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Registration: 10/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
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When people ask to buy your stuff and you set up the trades for free but not even get a “thank you“ in return. ö_ö

yooooou aaaaare the reeeeasooon why people get annoyeeed and hesitate when other people aaaask for heeeelp \o0o/

Just saying. Have a nice day. (:

Today, 12:4610 comments
if you could travel to a country in a blink of an eye, which countries would you choose for a shopping trip, an holiday house and as a new residence? övö

Yesterday, 10:259 comments
wouldn't it be nice if we had some more Background Images for ph? övö I'd love to see some more seasonal stuff like a valentine's or an easter background ö0ö and maybe people could participate in a contest again? I don't know when this happened the last time, but it seemed to work good for the Puzzle Collection : D

3 Days ago0 comments
When you're responding to a feed on your phone - and suddenly everything freezes for 5 min, while you have to watch the dark blue backgroundcolor of the page. ¬¬

7 Days ago2 comments
You also won 1x Shiny Lugia Egg Voucher! JACKPOT!

OMG. It happened after 354 normal vouchers. ; A ; fhsjdkfjsdkfdjkfkjdjfk
please help to hatch it ;A; ♥

11 Days ago22 comments

14 Days ago0 comments
just in case you were interested about religion in germany.. wikipedia can help your curiousity. :}

Religion in Germany-> CDU / CSU

interesting about that; even if (at least the people I know) most of the time claim they're not religious - we were raised with some kind of religious mindset, which has it's source in our history. So, telling that germans in general are not religious isn't entirely true. We're free to chose our religion or to chose not to believe in a religion; without being forced. Keep in mind statements like 'germans are not religious' does offend people who actually believe.

14 Days ago1 comment
when you order something from the netherlands... and it takes 3 days for the package to arrive.
when you order something from bavaria... and it takes 12 days for the package to arrive.

WHAT. seller, did you deliver the package by foot and in personal? I don't think so.

14 Days ago6 comments
Hey, you've missed some drama.

» what other people see
» what I see


15 Days ago9 comments
Hello baby

17 Days ago12 comments
almost one week has past since the last snow has melted in the area I live in - and in general I am verry happy about it. BUT... now everywhere spiders suddenly appear. öAö and I'm not talking about cute litte baby spiders - I am talking about giant monsters out of the garden. (or from somewhere below the roof >o> )
Btw. dear Elon Musk, just in case you need another idea instead of selling flamethrowers in case we have to experience a zombie apocalypse.. I'd love to see a solution for spiders which isn't burning down our houses. Thanks.

17 Days ago0 comments
Today is Great_Days aka KevinXDEs Birthday :} And he decided to create a Raffle. So please, go check out his last feeds to participate. And if you feel like it, send a plushie and some nice Birthday wishes. ❤

19 Days ago2 comments
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed ♫

20 Days ago0 comments
when you have to kill all kind of mutants in Metro 2033, but you're wearing your dance shoes... e^e take this mutant, you'll never gonna get meee D:

22 Days ago0 comments
Happy Easter everyone! ❤

23 Days ago4 comments

24 Days ago1 comment
An error occurred #..2
An error occurred#1

>o> can you please stop, beach?

24 Days ago0 comments
that is what I call
funny. (≧∇≦) and I decided to not pick it up, even if I find it 8D

26 Days ago0 comments
Hmm... isn't it crazy, that people seem to think finding all 20 easter eggs is important and totally necessary? I mean really.. what's wrong with you? You seem to forget, that this should be fun - if you don't feel happy while searching, you can just stop. I am -very- sure the event pokemon will be easy to get after it's released. So why the anger? There's not even a reason to think in a competitive way here. Spend your time in a way you have fun and consider that your attitude could ruin the fun for people who're still searching.

29 Days ago8 comments



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