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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 1,264/5,333


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About Me

Female|Hetero/Cis|Chaotic Neutral|INTP|Ravenclaw

14 with a bitterness complex lol
potential synesthete

Favorite color: Dark blue
Element: Water
Spirit Animal: Black Racer
Birthday: December 23
Birthstone: Zircon
Soul: Justice, the Yellow Soul
God Tier Title: The Knight of Heart
Lunar Sway: Derse

Capricorn|Year of Ram

my clicklist lol


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #868525118
Registration: 20/06/2014 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 753:13 Hours
Total interactions: 566,409
Money: 1,149,713
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


you think sans would burn in sunlight if he was in minecraft
2 Days ago
#MyWishForChristmas a bigger cage for me bby chameleon ((he is actually not a baby he is v large))
2 Months ago
#MyBiggestAchievement is acing every class I'm in
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Kecleon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #39)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
didnt even hit 40 haha nice
5 Months ago
im gonna fly off the handle its gonna be like the handle is a bald guy going really fast and im his toupe im gonna do an acrobatic PIROUETTE off the handle and win a medal or smth
5 Months ago
vet messed up my cat's procedure AGAIN so theyre doing it over again. third time this month hes had a surgery (and i mean over september, not the past ≈30 days) and they charge us every time they do it. the past three months weve been taking him in for checkups and tests and stuff and the vet doesnt know what theyre doing UGH
5 Months ago
random mega-able houndour lol
5 Months ago
CATS!!!! cannot express how much im love.. CATS so good and CUTE and COOL i would own ALL CATS but i cant do that because i dont have enough room lol but I WOULD
5 Months ago
#HappyBirthdayRiako thank you for the best adoptable site ive ever seen. i have yet to see one that even comes close to rivaling pokeheroes for first place this site is truly a masterpiece
10 Months ago
u know what would be a lit addition to the game center? ? v o l t o r b f l i p
i wish they hadnt taken the game corner out of the newer pokemon games
10 Months ago
Me playing hangman with one life left: ADVANCED _ATH
Me: //chooses M
1 Year ago

QuoteGood God! what horror and destruction. Its impossible for me to describe or you to form any idea of it. It seemed as if a total dissolution of nature was taking place. The roaring of the sea and wind, fiery meteors flying about it in the air, the prodigious glare of almost perpetual lightning, the crash of the falling houses, and the ear-piercing shrieks of the distressed, were sufficient to strike astonishment into Angels.

- Alexander Hamilton, on the hurricane that ravaged St. Croix


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