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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 2,690/3,299

Game Records

Trainer ID: #394227482
Registration: 25/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 285:34 Hours
Total interactions: 135,333
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,268,156
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Ponyta => Rapidash


Yesterday, 23:213 comments
I have a lot of pokemon to sell, please look in my Sell boxes (One is called Sell/Dump, the other is To Sell). Will trade for pd, and/or items.

14 Days ago1 comment
Ahhh I only just found out about the ducklett party thing.. on the last day -.- and I only found it because I am looking for eggs

1 Month ago0 comments
FINALLY got the shiny ditto plushie!

1 Month ago0 comments
Raylong hunt, I'm not sure what to do for "Being a good person requires respect.
Show your respect to an old man." any help please?

1 Month ago3 comments
I've been on here a year now and I still play

2 Months ago1 comment
I've just noticed with the sprites that all the pokemon look left except Mimikyu it's quite freaky

2 Months ago1 comment
:o someone wondertraded me a Togedemaru! Awesome

2 Months ago0 comments
I've got DP if you want to trade for the limited plushies

3 Months ago0 comments
Yay I got a grubbin <3 I usually hate bug pokemon but grubbin/charjabug/vikavolt and cutiefly/ribombee are some of my favs now <3

3 Months ago0 comments
Got lots of pokemon for sale, please check my sell box and temp dump as I have hatched a lot of eggs recently! I'm a bit backed up

3 Months ago0 comments
Ok this is really really bugging me now. I've clicked on that blue ditto so so so many times now, and had the stupid hihihi come up at least 5 times. Still. No. Plushie.

3 Months ago1 comment
How often do you get sweet hearts through interaction? I have 1 sweet heart and 220 interactions so far. Seems a bit low

3 Months ago2 comments
You received a secret Pass Code for your last Wonder Trade

Muahahaha! Yay!

3 Months ago0 comments
omg the best trade ever

Foongus => Foongus

3 Months ago0 comments
Is it worth getting Garden 3 in the berry garden? I'm level 24 now

3 Months ago2 comments
I've got quite a few kanto pokemon in my to sell box for those looking to complete your dex

3 Months ago2 comments
I've clicked the blue ditto in the lab now like 10 times, I thought it gave you a plushie?

4 Months ago3 comments
Pichu => Pichu

Lovely! -.-

4 Months ago0 comments
Can someone help me with the missingno thing? I am lost at what to do.

4 Months ago1 comment


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About Me

My 3ds friend code is; 3282-6220-0579

My favourite pokemon are Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos, Girafarig, Chinchou, Articuno, Mew, Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox, Cutiefly/Ribombee, Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt.

Right now I am trying to collect all the Mareep line pokemon!


, Flaaffy and Ampharos

(Just need a megastone!)

, Shiny Flaaffy and Shiny Ampharos

, , and (breeding pair)

(breeding pair)


Event: Summer Mareep, Summer Flaaffy, Mega Spring Ampharos, Mega Summer Ampharos
Shiny: Mega Ampharos (plus all events in shiny)

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