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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 2,738/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,2342,110,814 / 4,571,971
November [2nd OS]
774990,249 / 1,799,551
196103,951 / 115,837


Got no money but it's
always, always sunny honey.

Shiny Hunt

Nishinoya is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 09/09/2018

Chain: 17
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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hajimemeToday, 00:43
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #52921523
Registration: 21/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Nov/2018
Game Time: 1804:51 Hours
Total interactions: 352,749
Money: 249,139
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


Let's see.

As you can see I'm Shiny hunting Eevee, a normal type, and to speed up my hunt I'd like to use some gems. I'm out of normal gems however, so I will just. Do this.

Raffle time

1 Normal Gem = 1 ticket

→ Send through Gifts
→ Make clear that the gems you sent are an entry or else it will be counted as a gift instead - means, no tickets
→ Ends when the goal is reached


1st milestone (100 Normal Gems) = I will raffle out 100k PD
Goal reached = I will raffle out a Shiny Eevee slot

Yesterday, 20:510 comments
Alright since no-one entered the Shiny slot thingy no-one wins, just to clarify. The chance for a Shiny Eevee slot is gone for a while.

Yesterday, 20:170 comments
me, 2 hours ago: "i should sleep"
me, now: "rip @ sleep schedule"

5 Days ago0 comments
PSA enjoy your school time, I'm not kidding, being an adult and going to work is exhausting af and I'm not even in the actual shifts - I'm working from 6:30 to 15:15 and get up at 4 am just to get the bus.

I mean working is fun, I finally get to do something I enjoy instead of sitting in a classroom for 7 hours and letting people talk about stuff I won't need after school, but it's really exhausting.

10 Days ago4 comments
Daycare owner - 16 Minutes and 22 Seconds ago.
7 Hey, Nishinoya! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

Help? Please?

14 Days ago0 comments
Reminder that I'm still selling/raffling Shiny Eevee slots

15 Days ago0 comments
come on @ Eevee eggs, hatch


16 Days ago2 comments
Upcoming Shiny Hunt: Eevee!

1 Shiny slot available!

Comment here with an offer in PD or Nuggets. Highest offer wins. Ends when I reach Chain #10 on the Eevee hunt.

I am also raffling away a 2nd slot to a random person who offered but didn't make the highest bid.

16 Days ago0 comments
[art 4 pd]

doing quick traditional ballpoint pen sketches on graphed paper for pd

• can:
certain pokémon

• can't:
complicated pokémon
way too detailed designs including armors and weapons

• price:
25k PD - 50k PD
tips are appreciated but not necessary

• other:
i might finish them today but i won't guarantee that they'll be sent throughout the week since i am at work like 80% of the day. they'll be sent next weekend for sure, though.
i also have the right to say no if i think i can't draw your character.
the payment is to be sent after you receive your piece.
comment here with a ref or TH page if you're interested.

17 Days ago0 comments

17 Days ago0 comments
hey ny'all this is a friendly reminder that demisexuality and demiromanticism is a thing and totally valid, even though it's less well-known as other parts of the (gray-)ace spectrum (like asexuality).

17 Days ago0 comments
A complete list of things that are fun in +30°C :


21 Days ago6 comments
#newavi because Dear Starboy broke me but I still love it so much

24 Days ago1 comment
Harpoons > spoons

fite me irl
only a handful of people will probably understand this

24 Days ago2 comments
#interactionexchange? I didn't ask this for a while lmao.

24 Days ago3 comments
y'all can fight me but the second Opening of the JoJo anime is the best one in my opinion

24 Days ago0 comments
By: Fluorine-Silver

Giving away 15k nuggets to 2 different people who comment and share this feed, ends on Tuesday

Have fun

24 Days ago0 comments
Okay ny'all Jonathan is cool and all but have you seen Dio AKA cat-faced God

25 Days ago1 comment
Ok so I really doubt that it was intended that the Staraptor plushies are 3 DP but I really hope people won't get a warning for "abusing a bug" if they plushie spammed Staraptor (or got plushie spammed).
Then again you don't gain an "unfair advantage" from this so I don't see how it's negative and therefore it should be safe, but I personally am still wary about this. It's more likely meant to be 30 DP instead of 3.

26 Days ago0 comments


[ Prim -> Nishinoya ]
[ nishu | probably the devil in disguise | ❤︎ ]

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light me up and
burn me down down down down

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