY and stop the drama while I attempt to draw this character w/ my dead pen pressure:
you know how some people/voice actors "change" their voice?
I can do it myself, not as well, but I can? with a lot of practice and working it I can imitate characters.
tbh, I've gotten to a point where I'm trying to imitate scp-049, heh....

2 Days ago1 comment
I feel like there's gonna be new drama,
you can try to drag me into it but

if there isn't that's fine, but I'm gonna go silent when it comes to feeds so I don't become

2 Days ago0 comments
I wanna draw body horror...
*draws scp--001
really good
for once*
don't go looking for scp--001, I made him. scp-001 (gate guardian) is real, but note -001 has a negative sign before his number.
it's just something my cousin and I do

I should draw something cute for once.
maybe something of Ember and Willow?
*draws Ember and Willow after Ember's fight with Marcy*
then Mirror and Matt
*draws feels w/ Mirror and Matt*
my art life does not want me to draw cute things
I am concerned

2 Days ago1 comment
I Love you too sister-
I especially enjoy how whenever she catches me doing art for people who asked before her, she yells at me to get back to working on her characters.
Yeah, I really don't wanna draw Alesea, Carson, Ariana, Ash, Alasha, and Brianna, thanks,

I mean what's the point.

2 Days ago2 comments
*watches Jurassic World on YouTube
one of the lower-quality ones bc no money gonna be spent on youtube today*
if you can't watch it on the tv, you gotta take desperate measures...
because my friend has my copy of it...

2 Days ago3 comments
when It's PH's birthday I'm gonna say "happy birthday you pile of salt" and draw something for riako, make a cake and everything.
because I love this pile of salt
it's like my second home, with my family being you guys

2 Days ago1 comment
my sister is such an ungrateful, disrespectful little brat sometimes,
I know I sound disrespectful right now but,
I was drawing a character for her, right? But I was "taking too long" so she started rushing me, telling me to stop working on the pixel icons for other people and get to work on her drawing,
I'm sorry, but these people asked for it first, and I'm getting it to them first whether she likes it or not,
not only that, but when I told her it'll take a bit longer for it to get done, she starts punching me, and when I get up to get water, she yells thinking I'm gonna tell mom (who was upstairs) and punches me again,
Thanks, but I just need water?? I'd like to get these done without dehydrating myself too much,,

3 Days ago4 comments
do you guys like the pixel icons with certain things (wings, speech bubble, etc) moving?
like these:
1 (my oc) and 2 (snow's oc)

3 Days ago5 comments


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