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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 887/989

Game Records

Trainer ID: #374378500
Registration: 06/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 694:17 Hours
Total interactions: 5,754
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 3 lost.
Money: 238,046
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


it seems like almost every day that I find people, whether it'd be IRL or online, that I find people with the same interests as me. it sounds crazy to me tbh, but I like it. it gives me a chance to talk about things I like without people giving me weird looks.

thats all I wanted to say c :

6 Days ago0 comments
when your internet screws up when you're in a call :'')

8 Days ago0 comments
you know, Gundham would make a great Suburban White Mom/and or Dad, just saying

8 Days ago0 comments
when you're waiting for a custom:

9 Days ago0 comments
when someone shows me sin - aka might what happen if someone shows me sin:

Me: looks at sin//
Person: well ?
Me: meh, pretty good. it's not SOUDAM though.
Person: what is soudam ??
Me: souda x gundam, aka my yoai otp
Person: you're weird
Me: i know.

(this might get deleted idk-)

12 Days ago0 comments
does anyone know how to properly record in OBS ? because I want to use it to make speedpaints.

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Creator: Panta
Name: Ukiyo Ikari
Gender: Female
SHSL: Gangster


I wanna make her an actual character I swear--

14 Days ago0 comments
(before you ask, no, my laptop nor the video was on mute.)

so YT isn't playing sound. I even tried playing some music, and it wouldn't play. help ?

15 Days ago1 comment
the sound on YT isn't working- help ?

17 Days ago3 comments
does anyone use OBS ? if so, does anyone know how to put like a watermark thing or something

18 Days ago1 comment
Based on these traits, what character(s) do you think suit me the most ?

- Loves Drawing
- Cuddles
- Huge Weeabo
- Loves Pets
- Afraid of Bugs
- Pastels
- Acts Tough and Not Innocent
- Is actually Innocent
- Doesn't know what a side-chick is
- Loves cute things
- Flow-y clothes
- Has dogs

20 Days ago0 comments
so i was trying to find a certain picture I found on Instagram,(dont ask what it was,,)

and found this

its so beautiful--

22 Days ago1 comment
so i found this picture on Instagram,(and it was rather, em, kinky--)

and Shinguuji was doing (kinKY-) things with Gonta


24 Days ago3 comments
Who/what do you ship me with?

24 Days ago0 comments
oh yay, my Easter Slakoth hatched ;w;

1 Month ago0 comments
(close feeds, sorrry)

so I found this thing and whatever coffee or tea you like, theres a question !

for me personally(even tho I don't drink coffee), I'm going with Mocha

Mocha : Dream Job?

artist. its pretty obvious lmao
posted the questions here-

1 Month ago3 comments
i need names for a character app I'm making -

anything Japanese or Chinese(or Korean, bc my character kinda looks like that, idk)

1 Month ago2 comments
so I went to my old school and "Kids Quest" (which is an after school thing I always went to when I went there)

and Ms. Haley(the one hosting Kids Quest) was there-
and I almost cried after not seeing her for like, 2 almost 3 years-

ye, I loves her

1 Month ago0 comments
nervous screaming//

how I feel/will feel when:

standing in choir(I stand behind two guys and sometimes when I sing I get weird looks from them and its just hhh)

my activist presentation(i have not practiced like at all so hh)

1 Month ago0 comments
workin on homework now-

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