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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 1,765/11,969

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Trainer ID: #468108176
Registration: 29/10/2015 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 28/Jun/2018
Game Time: 1996:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,809,716
Trainer Battle Stats: 26 won, 22 lost.
Money: 4,387,101
Starter Pokémon: Samurott



Welcome to wonderful Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. Still not too late to add new Rowan Quests.

If you receive a quest or see one, please PM/PP Princess_Politoad to get it on the click list.

Please help -trashpanda- with the hatching quest.


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Today, 00:430 comments
Jealous much? LMBO

3 Days ago6 comments
Fantastic surprise of the day. Been trying for a female mega powered Poke and ended up with a lovely male shiny mega! Not one gem used, just the tall grass and daycare.... Still shooting for a female mega though

Congratulations! A shiny Snorunt hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #290)!

Congratulations! A shiny Snorunt hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #291)! - Shiny Mega!!!


Also a HUGE thank you to Argentis

1 Month ago30 comments
My phone nearly blew up so had to go get a new one.
For those with whom I play Pokemon Shuffle, I have a new friend code as Pokemon would not help me recover my previous acct. My new friend code is: C97H-2WXA and I play daily ♥

2 Months ago0 comments

The user made contest rules have been changed!

Please check out the approval thread for contests and reread the rules.

3 Months ago0 comments

Do you have trouble brewing items in the Gem Cauldron and wish there was someone more experienced to lend you a hand? Never fear. Argentis is here!

Find items and receive assistance with your alchemy needs in this wonderful little shop.

See you there @->---

5 Months ago0 comments
Today is my beautiful daughter's birthday.
She is now officially a teenager 0.o
Love ya muches RandomAppleSoda04 ♥♥♥

@->--- @->--- @->--- @->--- @->--- @->---

5 Months ago6 comments
It started snowing about 11pm last night. Woke up to a little over an inch at 630 but by 10 we had over 3 inches. We have all been out playing in it, including the puppy.

My phone updated itself and not allowing me access to the file folder to download them but here are a few shots.


_TBV_'s snowman.
RandomAppleSoda04's snowman
Our puppy Gizmo enjoying his first romp in the snow

Then we came in, had hot cocoa and snow cream

6 Months ago7 comments
I have such wonderful friends ♥

Thank you CorpusDavid24 and TaishoSamara for my wonderful gifts ♥

6 Months ago1 comment
I was not in a good space when I wrote this so it has a lot of feeling behind it:

darkness leaches her soul
tendrils of greasy ink
a rancid oil slick
beckoning me nearer

mesmerised by her charm
frozen by grisly fear
bewitched by concern
lingering a moment too long

liberate her by any means
baptism by fire
fingers outreached
heart shatters at reality

child of darkness
eyes of ice
withered sapling
repudiated love

7 Months ago2 comments

I think that what happened to CottonFluff, LoveOfRayne, and so many others is terrible so I thought I'd set up a line where you can talk to me or other users if you're have trouble or just need someone to vent or talk to. Share this if users can talk to you safely about their problems safely and without judgement. If a user has shared this hashtag and you're having problems you can talk to them! It's like a hotline!

Anyone Can Come To Me!!
I am online usually from 630am PST to 1030/11pm PST.
No subject is to dark. I have been through a lot and am a sympathetic ear.

8 Months ago2 comments
Remember a while back I asked about what gems to use on my Pokes when breeding and many were confused by this?

Well, I did an experiment.

As recommended I put everstones on both and away we went. I did not get my shiny until 150 and eggs were SO SLOW in coming.

Then last night I swapped out the everstones for a bug and a flying gem. BOOM 6 eggs by this morning and had half dozen more throughout the day. No shinies yet but I am eager to see if it comes before the next 150!

9 Months ago2 comments
Just spent an hour laying n the trampoline in the back yard with my daughter watching for meteors. Only saw a couple small ones but had a nice cuddle and chat ♥

11 Months ago3 comments


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Shiny Mega Snorunt hatched on accident - june 12, 2017, chain 291
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