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Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 764:58 Hours
Total interactions: 14,436
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 0 lost.
Money: 559,743
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Day 5: Fanfic has yet to update. I am slowly losing my sanity.

2 Days ago1 comment
Keira: Wait Glitch is short
Me: In comparison to most of her friends, yes.
Keira: This changes everything.

5 Days ago4 comments
Fun Fact: I am completely self-taught in art.
Which is probably why I have so much trouble with digital and it always comes out as trash. I'm struggling with layers, I'm still figuring out shading, and I'm working on using different brushes. I'm not even sure how other people color and stuff because I've never seen someone else do digital art.

5 Days ago12 comments
And before I sleep--
Well, it's technically an old avi, but whatever.
(Made by one of the cutest nerds ever, Cry (-SaltMachine-))

5 Days ago2 comments
Me: *screaming the lyrics to Girls/Girls/Boys on the group chat*
Keira: *screaming the lyrics to American Beauty/American Psycho*
Amelia: *calmly stating the lyrics to Irresistible*
Tati: The emos are coming for me

5 Days ago1 comment
I mentioned Glitch in a rp and was going to mention Laura and then I realized Sora isn't in that roleplay.

5 Days ago4 comments
Me: What if Pete Wentz wasn't emo
Keira: *ERROR*

6 Days ago15 comments
Want some trashy free art? :3
I need inspiration and motivation so *shrug*

6 Days ago13 comments
I want to try and at least make acquaintances with a mod but--
A. I'm afraid of any kind of authority figure
B. I'm scared of messing up a friendship in general, especially with someone I don't know if I have anything in common with
C. I'm not even sure how I'd attempt that

6 Days ago4 comments
My story for my writing camp anthology is "too dark" and "not pg" so I have to tone it down.
But I cant tone it down without making the character seem less evil?? So no.

6 Days ago3 comments
Me: This...
Keira: No
Me: Is...
Keira: Stop
Keira: Could you not
Keira: Stop it while you can

6 Days ago1 comment
*throws this out there once more*
Only need one more to start! :3

6 Days ago0 comments
I should clean out my friendlist honestly??
I'm gonna do that--

6 Days ago3 comments
Keira: I just saw a thing and apparently your adopted emo parent would be Gerard Way because you're a Gemini. You're so lucky
Me: What's yours
Me: Why the hell did you look at Gemini first?

7 Days ago0 comments
The emos have taken me oh no--

7 Days ago2 comments
My recommended is literally just full of FOB, P!ATD, and MCR--

7 Days ago3 comments
I have to write my piece for writing camp super early and I don't like it I had nothing planned--

7 Days ago1 comment
Tati: My otp is you and Keira.
Me: You do know Keira's straight, and we will never be more than friends.
Tati: That's what you say now.
Me: I finally understand why real-life shipping is so weird.

7 Days ago0 comments
I really need to get my sleep schedule straight.

7 Days ago5 comments
What. The. Actual. Hell.
*horrific choking/sobbing sounds*
fanfiction hurts

7 Days ago1 comment



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