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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 842/2,213

Game Records

Trainer ID: #69359826
Registration: 14/05/2017 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 180:07 Hours
Total interactions: 97,096
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 32,959
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


SwampFall has made an amazing map so far. It is for everyone to connect to one another and the thread he created is Pokeheroes Community Map If you want to join you can go to the thread above and fill out the small form and Swamp will handle the rest

the map looks like this Current map

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Today, 05:130 comments
Am I a "cool" user? Like one of those users who if you wanted to meet them you'd be scared to talk to them, or consider them one of those users you'd watch from afar?
Stole it from a couple of different people

Today, 02:065 comments
on Riako's latest post he just put.....the last part perked my interest

By Riako - 22 Seconds ago. Removed a few comments. Please let's not discuss in here and use this occasion to celebrate instead I've got something prepared - party starts in an hour!

Yesterday, 22:592 comments
I have Evo and other things like zinc in gts

1 Day ago1 comment
Still looking for keys :-)

2 Days ago2 comments
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)

2 Days ago0 comments
By METALHEART - 27 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.
Hey guys, by the time I have a complete plushie collection , I will be giving away 100 boxes and keys and 100k pd so if you want to be entered:
1. Share this post
2. Send me at least one plushie that I am missing
1 share = 1 ticket
1plushie = 3 tickets
Shiny plushie = 10 tickets
Also the unavailable ones don’t count

3 Days ago0 comments
Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)

4 Days ago0 comments

By Gallium-Yttrium
So like giveaways are cool right?

Hey I've done ditto, and the legendary bird trio, and a bunch of items and shinies and mega pokemon

Wynaut do this bab

Just comment for an entry, and share for a second one

Ends at 0:00:00 2/18/18

Have fun <3

4 Days ago1 comment
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)


5 Days ago2 comments
1st place will get a Shiny Metagross an there choice
2nd place will get to pick out of the ones I have
3rd place will get to pick a shiny after 2nd place picks one
4th place follows suit after 3rd
5th place after 4


Every ten Light Stones retrieved I will give away 100k pokedollars

1. Sending Pokedollars: 1 per 1000pd
2. Selling or donating light stones to me 15 per light stone
3. Of course sharing a hashtag 1 per share

6 Days ago0 comments
By Devil0356 - 3 Minutes and 54 Seconds ago.
Pastarian started hunting Chansey not knowing it was a 10k egg pokemon. SO once again I will be doing a giveaway thing. Click her party and when a shiny hatches someone gets a bottled message. Comment each time you have interacted- you get a new entry for every new party of eggs you click. Sharing gets an extra entry too. Good luck and thanks in advance- Devil0356

6 Days ago0 comments

The user you copied the hashtag from
Max 4 other users you'd like to be connected to (so 5 total, other users are optionally)

Got it From Ropet123 and SwampFall

6 Days ago3 comments
By SwampFall


I'd like to try and make a visualisation of the connection between users, something like this, just to kill time ^^

I'm a bit busy right now but I figured I could already start to collect data, so don't expect any results soon, but the more you share the prettier it'll be <3

6 Days ago0 comments
A little bit of an update on my about me

6 Days ago2 comments
whoever sent the blank anon Valentine's card thank you

7 Days ago4 comments
How many machine parts are there?

7 Days ago3 comments
ROFL I am watch The Flash that I have recorded and Cisco kept saying Bulbasaur xD

9 Days ago6 comments
Hey guys, if I have a complete plushie collection by February 25 I will be giving away 100 boxes and keys and 100k pd so if you want to be entered:
1. Share this post
2. Send me at least one plushie
1 share = 1 ticket
1plushie = 3 tickets
Shiny plushie = 10 tickets

9 Days ago0 comments


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