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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,495/2,053

Game Records

Trainer ID: #732397273
Registration: 01/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1159:49 Hours
Total interactions: 13,907
Trainer Battle Stats: 12 won, 11 lost.
Money: 69,690
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


aaaaa- gotta get off the computer so-
goodbye for a, mm, while? around two months.
rolls off the face of ph

1 Month ago1 comment
aa i've posted a lot today oops. maybe it's because I won't be online for almost two months
I just looked at my pd and
guys help I'm laughing like a little idiot

1 Month ago3 comments
close feeds
Interactions made: 0

guys I'm totally gonna get a victini

1 Month ago5 comments
happy birthday ya pile of salt

there. I said it.
I still love this place though
would I be here if I didn't

1 Month ago0 comments
I made a search for the "ring around the rosie" ost for Plague Inc. to have my friend listen to, since she thinks she can't get scared by anything- and so far that one ost has freaked the rest of us out, no surprise,

and now i'm on that side of youtube with freaky songs and song covers that send shivers down your spine


1 Month ago2 comments
oops retype
Ehhh- close feeds but I've been coughing a lot recently, even having to stop what I'm doing and stand occasionally because it's a coughing fit? Don't know what it is. just a bit sick ^-^

also, gonna be gone tomorrow, full on hiatus- that's when I'm gonna be going to my cousin's for the summer
I probably won't even come on to advertise streams it'll be annoying to hear me cough through 90% of the stream for certain ones anyways because I may not be able to go on Ph, anyways- oops

1 Month ago0 comments
I wasted my copics on an awful drawing of Tomatoredd

1 Month ago3 comments
runs away to draw

1 Month ago2 comments
wait, what's going on?

1 Month ago8 comments
man I miss playing plague inc
I was always too scared to do virus, I always did bacteria because I was a wimp
I couldn't even beat virus on the easiest gamemode, how pathetic

It's time to rise as a plague again

if I can find it

1 Month ago1 comment
in a bit of a mood after hearing about closed species drama on Insta, I may step away for a while and try and calm down

1 Month ago0 comments
my cousin and my aunt plan on picking me up from my grandmothers place- so if I disappear for a suspiciously long time then that means that I did get picked up and went to my cousin's place early
of course they have to agree with my mom and tidy up my freaking suitcase-

I was gone so late today just because we went to Knotts- my sister threw a fit when we left early, of course, because she thought we'd stay until it was dark

1 Month ago0 comments
really really old art that tail looks awful-
and a redraw
the snout still looks weird- augh, but it's nice to see that I've grown well out of my emo hair phase-
I like how the shading on the redraw helped the colors clash a lot less- considering they're neon colors on the other side of the palette, ouch, I sucked at designing back then
mmm I guess it's good.

1 Month ago4 comments
remember back when we were all innocent little kids

1 Month ago14 comments
Woah- that was fun! Aa! it wasn't building a giant robot (that was a different day) but we did make something!
I'll put a picture of it in the comments- I censored the faces of the others, just for respect-
there was two things we could do- and my group and I chose to do one that created a chain reaction- or the guy I was working with. The other two girls made a slingshot.
The guy I was working with and I were so proud when we managed to get it to work- of course we had to show it to the people who created the event early because people kept hitting the table and setting the thing off, hah

1 Month ago1 comment
aaa I completely forgot-
I have an event at the library, we're gonna be making a giant robot
not like a super advanced giant robot, we're gonna make it out of, like, popsicle sticks
we only have half an hour to make the giant robot,
the event is gonna be in two and a half hours, just about- so yeah

1 Month ago1 comment
oops retype
my friend found a "wendigo" raccoon-
there was something rustling in the bushes, and when they went out to check, there was a raccoon with half the skin on its snout torn off, so it's teeth were visible and it looked just like Josh did when he became one with half his face showing sharper teeth-
wowo that must have been cool

1 Month ago1 comment
yelling "Work" at an art tablet that doesn't work really doesn't make it work
I've been lied to

1 Month ago2 comments
welp- pen pressure stopped working and of course this time it won't create a line at all, even if I do make a line along the tablet

this is fine

1 Month ago1 comment
Sometimes, I want to do nail art myself
then I remember that I pretty much eat my nails because I bite them so often

1 Month ago1 comment


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