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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 2,311/3,709


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My Goals

To collect all of shiny pokemons is my biggest dream.
Yep, you read it right, all of shiny pokemons, from gyarados to raylong to mega winter camerupt, zapdos and the harvest sprites.


Hatch a shiny mega event pokemon.

Produce a pokemon which never been acquired before.

Current Activities

Collect 43,700 DP.

Shiny Collector's Notes

I'm a big shiny collector.

My Shiny Collection


Btw, if you have shinies that I dont have or have not been ordered in the shop (see list below), and wants it to trade with me, please feel free to contact me. ^^
But note, i'm not selling ANY pokemon in my first box.

List of Shinies Ordered in Shops

Pansage - Simisage - Simisage (Waitress) - Vivillon (Ocean) - Darumaka - Darmanitan - Darmanitan (Zen) - Wingull - Pelipper - Litwick - Lampent - Chandelure - Noivern - Castform (all forms) - Oricorio (Pom-pom) - Garbodor - Togepi - Togetic - Togekiss - Sneasel - Weavile - Elekid - Electabuzz - Electivire

Most Priced Shinies

Personal Achievements
Oct. 12, 2018- Rank 50; "Most Shinydex Entries".

The longer you ferment a wine,
The richer the taste is;
But one might find beauty in a glass of water,
However, I'm not thirsty.

Shiny Hunt

RAZPberry is currently hunting Durant.
Hunt started: 21/11/2018

Chain: 161
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #23126382
Registration: 16/02/2018 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 983:05 Hours
Total interactions: 230,183
Money: 590,572
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


#ShinyMespritForMeep (vouchers 0-10)
Heya, MeepTheMareep02 here, I want to get a Shiny Mesprit, so I'll needs lots of Mesprit Egg Vouchers!

Join my lottery and you can win up to 60 Dragon Gems, 3 Shiny and a Mega Able Beldum set, and much more!

Furthermore, for every 10 vouchers, I'll raffle away a Shiny to those who have shared this! This time's shiny is a Shiny Phione! You can share this once per new Shiny raffled, so check my thread for updates (as the feed will be updated)

[Forum Thread] | [Sharing Post]

Thank you!

Today, 11:440 comments
the same old fear whenever u go to a barbershop ~~~

Today, 09:590 comments
Weird fact-
Whenever I fish on emera beach, i always thinking that i could actually catch a surfing pikachu...

Today, 04:070 comments
Pls help me lvl him up up to a beautiful bayleaf... :3

Yesterday, 09:184 comments

Alright, folks, it's time for the goodbyes. It's time for me to... WeedleOn.
I've finally reached my PD goals and then some and I want to share that with all of you so that one day you can reach those goals too. All I ask is that you interact with my precious Chicken nugget and share #WeedleOn
I'll be giving away 100,000 PD OR 67 nuggets (no preference please) to ANYBODY that shares. (don't forget your manners)
(also, I'm still taking weedle plushies)
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Yesterday, 08:430 comments
<3 <3 love the new castform mini icon... so cute...

1 Day ago0 comments
Bah, I decided to just sell all of my mystery pairs for nuggets... Check gts if u wish to offer...

2 Days ago2 comments
Z e r o p o k e d a l a r s

2 Days ago4 comments
Only ten pairs left before I can complete my 300 boxes pair goal... then I can finally sell them, and redeem all the money I spent...

3 Days ago1 comment

3 Days ago2 comments
Im (fairly) broke... but it all worth it...

3 Days ago4 comments
*Glances at comments*...yeah, it'll be some work but I think it will be worth it…

Alrighty, share #ItsRainingGems and get your share of 25 random gems or a free dragon gem (remember, please no stating a preference so it's fair for everybody.) I'll be distributing when the giveaway ends so please don't panic when you don't get it right away.Supplies are limited so share fast! First come, first served

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and don't forget to get me weedle plushies

3 Days ago0 comments
*regarding with my last post*
actually the chance of hatching a shiny ho-oh from a shiny wondertrade, is not 10% but is 5%... there was some miscalculations...

3 Days ago0 comments
That moment when you almost accidentally release your shiny satochu because you want to rename him... good thing i never clicked that second confirmation pop-up...


4 Days ago2 comments

Any missing shiny...

6 Days ago3 comments

By Potted_Pikachu

Welcome everybody to the beautiful fruitgroup giveaway! I'm giving away...1,000,000 PD

If you want a chance to win this prize, select a fruit picture and resize it using a photo-resizer like this one, change the picture to a 150x150 dimensions, set it as your avatar, and share the hashtag for all of us to see!

The group looks forward to welcoming you! Remember, fruits and vegetables of all sizes and shapes are welcome

Shoutout to SWDLove for co-starting this movement ^-^.

7 Days ago2 comments

I've got a couple of fears, but probably the weirdest one (I can think today) is I tend to be anxious that my actions will be judged by ppl around me, however the weird fact is that whenever they do judge it, I tend to lose care of it. Meaning I won't care even IG they do judge it. (I'm still in the process of eradicating this fear.)

7 Days ago0 comments

11 Days ago9 comments

I dislike hypocrites, I also dislike memorizing numbers ( but I love math ), oh, and ampalaya (bitter gourd/melon- in all my life, I never tasted an ampalaya dish that suffice my appetite (if u could make me one without removing the bitter part or soaking it in water, then u have my respect))

11 Days ago0 comments

Hi! I'm RAZPberry

I don't care as long as I'm not involve (well, mostly).

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So, you've decided to learn more about me. Well,

I'm 20.
My birthday is on September 10.
I'm a he.
I'm currently a college student.

Btw, I love blue. <3

I hope that we'll be good friends. ^^

Please treat me with respect, and I'll treat you the same.
Note: Im sorry but I dont like begging both in ph and irl.
I also am not fond of small conversations, sorry.


I am a tunnel,
Where one side facing the sun;
At both ends are visible crystals,
One bright, one dark.

aVe0910 ---> snORly ---> RAZPberry