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Trainer ID: #732397273
Registration: 01/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
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Money: 54,490
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


yelling "Work" at an art tablet that doesn't work really doesn't make it work
I've been lied to

Today, 19:002 comments
welp- pen pressure stopped working and of course this time it won't create a line at all, even if I do make a line along the tablet

this is fine

Today, 02:561 comment
Sometimes, I want to do nail art myself
then I remember that I pretty much eat my nails because I bite them so often

Today, 00:161 comment
my sister's choker just broke and she's crying over it
I feel a bit bad, she loved that thing

Yesterday, 22:5818 comments
oh look a kindof weird drawing due to the scales

I more or less gave up on making the scales lighter by erasing a tiny bit

Yesterday, 20:516 comments
my sister got a choker

I don't like little kids getting those? Like,
no thank you...
I'm just really startled. considering I'm hearing rumors that chokers mean secret lesbian-ism.
it may not be true, but still
she got a choker and she's seven??

Yesterday, 03:459 comments
drawing a snake realistically is a huge pain

Yesterday, 01:393 comments
gonna draw a lot of realism, gonna dump it here for today.
this is how I try and make my mom proud, so if she ever finds this sketchbook, it's gonna be full of realism-

it may take a bit before the first sketch get's dumped, considering I am just,, failing lol

Yesterday, 00:161 comment
I guess my mom still sees my art style as "anime."
Like?? I was organizing my stuff before we went to hobby lobby so I could get new sketchbooks? and she just told me "You should look up profiles and draw real things instead of those anime things you draw"
not long after she said that I was going to "have no life, no friends, and work at a McDonalds for the rest of my life"
okay? Maybe she's right.
Maybe I'll never have a life, or friends, and work at a McDonalds the rest of my life,
ngh- I'll never get into RISD, I'll never be able to be a real artist.

She didn't even notice the realism drawing I made? Like, I drew that for her to finally be proud of me.
I dunno, I've just lost motivation to draw recently- lost confidence as well. I might stop? I may just work on the commissions then stop drawing personal art for a little bit.

1 Day ago6 comments
it's... meh.
I'm not that proud of it. I just?? I think it turned out bad.

yes hi I'm Jinmoth and I suck at art

1 Day ago3 comments
at least there's only one jinmoth
the world can't have more than one jinmoth ;>

2 Days ago2 comments
my sisters both got new fidget spinners and won't stop bugging me with them

2 Days ago2 comments
now listen here:
don't prank me with a fake snake
because for some reason I can't tell that those things are fake

2 Days ago12 comments
wow my tablet is working, may as well get to work on those freaking commissions and stop procrastinating
oh wait no mom's kicking me off, kthnxbai

3 Days ago0 comments
my uncle or actually, my aunt's fiancé, not uncle yet just tried Cotton Candy Grapes for the first time
his reaction was beautiful

3 Days ago5 comments
gonna post the three marker/one marker challenges I did in the comments because they suck

3 Days ago4 comments
I decided to do a one-marker challenge, my logic being "there's only a one in 23 chance I'll get a colorless blender" I'm not even sure if I counted my copics right lol
and I grabbed the colorless blender.

11/10 this is gonna be my best copic drawing yet

4 Days ago0 comments
Until Dawn prequel, a sequel to the books for the mortal instruments (City of Fallen Angels), SCP-682 officially being in the containment breach game and escaping


4 Days ago0 comments
so, figured out the national geographic email problem
supposedly, they accidentally sent out an email that was only meant for people who bought there Genographic Kit ancestry product

5 Days ago0 comments
close feeds but
I am not proud
but hecc my art tablet just stopped working again so

5 Days ago2 comments


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I am a trashcan when it comes to what I am into. I adore Eddsworld,
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I'm a nerd. obviously. I am sERIOUS Until Dawn trash, probably one of the best games I've seen in a while-
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I have my rights and opinions, and will not change them just for you,
eddsworld is slowly taking over my life and I don't know what to do
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